Bruce Bawer reports for PJTV from Commiefest

Please support PJTV. I have an idea. Cut your cable off and give one 20th of what you pay your cable company to PJTV and you will not only get vastly better information, you will help to grow a news network that actually may help dig us out of the horror we are in now thanks to Irrational leftism and Islam.

PJTV and CBN, doing the job the multi billion dollar news goliath utterly fails to do. Here, Bruce Bawer, author of the excellent and important book, ‘Surrender’ is reporting for PJTV on the absurd climate conference in Denmark which should much better be called ‘Commiefest’.

I have been asked a few times why I do not report more on ‘climate-gate’. I typically just mock it all because we all should know by now, none of this was ever about science, the climate, the environment or anything remotely like that. These treaties and faux solutions will be passed no matter how much actual evidence comes to light showing that none of this was ever factual or meaningful. This is about leftism and ‘The Narrative‘ and enforcing politically correct doctrine.

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