The ‘Golden Age of Islam’ refuted once and for all time.

Man, I am tired of people parroting the feel good line about how great it was to live under the multiculti splendour of Islam in its so called ‘Golden Era’ when they ruled Spain and much of Europe. Here is Andrew Bostom quoting Islamic Jewish and Christian scholars of the day on what that was actually like. Watch it a few times. I have and it keeps on getting better with each viewing.

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3 Replies to “The ‘Golden Age of Islam’ refuted once and for all time.”

  1. Perhaps one of the most outstanding facts mentioned by Dr. Bostom is how the bloodshed and devastation wrought upon Israel by the Crusaders never approached the brutality of what mahoundians had done to those lands, from the beginning of their invasion until they got their asses duly kicked. And yet almost the whole world continues to vilify the Crusaders and fall for that baseless lie about how mahoundianism “spread”, through “non-compulsory” conversions of those defeated by the hordes of louse- and crab-ridden, inbred bedouin savage invaders.

  2. Only fools disbelieve in the Islamic Golden Age. Maybe you’re hatred is blinding you, the hatred that the mass media has caused.

  3. Yes I agree with you. The golden age of Spain was indeed caused by Islam. We can see the proof of that in that every Muslim society is the most advanced, the most peaceful and tolerant and the greatest art and inventiveness all comes from Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia which was the first nation to be Muslim and under Islamic rule and has been Muslim the longest. So we can see the very computer technology you use now, all from Muslims and invented in Saudi Arabia. Only a fool wouldn’t see it it’s so obvious. All the research in space, mans landing on the moon, all from Saudi and Muslim science.

    So of course you are right. The golden age of Spain, all from islam.

    Carry on.

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