Harsh video of acid attack in Pakistan plus machine translation of article.

Warning: this video is hard to watch. The woman’s disfigurement is severe.

Below is a machine translation of the article from Danish. I will try and get this properly done, including having the video subtitled sometime in the next 24 hours if I can find a Danish translator. Meanwhile, I think you will get the gist of it. Muslim woman acts like human being, insisting on getting an education and or choosing her own mate, has acid thrown in her face, spends life as a blind circus freak. I cleaned up some of the syntax in the machine translation. i added the word ‘sharia’ as an assumption which I put in brackets. There likely is no actual law in Koran requiring acid to be poured on women who disobey, but there is a great deal in sharia on what constitutes disobedience for women and how harsh the punishment should be.


from the Danish press: h/t GOV

Right now in London is a 24-year-old Danish Muslim man in critical condition after he was attacked with acid. The police believe that the attack may be related honor because he had a relationship with a married Muslim woman.

was pouring acid in throat

Indeed, punishment with acid a known phenomenon in several predominantly Muslim countries.  Among others, the Taliban in Afghanistan throws acid on schoolgirls in order to keep them away from learning, and in Pakistan are hundreds of women each year, attacked with sulfuric acid, if they do not comply with the family will and forced marriages.

TV 2 | News correspondent Ulla Terkelsen has visited a women’s center for victims of sulfuric acid in Islamabad.

Here, she meets she 23 years old Naziran whose face is disfigured after an acid attack.

Nazirans man whom she had two children, died a half years ago.  As it happened, she got to know his laws, that she should marry with her deceased husband’s big brother, and thus become his wife number two.

She refused Naziran and punishment, (sharia) laws, is to pour acid over her head one night when she slept in the courtyard.

Below, an acid attack on a man in the UK. Clearly acid has become a weapon of choice rather than one of convenience.

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  1. You have seen the effect of thees attacks, we now need your help to help theesw omen rebuild their lives .

    Please, visit our website and check our call for help in utube : message in a bottle from ASF-Pak.

  2. Careful with WRONG CONCUSIONS!
    Acid violence is NOT predominant in Islamic countries only, it is widely present in India among Hindu community, Cambodia and Vietnam (buddhist), Uganda (90% Christians).
    It is usually a phenomenon that is present in DEVELOPPING countries where education, economy is poor and where legal framework is limited, ill- implemented and ill-monitored.
    If youwantmore informatio onthis horrifiv meetr kindly get in touch with http://www.acidsurvivorspakistan.org or Acid survivors Trust International.

    Do get informed, and help. Regards, Valerie.

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