Pakistan: Muslims accuse mentally challenged girl of blasphemy

Obama”s religious brothers keep on sinking to new lows.
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She was not even sure of her own name, but they were sure she had blasphemed Islam — yet another indication of how Pakistan’s blasphemy laws victimize non-Muslims. Instead of prattling about Islam’s tradition of tolerance, Obama should have called upon Pakistan and other Muslim countries to repeal all such laws.

“Muslims Accuse Mentally Challenged Girl of Blasphemy,” by Jawad Mazhar and Jeremy Sewall for International Christian Concern, June 19 (thanks to Maxwell):

The General Secretary of a fundamentalist Muslim party in Pakistan accused a Christian girl of blasphemy, taking her to the police who interrogated her for 16 hours.On June 3, Muhammad Abid Raza returned to his home in Kharian to find that his younger brother had saved burnt pages of the Koran in plastic bags which he claimed had been burned by their Christian neighbor, Nazia. Even though it was 10pm, Raza said that he immediately alerted the Saddar Police Station.

The next day, police arrived at Nazia’s home and took her and her family members to the police station for questioning, where they kept her for 16 hours. Police realized she was mentally challenged when she failed to respond clearly to basic questions. When police asked her name, she responded, “Nadia.” A few moments later she suddenly said, “No, my name is Shaista,” and then, “No, my name may be Nazia.”

Raza did his own research after accusing her of blasphemy, inquiring about her from neighbors and discussing the issue with Muslim clerics. His investigation led him to drop his charges against Nazia and request that police set her free on June 5.

Jeremy Sewall, ICC’s Advocacy Director, said, “There are two major concerns with this story. First, this is another example of why Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are morally and legally bankrupt. Second, it shows that not even the mentally challenged are adequately protected from harassment and persecution. Praise God that Nazia was released, but her case illustrates exactly why Pakistan must repeal its extremist blasphemy laws.”




I can’t believe the west is unable to criticize Islamic teaching while the Qu’ran is used as a “how to” manuali-hate-u-infidels in murder and may-hem.

 April 27, 2009-Compass Direct

Armed militants fire into crowd, seriously injuring three; jizye tax imposed in Orakzai.

As Taliban control hits pockets of Pakistan and threatens the nation’s stability, Christians worry their province could be the next to fall under Islamic law.

Violence on Tuesday night and Wednesday (April 21-22) near the port city of Karachi – some 1,000 kilometers (nearly 700 miles) from the Swat Valley, where the government officially allowed the Taliban to establish Islamic law this month – heightened fears. Christians in Taiser town, near Karachi, noticed on the walls of their church graffiti that read, “Long Live the Taliban” and calls for Christians to either convert to Islam or pay the jizye, a poll tax under sharia (Islamic law) paid by non-Muslims for protection if they decline to convert.

As members of the congregation erased the graffiti, armed men intervened to stop them. Soon 30-40 others arrived as support and began to fire indiscriminately at the crowd, leaving several injured. Among those seriously injured were three Christians, including a child, according to a report by advocacy group Minorities Concern of Pakistan: Emrah Masih, 35, Qudoos Masih, 30, and Irfan Masih, 11. A Pashtun named Rozi Khan was also among the injured.

Policemen and military forces arrested seven suspects at the scene and recovered an arms cache of semi-automatic pistols and a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Continue Reading →

Swat’s Taleban expand operations

from BBC

Taleban militants from Pakistan’s troubled district of Swat have expanded operations into nearby regions after a peace deal with the government.

Dozens of militants have been streaming into bordering Buner district to take over mosques and government offices.

Buner is part of the Malakand region which has just seen the implementation of Islamic Sharia law.

This is part of a peace deal with the militants who had been fighting security forces since August 2007.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain, information minister for North West Frontier Province, said he had received reports of the Taleban expansion.

Recent reports said the Taleban had ransacked the offices of international aid and development agencies working in Buner.

Some employees of the agencies were also briefly taken hostage before being released on Monday.


The Taleban have banned the playing of music in cars and are also using mosques to invite local youth to join them.

The Taleban have also started regular patrols in the district.

Buner’s police chief, Rashid Khan, said the police had lodged an official complaint over the matter.

But the Taleban are not mentioned in the reports, which only names “unknown persons” as the culprits.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain maintains that the Taleban must disarm as agreed under the peace deal.

“Even Sufi Mohammad has said that there is no reason for the Taleban not to disarm,” he said.

He was referring to the head of a local religious group who has been acting as the government’s chief negotiator with the Taleban.

“We initially adopted the path of dialogue and reconciliation, but this is as far as we can go,” Mr Hussain said.

“We implemented Sharia law as it was a demand of the people, not just the Taleban.

“If they continue with their activities, they will not have the support of the people.

“The majority of the people are now with the government. The government will not stand by and tolerate [the violation of] the peace deal.”

Meanwhile, the Taleban say they will continue to operate in the valley and will not lay down their arms until Sharia is fully implemented.

“We told [non-governmental organisations] to stay away from Malakand division”, Muslim Khan, a spokesman for the Swat Taleban, said.

On Monday, he said there was “no question” of the Taleban laying down their arms.

He said his movement’s aim was the enforcement of Sharia law in all of Pakistan.

Pakistani Cleric: Swat Deal Gives Taliban Immunity

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Of course the murders and other crimes committed by the Taliban, including selling and profiting from drugs, are all part of jihad so are legal under Islamic law.

From ABC News

Pakistani cleric claims deal imposing Islamic law in troubled valley grants Taliban immunity

Asked Tuesday in a television interview if the new courts would hear complaints from Swat residents about Fazlullah or his followers, Muhammad said they could not.

“We intend to bury the past,” Muhammad told the ARY channel, sitting off-screen because he considers photographic or TV images to be against Islam. “Past things will be left behind and we will go for a new life in peace.”  I’m amazed there is room what with all the heads buried both figuratively and non

Asked if the Taliban would enjoy such immunity, a provincial government minister only pleaded for calm so that peace could take hold.

“Everyone should understand what we have gone through and what kind of hardship people in Swat have suffered,” Wajid Ali Khan said. “We can look into any disputes and controversy at some later stage.”

After weeks of foot-dragging, Zardari approved the Sharia regulation late Monday only after Parliament voted unanimously to adopt a resolution urging him to sign it.

His apparent reluctance has fueled doubts about whether the pact will hold. Few of the estimated 500,000 people displaced by the fighting have felt confident enough to return.

The resolution also diluted Zardari’s personal responsibility for a pact that has drawn fierce criticism from rights groups as well as Pakistan’s foreign backers, who are pumping billions of dollars into the country in hopes of stabilizing its pro-Western democracy.

Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said Tuesday that the pact was little more than a tactical maneuver in the country’s “long war” with extremists.

“Those people who want to hijack Pakistan and destabilize Pakistan, they used (the demand for speedy justice) as a propaganda tool,” Kaira said. “We have taken that idea out of the hand of the exploiters.”

He insisted the Sharia legislation would not introduce a version of Islamic law like that introduced by the former Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

“It is a misconception that we are going to enforce Mullahism,” he said.

A spokesman for the Taliban said the militants would cooperate. If the law is quickly implemented, “the world will see how much peace and prosperity comes to this region,” Muslim Khan said.

Taliban claim more land in Pakistan

 Wow. Nobody saw this coming. Did we?

25swat_600REUTERS April 13-2009

Pakistani Taliban begin imposing rule in new area

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani Taliban are imposing their rule in a Pakistani mountain valley they took over last week, spreading fear in the area only 100 km (60 miles) from the capital, police and residents said on Monday.

 Surging militant violence across Pakistan and the spread of Taliban influence through the northwest are reviving concerns about the stability of the nuclear-armed U.S. ally.

 Pakistan is crucial to U.S. efforts to stabilize neighboring Afghanistan but the government has been unable to check militant attacks in its cities let alone stop insurgents crossing into Afghanistan from border strongholds to battle Western forces.

 Clashes erupted in Buner district last week after scores of Taliban moved in unopposed from the neighboring Swat valley, where authorities struck a deal with Islamists in February to enforce Islamic law in a bid to end violence.

 Buner residents formed a militia, or “lashkar,” to resist the militants and 13 people, including eight Taliban, three policemen and two villagers, were killed in clashes.

 Authorities say they are negotiating with the militants to persuade them to withdraw but the Taliban have stayed put and appeared determined to take over the valley, police said. Continue Reading →


slaveryHow is it the west finds itself allied with this state that is so anti-west and anti-Christian? Violence against Christians is accepted as normal in Pakistan. The testimony of a Christian is one third that of a Muslim in this backwater cesspool known as Pakistan

from the Compass Direct News

Police in Muslim-majority nation suspected of corruption.


ISTANBUL, April 10 (Compass Direct News) – Police have declared three Pakistani men innocent of raping a 13-year-old Christian girl despite eye witness accounts and medical evidence indicating their guilt. At a hearing in Nankana Sahib district court on April 3, police from the Pakistani town of Sangla Hill, 64 miles from Lahore, cleared 40-year-old Mohammed Shahbaz, 30-year-old Waqas Sadiq and 25-year-old Yousaf Sadiq of accusations of raping and threatening Ambreen Masih. Shahbaz was the only suspect to attend the hearing, which was initially called to discuss terms of his pre-arrest bail. But Judge Ijaz Hussan Awan said he couldn’t set terms for bail if police didn’t want to arrest or detain him. “In Pakistan it has always been like this – the wealthy person can approach the police and change the course of an investigation,” said prosecuting attorney Akbar Durrani. “Regarding Christians, they cannot put any pressure on the police for a fair investigation.”

Taliban threaten 2 attacks per week in Pakistan

President Obama looks to pardon non-violent Taliban.
Pakistan surrenders the Swat Valley and it’s inhabitants to the Taliban.
One has to ask if America or Pakistan will ever realise they are in a war.
All these concessions  are seen as victories by the Taliban, and rightly so.
They are now stronger, more bold and are riding a wave of momentem.

The Associated Press google news


ISLAMABAD (AP) — A suicide bombing at a crowded Shiite mosque south of Pakistan’s capital killed 22 people Sunday, the latest evidence of how security in the U.S.-allied nation is crumbling well beyond the Afghan border region where al-Qaida and Taliban fighters thrive.

The violence came as a senior Pakistani Taliban commander said his group was behind a deadly suicide bombing Saturday night in Islamabad and promised two more attacks per week in the country if the U.S. does not stop missile strikes on Pakistani territory.

Sunday’s suicide bomber set off his explosives at the entrance to a mosque in Chakwal city in Punjab province, some 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Islamabad, said Nadeem Hasan Asif, a top security official in the province. The blast killed 22 and wounded dozens, he said. Continue Reading →

‘Threat Of Britons Trained By Al Qaeda’

pakistan-terrorist “Hi honey, we’re home”

 From Sky News-Alex Crawford, in Kashmir

Pakistan has monitored more than 20 Britons believed to have spent time with radical militant groups and then returned to the UK, Sky News has learned.

The tracked men are said to have trained with extremist outfits linked to al Qaeda and the Taliban and are thought to pose a potential threat to British security.

The dossier of names is expected to be handed over to British anti-terrorist teams soon and is being seen as a big leap forward in the sharing of intelligence between the two countries.

But British authorities may wonder why the names were not handed over before the suspects re-entered the UK.

The details have been compiled by Pakistan’s intelligence service – the ISI – and follow the Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s declaration that three-quarters of all serious terror plots in Britain have their roots in Pakistan.

The suspects are aged between 17 and 23 and have apparently created “sufficient suspicion” with their activities for the ISI to believe they pose a “potential danger” to Britain. Continue Reading →

U.S Strikes in Pakistan “justify jihad”: cleric

pakistan-school-of-terrorism2 Rueters-Kamran Haider


QUETTA, Pakistan (Reuters) – An expansion of America’s secret war in Pakistan to Baluchistan province would justify jihad and see many more young men rally to fight foreign forces in Afghanistan, a radical cleric said.

 The New York Times reported last week that the United States is considering expanding its covert war to Baluchistan, a sprawling province of deserts and jagged mountains on the border of violence-plagued southern Afghanistan.

 So far, missile strikes by pilotless Central Intelligence Agency-operated drones, which Pakistan objects to, have been limited to ethnic Pashtun tribal areas to the north of Baluchistan, mostly in the North and South Waziristan regions.

 “America is trying to scare us but it won’t work. Rather it will be a justification,” Noor Muhammad, a well-known radical cleric who runs a madrasa, or religious school, in Quetta, capital of Baluchistan province, said of possible U.S. strikes.

 “America is foolish because it will only force more people here to stand up against it,” he said.

 Sitting in a room his madrasa complex, the 60-year-old grey-bearded Muhammad denied any policy of sending young men from his school to fight Western forces in Afghanistan.

 But he said it was the duty of every Muslim to do that.

 “If infidels occupy a Muslim land then it’s obligatory for all Muslims to do jihad … Preaching jihad is my duty,” he said.

 President Barack Obama has said the United States is not winning in Afghanistan, more than seven years after U.S.-led forces toppled the Taliban, and he is due to announce the result of a review of policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan in coming days.

 U.S. officials say success in Afghanistan is impossible without tackling the problem of militant safe havens in Pakistan.

 In the Pashtunabad area on the outskirts of Quetta, support for militancy appears strong. Walls on a street leading to Muhammad’s madrasa are daubed with slogans such as “Long Live Mullah Omar.”

 Afghan and foreign officials in Kabul have long said they believe Taliban leaders, including supreme leader Mullah Omar, are hiding in Baluchistan. Pakistan denies that. Continue Reading →

Pakistan: Christian girls kidnapped; captors file for custody, claiming girls converted to Islam

Pakistan: Christian girls kidnapped; captors file for custody, claiming girls converted to Islam

And the police weren’t about to be of any help without outside pressure: The girls’ father “was told to ‘remain silent,’ as the officers said the girls had embraced Islam in a written statement.”

“Pakistan: Girls kidnapped, allegedly forced to convert,” from Compass Direct News, July 11:

ISTANBUL, July 11 (Compass Direct News) – A Christian father in Pakistan is in a legal battle with kidnappers for the custody of his pre-teen daughters, who allegedly have been forced to convert to Islam.

Yesterday a judge in Pakistan’s Punjab province ordered further investigation into the kidnapping of Saba Younis, 12, and Aneela Younis, 10, who went missing on June 26 in the small town of Chowk Munda. The kidnappers filed for custody of the girls at the local police house on June 28, stating that the sisters had converted to Islam and their father no longer had jurisdiction over them.

When the father of the two girls, Younis Masih, was summoned to the police house to testify, police initially refused to file a case against the kidnappers – Muhammed Arif, Abjad Ali, taxi driver Muhammed Asraf and an unidentified fourth man – who are known to belong to a powerful human trafficking ring. Instead, human rights activists told Compass, Masih was told to “remain silent,” as the officers said the girls had embraced Islam in a written statement.

It was not until yesterday that, with the help of advocates and the Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Ministry, Masih filed an official complaint at the local police house. […]

Ashfaq Fateh, a Christian advocate who established contact with Masih this week, said that the girls’ Catholic family had not received threats for their faith. He asserted, however, that the kidnapping was a religious matter.

“Being weaker and belonging to the Christian community, the girls were kidnapped,” he said.

Saba and Aneela Younis, the youngest of eight children, were kidnapped while on their way to see their uncle.

“The kidnapping of my daughters has made me feel insecure in the country,” Masih told Fateh in a telephone conversation. “My Muslim countrymen think we [Christians] are not human beings. They think we do not have dignity.”

“This happens every day,” Tahir said of the kidnappings of Pakistani children and unjust treatment toward Christians, “because we are marginalized and downtrodden people.”

Pakistani Writer Criticizes Islamic World

Blaming others

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Farooq Sulehria

The Amnesty International report on human rights for the year 2007 is out. The Muslim world constitutes, as usual, bleakest chapter. Every single country across the Muslim world has been pointed out by the Amnesty International either for executions and torture or discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities.

Punishments never handed down even during the Stone Age, have been awarded in 21st century Muslim world. In one case, two Saudi nationals were awarded 7,000 lashes. Yes, 7,000. And executions? Well, 335 in Iran, 158 in Saudi Arabia and 135 in Pakistan. Violation of human rights, it seems, is the only thing that unites the otherwise divided Muslim world.

Continue Reading →

Stratfor on Al Queda activity within Pakistan.




By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

In a June 10 press conference, Rehman Malik, the internal affairs advisor to Pakistan’s prime minister, reported that a suicide bombing plot had been thwarted when Pakistani authorities arrested nine individuals and seized four apparent vehicle-borne improvised explosives devices (VBIEDs) containing a total of over 1,100 kilograms of explosives.

Three of the VBIEDs were recovered by authorities on June 6. Of those, two vehicles contained 400 kilograms of explosives, while the third carried a 200-kilogram load, Malik said. On the same day, authorities advised that they were searching for a fourth VBIED, which appears to be the one they recovered June 9. According to Malik, it contained 180 kilograms of explosives.

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