Pakistan. If you read or see nothing else this week…

Make it this post. This is the most accurate and detailed documentary done so far on the deteriorating situation in Pakistan concerning Taliban and Al Queda in the Swat valley. This is extremely serious. I will be adding information all night on this but watch the documentary for the love of god, freedom, your wife and children, any Jewish friends you may have, for anything you hold sacred. If you think this isn’t going to happen here, wherever here is, I have news for you. It already is.

Add to this new information about the near total impotence of the civilian government in Pakistan, the army’s likely inability to step in and stabilize the country as it did in the early 90s, and today’s dismissal of the premiere of the largest province in Pakistan the Punjab.

I will be adding more to this post over the next 24 hours. There is a lot of information about Pakistan emerging rapidly but I want this video up now. Everyone simply has to see this.
Special thank you to Muslims against Sharia, a most excellent blog for providing me the embed code and for Australia’s four corners for making this. Sit down, get a drink, and watch.

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  1. I will be praying for a successful massive preemptive nuclear strike by India. Hopefully the Paks don’t manage to get any of theirs off and the fallout settles over Pakistan only.

  2. Where would you nuke? Remember, the cities in Pakistan are mostly secular guys who want to, and do live as we do in the west overall. Nukes tend to do huge damage in small areas. Nuclear weapons just aren’t that useful in this sort of a conflict. Its about boots on the ground and hundreds of thousands of them and an absolute determination to stay and fight till there is a real victory, not a puppet government which is just ‘taliban lite’ in Kabul. The big question might be, how do we protect Pakistan’s nuclear weapons from getting into the hands of the Taliban. They would be exceptionally useful weapons to them.

  3. Islam is a disease process within a society.

    Pakistan as a “secular” country is close to dead. The disease process – Islam – has nearly taken over. When the take over is complete – it will get ugly fast.

    The suposed “100 Pakistani nukes” will make it real ugly – real fast.

  4. You say, “what will they Nuke? The cities are filled with secular people just wanting to get day to day”. Heres the answer. North Vietnam taking over South Vietnam. The fortunate ones wil flee. As has already happened. The remaining not vowing loyalty to the taliban will be exterminated. School will be taken over and the youth will be raised and brainwashed to the loyalty and purpose of the Taliban. Do them the favor evaporate the cities will only hurk a micro second as opposed to the torture and slavery from the new ruling Taliban. We all want to avoid this and take on the taliban house after house. Its a stupid way to do it, cost 1000 of American lives, destroy a presidancy, further bankrupt America and weaken stabliity all over the globe.
    This will not stop till America goes home and not take you with us. Stay and die for your country. America should say, “were closed” we have enough problems of our one such as the building threat of racial tensions that will lead to another civil war.
    Russia must be laughing in thier seats as we follow thier mistakes in the region. History repeating itself

    The video is a must see! The leveled city is a testamony to the wrong way to fight a gorealla war .

  5. Nuking Pakistan has been said to be out of the question for India. It is a “skinny” country andthe fallout from a powerful nuke up north will affect over a million Indians in the border city of Amritsar, not to mention the tens of millions near it. Islamabad is really not that far from India, and Karachi is close to it. Lahore is on the border. Even over to the West the nukes would have to be “weak” not to do damage to India that India is unwilling to incur, nor, I think, anyone else would be willing to do.

  6. I must say, you people have forgotten your history. During World War II, the Allies held and took much greater lines against much more organized and supplied armies. This is nothing. If the US decided to, we could crush this entire area in a few short weeks. The line of “acceptable rules of engagement” and “collateral damage” might be blurred a tad, but such is war. You don’t need to go nuclear to beat these idiots. It would be like swatting a fly with a Buick.

    O ye of little faith.

  7. Russia Aint laughing at all…Putin became very frienldy because of his econoical mismangament…

    There are whole cities from Sovjet built around a mine and create 50% of all jobs – now they are shut down due to prices on minerals and steel.
    People got a better livelihood due to high oil prices – now the price is low.
    Putins dollar reserve has lost a lot of value.
    Foreign invester with know how have fleed and the russian doesnt know all the know how when it comes to oil-infrastructure and that could cause an abrupt halt to oil-income.
    Putin has not made necessary investments in the society and now it is to late…Russia is currently not able to dominate…

    Iran has to many “old” people and therefor must go to war while they still have manpower…Iran is facing the same ecopnomical scenario as Russia and Chaves too soon has no money to spend and will therefor loose his poularity amongst the poor…
    To quote Margareth Thatcher (it might be a bit wrong)
    “Socialsm ends when the socialists has spent all other peoples money” and with a long low business-cycle – this will happen…so dont work for 4 years…let the idiots have their idiocy.

    If Pakistan and Iran is mostly secular – they can whipe the shit (Islam) out themselves…no biggie. West has no responibility if the majority are secualar…it is not up to west to fight for their nation – it is 99% up to the population.
    If Pakistan and Iran dislike Talibans or Islamist/Jihadists – Iran and Pakistans should ban that religion…people of Iran and Pakistan can never ever forever not be able to say that Islam is not the problem and therefor Islam should be banned – regardless. As long as Islam breeds – bad stuff will happen…that is reality.

  8. Does anyone know of, or have any links explainning what can happen to Canada and North America if there is a Nuclear Exchange between Pakistan and India? Shouldn’t there be fallout crossing the Atlantic?

  9. Ha your first three paragraphs are pretty accurate as far as I know. Seems to be dead on the money. Your last bit requires rebuttal. Most totalitarian states have a majority that do not like it but do not want to die fighting against it. The people are not the threat to us their governments are. Iran as a nation is a massive threat to the west and a Pakistan with nuclear weapons controlled by the taliban are a massive threat to us. The fact that the people overall will grudgingly be obedient to them out of fear doesn’t make them less of a threat. If they do not have a revolution and depose these Islamic regimes, we are gonna have to do either a lot of killing or a lot of dieing.
    Ordo Draconis I don’t know I suppose it depends on how efficient the nuclear weapons they have are. If they are of poor design there will be a lot of radiation which will disperse over time around the world. How severe that is depends on the yeild and number of weapons used. If they are very efficient then there would be less. Here on this blog I have a lecture by a professor of nuclear physics on the manufacture of nuclear weapons at Cal Tech where they where invented. Well worth the time to watch. Explains Iraq Iran and N Korea. it is at and also this documentary about A Q Khan father of the Islamic bomb

  10. As long as Islam teaches the same hate – it has taught for 1,400 years – some Muslims will continue to hate anything not part of Islam.

    As the destructive power of available weaponry increases – individual Muslims fanatics can generate greater and greater havoc.

    100+ nukes in the hands of Talibanized fanatics does not bode well.

  11. i laugh y every body start talking about pakistan with out knowing the complexities.

    USA has the problem to interfere in every one affairs that resulated in the financial crises………. coz they have no time to solve their own issues.

    the same case as with USSR in the past……………..

    beside america has got novice and coward (sorry for being blunt) in afghanistan….. it is a fact. they are unable to arrest osama and other taliban inspite of every technology and human force.

    they should go and solve their own problems ……….. economy is going to the DOGs.

    after all the military exerxise in Iraq they said there is no chemical weapon….. what a stupid president and senate that have acted upon the info of the CIA…………………

    CIA set up heroine factory in FATA tribal areas of pakistan during war against RUSSIA to meet the expenses of war….. the chemical for making it would come from US and west………

    US attitude is very menace to the peace of the world………. so in future if china feels that there are group of ppl is working against china, in france so china should start independent miltary operation in france.

    America and west should secure their borders and that all ………. if in future asian countries start invading west under the same pretext it would be catastrophic.

    majority of western media and many of bloggers are master of making their reader fool. all i can do while living in Pakistan, to laugh on their exxageration and fabrication.

    west should develop empathy…… and need to be careful avoid unnecessary entanglement with the east/ islamic world.

  12. i would like to impress upon everyone the complexities involved in india nuking pakistan. it not as simple as many think. first of all, india does not have enough nukes to cover all the habitated area of pakistan. second, these talibs are not concentrated in specific areas. they are spread over all of pakistan, mingled with innocent people. killing innocents using nuclear weapons is unlikely to be accepted by the world. third, there is a very high risk of pakistan using its own nukes on india in retaliation, which is really really scary for me, i live in new delhi and it will be the first victim of a retaliatory nuclear attack by pakistan. fourth, india simply does not have enough money to start a nuclear war right now. the economic impact will be severe in these times when there is already a shortage of funds. fifth, there will be huge outcry and possibly military action against india by ccountries like china, iran, etc if india launches a nuclear attack on pakistan. this sort of reaction can be prevented if the usa, and europe pressurizes china not to retaliate. and the world seems to be unwilling to sympathize with a country that uses nuclear weapons as a first use. otherwise what’s stopping usa from nuking the taliban themselves? sixth, the problem of terrorism as it exists in india is not a problem of terrorists coming from pakistan or any other country. rather, the attacks here are able to occur due to massive local support of the underworld and petty criminals. its more of a law and order problem here. seventh, i can easily imagine countries like pakistan, china, iraq, north korea, etc joining their forces against usa, india, uk, and others if a nuclear attack on pakistan occurs.
    that said, i am frankly unable to think of a way to solve this problem that does not invlove an attack on pakistan by india and the us. and if we have to fight why not be quick about it and use nukes? why prolong the war and the current situation of constant tension?

  13. Well, making political Islam illegal in India would be an excellent start. Defending India’s own laws and values such as freedom of speech and defending the editor of the large newspaper that was fired for printing a fairly innocuous document critical of Islam for instance, that would be a good thing

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