Islamic law in Socialist Spain. This is critical.

This is central to the whole issue. So many people still think Islam is some form of Christianity or Judaism. You can bet this machinery exists here today in any nation over 3 or 4 percent Muslims. There are no Jewish or Christian ‘police’ who’s job it is, to beat or kill any members of their own communities who do not conform to the letter of religious law. This is one of the most important articles I have posted in many weeks I think. It speaks to the actual policy and machinery of Islam in the West.

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By Martin Barillas on Speroforum and found on the inimitable Sheik Yer Mammi

Sources in Spain’s Ministry of Interior express growing concern over the rise of Islamic law, known as sharia to Muslims, and the increase of Muslim separatism. In Spanish mosques, groups are emerging which promote Islamic judges and policing that have a growing influence over Muslims living in Spain. While this has long been known in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and France, it has now been detected in rural areas of Catalonia and in towns such as Tarragona, Gironés and Segarra.

The mosques in question are almost uniformly in the control of Salafist jihadis. Such jihadis have espoused separatism and violent struggle with the West at least since the 1980s.

Muslim clerics in Catalonia, for example, call upon the faithful to not befriend native Catalonians nor belong to Catalonian civic organizations. The imams demand that Muslims buy only “halal” food (e.g. meat slaughtered according to Muslim ritual), and that they avoid banks since these ostensibly violate Muslim abhorrence of usury. Muslim parents are warned to not allow their daughters to use the gymnasiums in the schools nor on any account should they use swimming pools. Muslims are told to remove their daughters from school upon the first appearance of menstruation.

Security officials in Spain fear that sermons from the mosques may not suffice to bring Spain’s Muslims to order. Appearing in Spain are groups of men who enforce Islamic law “sharia and Islamic order “hisba” – as to dress and behavior, especially on the part of women. According to sources in Spain, Muslim dissidents and victims of the enforcement of sharia fear reprisals should they report to the police. Muslim women who refuse to veil themselves are insulted, harassed, and sometimes physically assaulted by strong-arm enforcers of sharia. At times, the parents of fractious girls and women have been assaulted by the Muslim enforcers who have kept them in detention and even subjected them to battery. In Saudi Arabia, the Islamic enforcers are known as “muttawa”. In 2001, muttawa on the scene of a fire at a school in the Oil Kingdom refused to allow girls to leave the blaze because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress. Fifteen girls died as a result.

According to one report, a Muslim teenage boy was given a severe beating by Muslim enforcers for having merely played soccer with non-Muslims. From the mosques there continue to emerge demands that Muslims not socialize with infidels. Muslim men who choose to socialize with non-Muslims in Catalonia have been forcibly removed from bars where they played cards or drank coffee. Some have been forced to wear beards and to forgo the wearing of blue jeans: a symbol of Western decadence.

In Tarragona, northeastern Spain, a Muslim woman accused of adultery was condemned to death in early 2009 by a panel of nine Salafist Muslim men. The nine men were arrested by police in the town of Reus and charged with assault and attempted murder. They had taken the woman to a mosque where she was beaten.

In another such case, a pregnant woman was beaten by two men in October 2009 in Ciudad Real for having neglected to wear a veil. She managed to escape but was to suffer a miscarriage as a result.

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  1. I’m very upset that this has taken place, so near to where Antoni Gaudí grew up. It doesn’t surprise me though. I witnessed it first hand when I spent 3 months in Barcelona in 2001.
    The Spanish government is completely neglecting its duties when it comes to immigration. This kind of thing is an affront to Spanish rule of law and should be stamped out with as much force as is feasible.

  2. This is central to the whole issue. So many people still think Islam is some form of Christianity or Judaism.

    When one considers the fact that those mosques are run by Salafists, the utter nonsense of comparing Judaism and Christianity to mahound-worshipping becomes even more evident. For those who don’t know, Salafism (which is less extreme than Wahhabism only), according to Raymond Ibrahim, is a product of an attempt to ‘reform’ mahoundianism. While the reformation of Christianity, through the study of the New Testament, led to more tolerance, flexibility and stances on issues more in tune with Jesus’s message of compassion, love and understanding; the reformation of mahoundianism, so long as Mein Qurampf and the Hadith are what needs to be looked at more closely and used as reference for “change” in the minds of mahoundian ‘reformers’ (and that’s the only way they’d conceive of ‘reforming’ their inbred bedouin savage cult), Salafists, Wahhabis and the Taliban can give us an idea what kind of ‘reformation’ anyone can expect from mahoundians. Basically, nothing more than more murderous, misogynistic, intolerant, violent, tribal-slaughtering, intrigue-producing, conspiracy-theory-churning Arabian inbred bedouin savage nonsense.


    On a different side of this story, another ever-outrageous lame explanation, which doesn’t fly no matter what, on why so many mahoundians have been allowed into Western Europe is the assertion that “Europe needed those laborers.” Turks moving (initially temporarily) to Germany as Gastarbeiter being the sole exception to this rule, the armies of Arabs flooding Western Europe since the late 60’s have absolutely nothing to do with any possible need for their labor. We know how Europe’s elites, in an attempt to shield themselves from any possible oil shortages that antagonizing the oil-reserve-owning mahoundian Arabs could produce, decided to simply permit their demographic jihad to start with no end in sight, from around the time of the Six-Day War on, for the sole purpose of being friendlier towards those Mein-Qurampf-thumping barbarians; monsters which, (not who) in times when political correctness and Western dependency on their oil didn’t exist, would have been regarded by our side as nothing but the savage beasts that they’ve been for 1400+ years.

    If laborers willing to do hard work had been what Europe really needed, Spain wouldn’t have had any reasons to import Titanic-loads of work-hating Moroccans (or any mahoundians for that matter, since mahoundianism looks down on hard work, and teaches its adherents to make a living through plundering, raids, jizya-collection and the exploitation of slave labor); Mexicans, sharing the same cultural background, not to mention the language (without the lisp though) of the Spaniards, would have been a much better option for that. Hugh Fitzgerald and Daniel Pipes have even written about it. The Chinese and the Vietnamese, who can work really, really hard could have been considered as well, and not just for Spain. Perhaps the first generation of immigrants of all of these groups might still have had a bit of a hard time assimilating, but their children would have grown up to become true citizens of their parents’ adopted countries, rather than savages whose sole loyalty is to the umma.

    And, as a result of that, these days Europe would very likely have quite a large number of, for the most part, perfectly assimilated citizens named Karl Wong, José Hwang, Pierre Chang, Mercedes Fong, instead of the hordes of permanently-hostile-to-the-West and unassimilated Mohammeds, Aishas, Azizas and Murads al-whatever-comes-after-the-AL-in-the-names-of-these-pigs.

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