Germany: Are you a target of “left-leaning” violence? Then the Constitution is not for you.

An original translation from HNA (Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine).

“Steinke, you Nazi! We will com [sic] back” – Antifa attack on the former house of an AfD youth organization official. (source: PI news)

District court ruled
Court battle over apartment lease: Defeat for Göttinger AfD politician
November 02, 2017

Göttingen. The regional chairman of the AfD youth organization, Junge Alternative, Lars Steinke, will presumably have to find a new apartment after a court ruling.

The district court of Göttingen granted his landlord’s action for annulment. Reason: the 24-year old withheld from his landlord that, because of his political opinions, he were a likely target for left-leaning violence. According to the court, he should have had to enlighten her about his special role, because it might affect the lease object, a spokesman said. As he had omitted doing that, the lease contract was a result of malevolent deceit, and therefore invalid.

The 24-year-old had moved into the apartment in the city of Göttingen in July 2017. A few months later, the landlord went to court to refute the lease contract – successfully: the district court of Göttingen pointed in its ruling to the respective jurisdiction of the Federal Court. According to that, it is malevolent deceit even then when someone omits facts about which a contractual partner in good faith and trust can expect clarification. For example, the seller of a car must mention when a used car had an accident.

The Göttinger official of the „Jungen Alternative“ had himself said in posts that he saw himself as a target of leftist activists. As this circumstance were significant for the decision about the lease contract, he should have told the landlord without being asked, the judge ruled. And indeed, in the period following, damage of property and arson on the premises occurred, for example at the trash cans.

In march, the car of the 24-year-old, that he had parked at the street, burst into flames in front of the apartment house. The heat damaged another car and a close balcony parapet. The court pointed to the fact that similar instances had occurred at his previous address in Göttingen.

The father of the 24-year-old had signed the lease. According to a spokesman of the judiciary, the lease contained a clause that the father would consistently loan the apartment to his son. But this were not relevant for the decision.

Appeal against the ruling

The 24-year-old announced after the court ruling that he intends to lodge an appeal against the “scandalous ruling”.

Translator’s note:
Die Achse des Guten  comment: “District Court Göttingen shreds Constitution” and remind that the German constitution says, „No one may be disadvantaged or preferred for his sex, his ancestry, his language, his home and origin, his belief, his religious or political views“.

3 Replies to “Germany: Are you a target of “left-leaning” violence? Then the Constitution is not for you.”

  1. Maybe it’s time to rent some apartments and use them as “lures” in order to draw in Antifa thugs and get them arrested. Of course,that presumes the police have any interest in arresting them in the first place.

    Soon enough, there will be sufficient violence against law enforcement officers to where they’ll begin taking an active interest when it comes to busting Antifa heads thugs.

  2. Clearly, then, muslim migrants should not be leased apartments unless they fork over substantial sums as insurance (kind of like a damage deposit but this would be an islamophobia deposit). Since, as the media and government constantly assures everyone, the regular citizenry – or a good portion of them – are wild eyed, islamophobic, “far right” (they love that one) extremists, there is extra risk involved for those who provide accommodations for muslims. And they should be compensated for said risk.

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