Young girl kills militant in Jammu and Kashmir

H/T to Proud Kaffir, thanks for this one. Its about damn time. What is disgusting, is its a good certainty than in Canada and most of Europe, had someone done this they would be jailed rather than rewarded. Even so, I would prefer to be in a box having 12 men judge me, than carried in a box with six men under me.


Jammu, Sep 28 (IANS) In what may be the first ever such act of resistance against militants in Jammu and Kashmir, a young woman in Rajouri district killed one militant and injured and drove away two others who had barged into her house and tried to abduct her, police said Monday.
Rukhsana, who gave up her studies two years ago after failing class tenth, was in her house in Shadhara village in Thana Mandi area of the district, about 190 km north-east of Jammu, when three militants barged in late Sunday night, police in Rajouri said.

The militants demanded Rukhsana be handed over to them, which her father Noor Hussain, mother Rashida and brother Ejaz tried to resist. At this, the militants started hitting the family members with rifle butts. This angered Rukhsana and she picked up an axe and hit one of the militants, killing him. He was later identified as Abu Osama of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

A violent scuffle ensued, in which another militant was injured and he and the third soon fled.

Police officials have commended Rukhsana’s courage, while state Director General of Police Kuldeep Khoda has sent a special message for Rukhsana and said she would soon be rewarded.

“We have also provided police protection to the family,” Deputy Inspector General of Police Rajouri-Poonch range S.D.S. Jamwal told reporters.

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3 Replies to “Young girl kills militant in Jammu and Kashmir”

  1. What is disgusting, is its a good certainty than in Canada and most of Europe, had someone done this they would be jailed rather than rewarded.

    In Sweden, that certainly would be the case, perhaps with additional charges of “hate crimes” or “mahoundianismophobia” thrown in as a means to increase the length of her sentence and the “gravity” of her self-defensive actions, since Sweden has chosen to give its mahoundian invaders the legal status of superiority over everyone else prescribed by sharia “law”, which they demand everywhere they go.

    I say every woman living in an area where mahoundians are a problem should follow Rukhsana’s example. If a mahound-worshipping swine believes it (not he) can treat non-mahoundian (i.e., human) females like it treats the jihadist-breeding, non-penis-possessing half-males of its ilk, it would certainly be nice to see non-mahoundian women teach them such a real good lesson. By doing so, when not rendered unable to no longer inflict pain on human females because they were killed in their attempts, their inability to do that could come from having been crippled or scared s**tless by what women who fight back can do against such cowardly, lowlife tapeworms.

    That sure would be nice… For those things to have to think twice (given how hard it would be on their disordered and inferior minds, maybe that kind of thinking process would give them seizures) before they mess with a woman, because it could be the last time they’d ever be able to do it.

  2. This article actually shows a different version of the story, according to which it was the heroine’s brother that fought back against the mahound-worshippers with an axe, while she grabbed an AK-47 and gave those scumbags a Texas lead-enema.

  3. An update on the story. As everyone would expect, the heroine and her family have received death threats and have had to move. In this article, she is also said to have used an axe against the terrorists before she grabbed the AK-47.

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