Canada: Gay Muslim a ‘pariah’ in his own community

Islamic Myth # 1431: Sharia is tolerant.

Thanks to Gay and Right

From The National Post

Gay Muslim scholar shunned by own community

Elise Stolte, Canwest News Service Published: Sunday, January 03, 2010

3 Replies to “Canada: Gay Muslim a ‘pariah’ in his own community”

  1. This is amazing, I am doing an essay in my grade 11 law class about Same sex unions in Canada and I am muslim myself. This needs more recognition because i witness that even in my own highschool, Homosexuality is looked at by some muslims as a disease. As many organizations out there emphisizing the importance of accepting homosexuality, the youth are more influenced by their religious parents who have brainwashed them into thinking that this subject is shameful and by some, demonic. I hope we put further action in fixing this.

  2. Yakeen Jafar,

    Religions have long claimed that prophets were sent to administer the word of God, but we must recognize that these are ancient stories with as many different interpretations as there are different interpreters, each of which proclaims to speak for God.

    In Canadian law, homosexual relationships are given the same legal recognition as heterosexual; the law is clear and just.

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