Some consequences of blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Keep in mind, Ireland is seriously considering introducing anti blasphemy laws. This would be to say the least, retrograde to liberal democracy which has as it’s very foundation the right to criticize irrational religious authority. But what may make this more dangerous than even the horrors of European blasphemy we learn about during the middle ages is the idea that Islam would be able to employ these laws. In fact, they are being instituted within Europe specifically for Muslims. This means that the least tolerant and most arbitrary interpretation of blasphemy would have criminal implications.

Islam tends to feel that it is blasphemous for non believers to disobey Koranic teachings. For an example, religious Jewish people do not eat pork but at no time do they ask non Jews to not eat pork. Muslims in the UK have already protested even images of pigs to the point where financial institutions in the UK have stopped giving the traditional piggy banks to children and UK police had to pull an add that used a puppy dog as Muslims apparently also object to the existence of dogs. When Islam is given the power of law to enforce their endless sensitivities on the general non Muslim population we can kiss arts and literature goodbye as well as necessary freedoms of speech required to maintain a culture and civilization of growth and development.

Remember, history did not start at the renaissance. Ours would not be the first modern society which fell to barbarism superstition and irrational religious authority. I’m dead certain that the ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and even the Persians and ancient Egyptians thought exactly what you are now.

“This can never happen here”

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