Four Muslims connected to Pakistan arrested in NYC. Planned massive attack on Synagogue.

U.S.: Four Arrested In Synagogue Plot
May 21, 2009 0320 GMT
U.S. agents have arrested four people who plotted to bomb a synagogue in the Riverdale section of the Bronx and to shoot down military jets with Stinger missiles, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan announced in a statement e-mailed May 20. Charges against the suspects include conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction in the United States and conspiracy to use anti-aircraft missiles. One of the four suspects reportedly told an FBI informant that he had ties with Jaish-e-Muhammad, a jihadist group based in Pakistan.

Kudos to NBC for reporting that they’re Black Muslims, i.e., convict-converts.

NBC: 4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC targets
Suspects were under heavy surveillance, authorities say MSNBC

WASHINGTON – Four men have been arrested in a plot to attack several targets in the New York City area, including synagogues, federal and local authorities told NBC News Wednesday.


Investigators say the four, described as Black Muslims from the Bronx, had planned to place bombs at various targets. But New York city police and federal agents got wind of the plot and kept the men under careful surveillance.

Two years ago, two Muslims pleaded guilty to plotting to attack synagogues in Los Angeles. But officials said that they knew of no connection between those arrests and this latest plot in New York.

New York Muslim Terror Cell Plotted to Blow Up Synagogue

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested four terrorists in New York City after they bought what they thought were explosives and a Stinger missile to be used to blow up two synagogues and shoot down a plane at a nearby National Guard base.

The four men are from New York City and bear American names but told authorities they are linked with terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The FBI is still investigating their backgrounds.

The cell had been under surveillance for a year and bought phony explosives from FBI agents, who also sold them a fake Stinger missile. The men planned to place the would-be bombs in front of the Riverdale Temple in the Bronx and under parked cars as well as blow up the Riverdale Jewish Center.

An informer from a mosque helped authorities track the cell, which was arrested after New York policemen blocked the terrorists’ black SUV parked outside the temple, broke in the windows and handcuffed the suspects.

The alleged ringleader was James Cromitie, who the New York Daily News reported is the son of an Afghan immigrant and has a criminal record. His three accomplices were jailhouse converts to Islam.

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