Muslims in Luton call British soldiers baby killers, rapists, shout ‘burn in hell’

Let’s be perfectly clear. Radical Islam does indeed want troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan for one reason and one reason only- so they can continue to brutally force 7th century sharia on the population through terrorism, barbaric tactics, thuggery and intimidation without interruption, international scrutiny, global condemnation and NATO interference. Their aim is no different in the west, as they have made repeatedly clear and will continue to do so. While these ‘marches’ and ‘protests’ are insincerely billed as ‘reactions to the occupying forces’, they are in fact simultaneous¬† pro-sharia, anti-west happy parades, designed to notify the British public that their aim is to one day transform the U.K. to an Islamic state, similar to the shit-holes they now occupy and administer on behalf of Muhammed in much of the Middle East.

These idiots refused to stand today in a Luton court because as Muslims and adherents to sharia they are not permitted to rise in respect of secular law. Sharia does not respect human beings. Nor does it respect the western ideals of democracy and freedom; it considers only God. These idiots terribly pained at the sight of a woman justice overseeing their trial, no doubt furthered their resolve to fight the good, soft jihad at a system that would consider a woman responsible for meting out justice. These idiots can also be rest assured at the sight of support by their fellow sharia lovers, many of whom are no doubt burqa clad young women who never donned the cloth until it became a fashionable visual agitation, a tool used to promote sharia whilst in solidarity with their Islamist brothers.

One sign held up by a Muslim extremist at the Luton homecoming read, ” Anglican Soldiers: Butchers of Basra”. Let’s again be clear of the butchery in Basra. As of November 2008, it was reported by the Women’s News Network that as much as $100 U.S. was paid to each Muslim hit-man, per victim of honour killings. Authorities of the southern city in Iraq claimed they were ‘powerless’ to prevent such Islamic killings following a staggering 70% increase. The butchery in Basra comes not from NATO troops, but from Muslim men against Muslim women. Conviction rates for these murders are very low and the police continue to protect perpetrators. (I bought my dog for more than a woman’s life is worth to such a Muslim man in Basra). The lies and hypocrisy go hand in hand with fantastical sharia, a totalitarian and oppressive legal system these idiots pray to God for.

From The Daily Mail U.K.

Muslim protesters ‘branded British soldiers as rapists and baby killers’ at homecoming parade

By Lucy Ballinger
Last updated at 4:43 PM on 04th January 2010

A group of Muslim protesters shouted ‘murderers’, ‘rapists’, ‘baby killers’ and chanted ‘burn in hell’ at soldiers on a homecoming parade from Iraq, a court heard today.

Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment were greeted by protesters screaming the hostile jeers and holding placards as they marched through Luton last year.

There was a furious reaction from the hundreds lining the streets to give the 200 soldiers – known as the Poachers – a heroes’ welcome. Among the supporters upset by the protest were children and families.

The chants included: ‘British army murderers’, ‘British soldiers burn in hell’, ‘British soldiers you will pay’, ‘baby killers and murders all of you’ and ‘baby killers shame on you’.

Protesters: (from left to right) Jabair Ahmed, Shajjadar Choudhury, Ziaur Rahman, Jalal Ahmed, Munim Abdul and Yousaf Bashir arrive at Luton Magistrates' Court

Protesters: (from left to right) Jabair Ahmed, Shajjadar Choudhury, Ziaur Rahman, Jalal Ahmed, Munim Abdul and Yousaf Bashir arrive at Luton Magistrates’ Court today.

The regiment had just returned from a second tour of duty in Iraq, and had previously fought in Afghanistan – losing 12 of their comrades during the wars.

Today seven Muslim men appeared at Luton Magistrates Court charged with using threatening, abusive, insulting words and behaviour which was likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to others.

Munin Abdul, 28, Jalal Ahmed, 21, Jabair Ahmed, 19, Yousaf Bashir, 29, Shajjadar Choudhury, 31, Ziaur Rahman, 32, and white Muslim Ibrahim Anderson, 32, all from Luton, have pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The seven men refused to stand when district judge Carolyn Mellanby walked in, as is the custom in court. Their lawyers explained that this was because as Muslims they could not make a show of respect to any human being, only to God.

The battalion is based in Germany, but Bedfordshire is one of the areas it recruits, along with neighbouring Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.

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  1. why do we even give these scum a mention ? they say they dont eat pigs because they are a dirty animal but i know an animal much more dirtier than a pig, its called a muslim !

  2. If these Muslims want to be treated as our equals, and bar-none, kindly, then why do they put on such displays at, and to, the clearly superior British Soldiers, fighting for the British (and thus, their) liberties? They come to our country, complain when we are, in any way, racially aggressive towards them, and then act like this to their hosts. They deserve to have “bacon thrown at them” in this case!!!

    When will these extremists learn that if they want racial equality, they need to put in as much effort as we do.

    I hope they are deported for this…

  3. 07961 577221 this is the number of one of the wooten bassets march organisers asking muslims to call him to show their support !

    Use it well !!!

  4. Funny how there’s a massive argument about south park with them showing Muhammad. I think calling our troops “rapists” is a bit worse, i know it isnt all of the Muslims but its obviously not a good reputation they are building for themselves and things like this shouldn’t be forgotten. They are allowed to protest because of free speech although south park isnt allowed to show the prophet Muhammad, yes they were taking the piss a little but it’s still free speech and they shouldn’t be threatened. Contradiction at all?

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