Anti Islam protest in Manchester, U.K.

TIMESONLINE…Police have arrested 34 people amid tense scenes at an anti-Islamic demonstration in central Manchester.

The English Defence League (EDL), which opposes “radical Muslims” and Sharia Law, staged the protest, but the anti-far right group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) arranged a counter demonstration bringing both sides together in the city centre .

Twenty-five men were arrested on suspicion of public order offences, three for affray and three on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon, one of whom was also arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs.

A further three men were held on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences. Police confirmed one man has received a minor injury, but did not need to attend hospital.

Earlier a 39-year-old man, who was believed to be travelling to Manchester, was arrested in Birmingham on suspicion of distributing racially aggravated material and possessing cocaine.

A heavy police line , including officers in full riot gear and on horseback, separated the rival groups as an estimated 2,000 people gathered on both sides of Piccadilly Gardens, at the heart of the city’s shopping centre. Officers imposed a lockdown in the area in an effort to contain the protestors.

Protestors some masked or covering their faces with scarves, chanted and surged at police lines. There was also reports of coin throwing, while others carried placards.

EDL supporters waved Union Flags and chanted “we love our country”. The UAF responded by shouting “fascist scum off our streets” and playing music through loud speakers.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said: “The presence of so many protesters in the city has proved a challenge and while many have turned out to protest peacefully the police reaction has been necessary in order to prevent the few hell-bent on violent confrontation.”

The crowds were later dispersed and led away separately under police guard, as small-scale skirmishes broke out.

This from Times comment section on this story;

Laura Roberts wrote:
Hardly a surprise. It’s the start of Rivers of Blood.

I abhor racism: and that means racism from ALL sides. If you continue to impose one incoming race’s laws and preferences on the indigenous people of a country, you are going to create massive turmoil, disruption, antagonism, anger, resentment and confusion.

I have lived around the world. I know of no other country that welcomes foreigners into it that hate it with a venom. I know of no other country that destroys it’s own culture, traditions, values and everything that makes it that particular country, as we do when we try to change it to suit incomers. I know of no other country embarrassed of it’s own flag, where any patriotism that on the one hand we are urged to celebrate is slammed as racism at other times.

When I have lived around the world, I rejoice in their cultures and their pride for their country, heritage and customs. I modify my behaviour to theirs and even when I have to cover my head, or take off my shoes, or have to be escorted because a lone woman out and about is not permitted I do so unquestioningly so, and I honour their rules.

I know of no other country on earth that diminishes it’s own culture and gives in to the demands of visitors and newcomers that we must adapt to them, rather than the other way round. They would not do the same in their country.

And so we have a growing anger, sometimes irrational and extreme, but mostly highly rational and deserved, and it will only get worse until the traditions and culture of Britain is restored and celebrated, just as other countries do with theirs.

Failure to do so will result in carnage.

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  1. Blimey, at the 40 second mark of the CNN video, did I see a policeman with a mohawk haircut? And the Brits expect to be taken seriously, do they?

  2. Americaneocon

    I dont think the Mohawk was a policeman. In such demos, minders of the dempo also wear glow bright gear. It gives them a sense of authority.

  3. F’God’s sake, here’s Oswald Mosley’s 50-year-old prediction coming true and all you can talk about is Mohawk haircuts !

    What this event is, is another Tipping Point reached. This will will get bigger and bigger, and worse and worse.

  4. I personally think that the “EDL” is no different than skinheads and other rightwing neo-fascist groups.

    They are lucky we let them live this time. We Muslims are the new Jews; we are the new scapegoat for the struggling economy. We’re not going to be so peaceful the next time neo-fascists try to subjugate us.

    We love our country too much.

  5. Samir. You are not the new Jew. Your religion is all about death as your comment “lucky we let them live” proves. As a British citizen I can assure you Muslims will not be allowed to run amuck burning,looting and raping Britain they way they do in the rest of Europe. If you and your brethren have come to the U.K. for war then at least man up and admit it. Quit hiding behind multicultural laws that Muslims find so offencive.

  6. “We are the new Jews” he says, while simultaneously preaching that all Jews must be killed no doubt and certainly Israel must be destroyed, which is nothing more than a weak totem for Jews. The only connection is, that Europe has so much guilt over what it did to Jews there, who were in fact net contributors to European secular society overall, both economically and in growth of knowledge, that they are now afraid to act against Muslims, who are in fact fighting to destroy everything western, everything decent, everything free about Europe and even her very history. Islam is in no way comparable to Judaism and Muslims in no way are similar to Jews.

  7. in this country muslims recieve no respect.u guyz treat us like trash.well guess whos the real trash?all ya’ll bitch ass americans that have soemthing to say about other ppls religion.muslims are peaceful but when it comes to our religion and ppl then its on

  8. samira. Muslims persecute the members of every other faith but that is your God given right as told by Mohammed the molester. The headlines of the world are full of stories of your peaceful religion. You lot are so understanding that to leave the religion of death [oops I meant peace] that your pious members are willing to kill them. Women in your cult are stoned to death for the crime of being raped by you animals. Your prayers call for Allah the awful to destroy all kuffar and infidel. There is a reason you are treated like shit. Muslim are not and never have been peaceful. Go back to your desert and lie to your spawn ’cause we ain’t buying your garbage here.

  9. we should classify islam as what it is-a contagious mental illness-it shares a lot of symptoms with psychosis. Those infected act like irrational children, which is why they need tyranny to keep them in line I spose- have to cover their women lest they lech them like the do our uncovered lasses (and lads, lets be honest-I can attest that every muslim bloke I ever met is NOT gay but want to bum a bloke, like I said; psychotic.).

  10. humble request to all good souls, please stop this disease called ‘ islam’ before it destroys the whole humanity! The world must come together its now or never! Dharma / righteous must win. Don’t let their small brain belittle us.

  11. why is it when any none muslim disagrees with murderous muslim rhetoric the first thing is to play the race card?? it’s true we don’t want you next door to us but do you blame us christians! I don’t want a war in iraq or afghanistan so why should I be a target for some brainwashed mullah with a suicide vest? Al Qaeda obviously wants a world war of religion so when I hear Islam is a religion of peace I wanna puke!

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