slaveryHow is it the west finds itself allied with this state that is so anti-west and anti-Christian? Violence against Christians is accepted as normal in Pakistan. The testimony of a Christian is one third that of a Muslim in this backwater cesspool known as Pakistan

from the Compass Direct News

Police in Muslim-majority nation suspected of corruption.


ISTANBUL, April 10 (Compass Direct News) – Police have declared three Pakistani men innocent of raping a 13-year-old Christian girl despite eye witness accounts and medical evidence indicating their guilt. At a hearing in Nankana Sahib district court on April 3, police from the Pakistani town of Sangla Hill, 64 miles from Lahore, cleared 40-year-old Mohammed Shahbaz, 30-year-old Waqas Sadiq and 25-year-old Yousaf Sadiq of accusations of raping and threatening Ambreen Masih. Shahbaz was the only suspect to attend the hearing, which was initially called to discuss terms of his pre-arrest bail. But Judge Ijaz Hussan Awan said he couldn’t set terms for bail if police didn’t want to arrest or detain him. “In Pakistan it has always been like this – the wealthy person can approach the police and change the course of an investigation,” said prosecuting attorney Akbar Durrani. “Regarding Christians, they cannot put any pressure on the police for a fair investigation.”

Law for Afghan Shi’ites cheap politics, say critics


 crying_girlA new law passed by the Afghan parliament that reportedly legalizes marital rape, among other measures, is just an attempt by President Hamid Karzai to win the favour of extremists, say critics.


Journalist and women’s-rights activist Sally Armstrong, who has reported extensively on the state of women in Afghanistan, says the law is simply an attempt by Karzai to win the critical swing votes of conservative Shia men ahead of presidential elections.

“It’s a cheap piece of electioneering on the backs of the women and girls of the country, just so he can hang on to power,” Armstrong told Canada AM. “This is a man who has spoken about the rights of women… but he sold them out to get the extremist men vote.”

Armstrong points out that even though only a small percentage of Shia men would welcome the law, all women would be affected.

“They’re selling this as just for Shia women, but that’s nonsense. The content of Shia law is, it will affect every woman in the country,” she said. Continue Reading →

Pedophile Muslims On Asylum Rape Children

More good news from Eurabia:

More outrage inflicted upon the British people by 5 Somali muslims and former asylum seekers who have been found guilty of rape and sexual activity with children.

That in and of itself is abhorrent enough – five perverts go to the UK for supposed safety and return the hospitality by raping their children. But another rape has also taken place – the rape of the UK taxpayers who have to pay for the legal aid and the ridiculous 5 “private” interpreters.

Five men, all refugees from Sudan, have cost British taxpayers a total of £125,000 for the interpreters and individual barristers, all supplied by legal aid.

But …but..” says the multiculturalist “these guys are misrepresenting Islam! Islam forbids such practices!

Actually, no it does not. Muhammad himself, the profit of Islam, was a child molestor:

“Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) narrated that the Prophet (may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) married her when she was six years old, and he consummated her in marriage when she was nine years old. Then she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)”.

Isn’t multiculturalism great?!!