BNP vindicated by BBC documentary on rape and forced prostitution of British children by Muslims

Say what you want about the BNP. I’ll even listen with a sympathetic ear. There may even be a smattering of truth to some of the worst allegations against them. But let’s be perfectly clear here. The BNP have NOT been making wild public statements about killing all the Jews or any group at all like for instance, oh I dunno the president of Iran for example. The BNP has NOT threatened to nuke a civilized nation because it contains a group he doesn’t like as has, well for instance the president of Iran.

Yet it was that same president of Iran who was asked to deliver the annual Christmas message to the people of England by the BBC instead of the Queen in 2008 and the BNP who are being charged with hate crimes, accused of racism and maligned without any hard proof and certainly no national televised speeches with the leader demanding nuclear annihilation of a friendly state.

So I think for the moment Ill pitch in with the BNP. Sooner or later one has to trust the evidence over allegations.

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  1. Hello Vlad,

    The continuing demonisation of the BNP is really gathering momentum now. Any opposition to the main three now face their wrath. I’ve written many articles of late on the witch hunt against the BNP.
    You are correct that they are not calling for the destruction of anyone, but they are calling for the end of the Islamisation of the UK. They are the only party to see this.
    Something really wrong, really truly sinister is going on in the World. I’ve never really been a religious man, but I can feel something and I truly believe that if the Devil exists, his name was Muhammad.

    Keep up the good work

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