Lowell Green handles a caller brilliantly

Tuesday Dec 15 2009 a caller to Lowell Green’s CFRA 580 AM radio talk show, was about to discuss adoption in Islam and how it relates to the story of the 75 year old woman who is about to be lashed, probably to death, for having some minor social contact with her adopted son.

Lowell interrupted the caller and explained as clearly as he could, that he could not allow the caller to continue.  That he knew what the caller was going to say. That he knew what the caller had to say was likely true. That the station would likely be heavily fined, the host may well lose his job but would certainly be reprimanded for allowing the caller to continue, and that the consequences to the station and staff overall would be greater than the station could bear. That the caller should feel free to trash talk Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism but nothing may be said of Islam that may make it look bad, even if true.

I am certain what Lowell said is exactly the truth. I hope the rest of us take note. Islam has effectively already removed the most important freedom we have. The freedom to speak what is actually true, and therefore, the freedom to make decisions based on valid information for ourselves.

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  1. I heard this CFRA segment this morning. Although Lowell interrupted the caller, he effectively drove the point home for his massive listening audience to fully understand: say anything about Islam that is factual and broadcasters will be threatened with a shut-down by Islamists.

    I believe that this interrupted conversation was far more effective in illustrating the problem we face than anything the caller could have or may have said. Once again, thank you to Mr. Green for reaffirming the obvious.

  2. Hi, Lowell I listened to your show often and it is to bad we cannot say outloud what is wrong or right, but I wanted to ask you about the big headline last year about a black women and her daugter ripping the government of about 1 million dollars and how she got another job so quick almost as soon as she got fired at city hall to boot while so many of us are not robbers and cannot get a well paying job how about that we did not hear nothing more concerning that case is it wash away again so that we forget how some people get away with that kind of crime because excuse me they have to much of a good job to go to jail.

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