Germany: Creepy Activists Stalk AfD’s Björn Höcke

Germany, Nov. 23, 2017
Self-proclaimed “performance artists” install what they claim is a copy of Berlin Holocaust Memorial vis-a-vis AfD politician Björn Höcke’s private house.

The “artwork” vis a vis Höcke’s house

Wednesday, left activists have erected what they claim is a local version of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial made of concrete stones (but is in fact, according to police, papier-mâché boxes) next to the private house of AfD politician Björn Höcke.

According to F.A.Z., the activists announced that they had covertly rented the property next to Höcke’s house almost a year ago, and that they had been monitoring and observing him 24/7 ever since. If Höcke would get on his knees before the memorial in Berlin, or before their “version”, they would cease to surveil him. As for now, according to Die Welt, they were looking for more staff to surveil him.

Björn Höcke became the hate figure of the mainstream media when in a speech in January 2016, he called the Berlin Holocaust Memorial a ‘Monument to Shame’. Even in their gleeful article today, Der Spiegel fail to mention that it was their very own founder Rudolf Augstein who coined that expression for the Memorial. The press also does not care that Höcke clarified that he wasn’t criticizing the memorial, but that he, in his words, “characterized the Holocaust — the genocide of Jews by Germans — as a disgrace for our people. And I said that we Germans installed a monument to this still unfathomable crime — this guilt — in the middle of Berlin.” (Down the Rabbit Hole With the AfD, Gates of Vienna, Feb. 23, 2017).

Interestingly, the leftist activists here aren’t ashamed of (ab)using the memory of this terrible crime in a cheesy mis en scene, for the very mundane aim to attack a politician they hate.

The activists call themselves “center for political beauty” and have been campaigning for years to bring in more refugees.

A look at the AfD’s results in the recent elections explains why Höcke in Thuringia, Thüringen (dark blue, in the center) is a main target, and not a prominent AfD figure from, say, Schleswig-Holstein (top):

Results of the German election per state in %

There have reportedly been brawls between ‘artists’, the owner of the property they rented, and the press in the afternoon. Police have, according to F.A.Z., announced that they are protecting Höcke’s house.

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  1. How long before the antifa types start killing the AfD people? We all know this is coming in the future and probably the near future, if/when AfD does better in the next election antifa will turn more violent.

  2. Germany: Replica of Berlin Holocaust Memorial erected outside far-right politician’s home

    Activists revealed a replica of the Berlin Holocaust Memorial in front of the house of a right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party politician in the central German village of Bornhagen, on Wednesday.

    Hailing from a group named Centre for Political Beauty (Zentrum fur politische Schonheit), activists erected 24 concrete slabs directly in front of the property of Bjorn Hoecke, Thuringian AfD country chief.

    Hoecke had called the Berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe as a “monument of shame” during an event in Dresden in January, leading activists to carefully prepare the replica over the last ten months. The far-right politician had also called for a “180-degree turn” in Germany’s attitude to World War II.

    The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party reproached the action. The Centre for Political Beauty operates according to a self-description of aggressive humanism at the interface between action art and human rights.

  3. This request for a knee-like apology is more than ironic. The traditional Jewish practice would be for the one who sins to ask forigvemess from the one s/he sinnned against. The latter can/must grant forgiveness once it is evident that the sinner has articulated the sin and made the changes in his life so as not to engage in the sin in the future. The sinner is truly blessed if somehow, he encounters an opportunity to sin that mirrors the original circumstance, but this time around, his choice goes away from the sin.
    The “activists” dishonor the Jewish people by mis-characterizing and mis-interpreting forgiveness. They clearly did not have any regard for Jewish culture, history, identity, theology, or world-view. Let their actions be a window into their respective souls.

    • Instead of: may his [/hers/their] memory be for a blessing, this demonstration is more like, “be as a curse”.
      They got it all wrong. Inverted and twisted, it’s downright kinky.

    • They certainly don’t have any regards.

      The representative of the Jewish community in Thuringia said the way the activists were acting was unacceptable.

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