Four Chicago Thugs Arrested for Kidnapping Torturing White Special Needs Kid

Chicago police have arrested the four people that took part in the gruesome attack after they video themselves torturing a white male victim. The bound and gagged kidnap victim is repeatedly kicked and hit while forced to denounce white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

Investigators are looking into the Facebook Live video showing a group of people holding a young man hostage. Chicago police told FOX 32 that four people are currently in custody.

Chicago police were made aware of this video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding a young white man hostage.

The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut. The suspects on the video can be heard yelling, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!”

Community activist Andrew Holmes was made aware of the disturbing video. FOX 32 was told the young man is now at a hospital being treated for his injuries.

While the video was being live streamed on Facebook, a lot of people reported the video but Facebook decided that it did not violate their Community Standards:

One of the participant’s Facebook page is still viewable, you can find it here:

Here’s a BEFORE shot of Brittany Herring

And here is an AFTER shot when Brittney got arrested. It’s questionable they’ll let her smoke cigars in prison. But maybe she can keep her wig.

I am sure she’s just a misunderstood minority, and if we haven’t been in her shoes we shouldn’t judge her… Of course, white folk don’t generally commit violent acts and put them on facebook live, I’m assuming it has something to do with our white privilege being a danger to us.

Here is the youtube link to the live stream video:

Here is the Infowars article on the incident:

And the Twitter response of the Chicago Police on the case, because yes, cases can be solved on Twitter, no?

And just as a reminder, here’s the video about another hate crime we need to remember, a much much worse offense that still begs for full justice served:

Just when we think that Germany will top Sweden’s reputation for the world’s largest open-air lunatic asylum, along comes Sweden and reclaims the title.

An original translation by Nash Montana from an article at Politically Incorrect, which cites the article posted at


Sweden allows IS flag

Sweden is light years ahead of Germany in all things multicultural lunacy. The Gutmensch nation not only has acquired the reputation as being the rape capital of Europe with their openness for the horror of the world, but they can openly brag about the joys of 55 islamic no go zones. In return Sweden is colorful and tolerant. It’s not only a political elite that can be held responsible which isn’t so far ahead of their counter parts in Germany, but it’s also just like in Germany a left-controlled media and most of all apparently stunningly quixotic judges.

And so, in the past few days the crown prosecution service in Sweden has ordered the discontinuance of a police investigation against a supposedly 23 year old “refugee”, who adorned his Facebook page with an IS flag and it gave a downright cynical reason for their decision.

According to prosecutor Gisela Sjövall the symbol did not fulfilll the requirement for hate speech. “One could say the man has expressed contempt for all other people and not against a specific ethnic group”, said Sjövall on Swedish television. The IS flag symbolizes universal hate.

Does that mean that if one cuts off the heads of everybody, it is okay?

“If there had been accompanying text to the Facebook post, then the decision could have had a different outcome”, the prosecutor is cited as saying.

Is this quixotic or dumb? This woman either has indeed no idea about islam or she is motivated, just like the German annihilation elite, by the aspiration to destroy her own culture. on her agenda. The jihad new blood, up and coming talents there fore can keep on expecting asylum in Sweden and calmly continue crafting their “career” with the IS.


A Manifest. Those that should read it & to whom it is addressed to, won’t.

This is the beautiful Anabel Schunke’s latest writing. You may remember her June 2016 essay “Inner Emigration – I Don’t Have to Anything!” which I had translated and posted here. This is a continuation of that essay from Tichy’s Einblick.

I just had to put a picture of Anabel at the bottom of this article, because she is so quintessentially, beautifully German, and it’s her people that the European annihilation elite is planning to obliterate.

Original translation by Nash Montana


Is it really us who write against all of this that are the hate mongers and the agitators, or is it those in the media and in politics who make people feel like they’re nobody and that eventually drives them to turn right?

I am worthless.

Worthless in a human sense. In reference to my origin. My worldview. My simple opinion. Because I am German. Completely without a politically correct talkshow-worthy migration background and without religion that supposedly constantly discriminates and I therefore get discriminated against.

But not worthless in respect to my money. Because the left’s dream of multiculturalism wants to be financed after all. I am good enough for that, but I am fed up to be only good enough when my tax money is demanded for those who allegedly enrich us. They who then often not only aren’t grateful towards us, but are treating us as second class people, like idiots who can be fleeced. They who do not enrich us, but themselves.

We are Germans.

Just saying this sentence out loud in our current climate of political correctness sounds incredibly weird. Our opinion, if it isn’t multiculti, does not count. People who could express this opinion for people like me, aren’t either heard at all or are dissed for being right-wing populists. It’s almost like we don’t want a voice speaking up for us anymore and if we do, then only curious odd coots so that we can turn them into ridicule. We’re not supposed to think that we are many. That it is okay that so many think that way and that there are more sensible, reasonable people among us Germans than not. Instead we have to be lectured. From hijab activists, Aiman Mazyek and Lamya Kador. We have to be told what our obligation to provide is and what racist assholes we really are.

And I am woman.

…Whose freedom and liberty fell victim to the refugee crisis first. It is not always obvious, a lot of times it’s extremely subtle. For instance when I got pepper spray after the events in Cologne or when other women tell me how they avoid certain clothes or places. There are many of us who go into inner emigration because we just have been raised to be loving and nice. And because we are insecure about our political opinion. Because we want to please and be liked and because politics is so horrible polarizing. But when is the point in time reached where one has to strike back and fight for our own rights which have been taken for granted for so long? When do I have to leave the political commonplace and take a position? Now. Exactly now. The selling out of our freedom has long started and we are the first that have been affected by this. We’re practically the seismograph for everything that is still coming for us. But I don’t want to be a seismograph and I don’t want and I never wanted to be nice and loving and please everybody. I also want to be worth something.

I am a cop.

Nobody cares when I put myself out there day in and day out. When I get pummeled with bottles and rocks by the Antifa, it’s the police that’s accused of brutality. When our red green political leadership economize the police kaputt, it is us that are blamed when not enough of us are present in Cologne. We experience the consequences of Merkel’s refugee politics every single day at close range. It is us who are completely powerless towards the African drug dealers because here in Germany it’s easier to hold accountable a parking offender than a criminal. We have to catch escaped terror suspects with whom we never had anything do with before Merkel had let them into the country. We don’t get a federal cross for merit for our work. That medal is handed out to the Syrians that caught him (reference to the El-Bakr case). Because even with the federal cross for merit, it’s not about the actual work anymore, but about the “good deed” behind it. What counts is the conveying that multicultural enrichment even as our daily experiences tell us something completely different.

I am a teacher.

In my class I have to not only include handicapped children but refugees as well. I have to do justice to everyone and I cant, because the personnel and the money is just not there. In the end we all suffer, but most of all the students who do well and who can’t be supported. But achievement is now frowned upon anyway. Better to have them all the same even if it means keeping them dumb. Germany can afford it. Besides education we have so many other resources after all. And when I feel burnout well I’ll just have to cancel the entire class for a day.

I am a physician. I am a judge. I am an entrepreneur. I am a Hartz-IV recipient and single mother. I am a human who writes against all this insanity and for it I am ostracized and threatened. In the end the only thing that counts is the worthy cause to which we have to submit and for which we have to pay. Financially, culturally, and human.

But I don’t want to pay for anything anymore that does not enrich me. For people who laugh at me for my naivetée and good will. I do not want to have to be considerate anymore of the cultural and religious sensitivities of muslims. Not in the cafeteria. Not at school. instead I finally want that I am treated more considerate. That I can criticize without being called a racist. That the majority and not the minority is heard. that I too will be worth something again.

How long can you treat people this way until they fight back? Is it really us who write against all of this that are the hate mongers and the agitators, or is it those in the media and in politics who make people feel like they’re nobody and that eventually drives them to turn right?

You may decide the public opinion, but the public you are not. And me, I am not worthless.


Insulting Her Majesty, Queen Merkel of Europe

A translation by Nash Montana from an article at PoliticallyIncorrect

Lèse Majesté at Amusement Park


How much critique can the Merkel regime tolerate? How much critique is democratically legitimate? When Böhmermann wrote his sarcastic poem of Erdogan, most people were of the opinion that this should be allowed in the realm of satire. The consent was in favor of Böhmermann over the reviled Sultan. In fact after the poem was published, the turkish dictator was further ridiculed for his lack of humor and his small minded petulance. So much for Erdogan. But what does it look like when Merkel is the target, can one make such crude jokes about her?

One of our readers visited the amusement park “Karl’s Erlebnis Dorf” in Eistal by Berlin last 1st of July. There he discovered a 20 meter wide and four meter high novel sand sculpture and he made a few pictures in order to feast his eyes on the visuals later on. An artist had modeled Angela Merkel in a life preserving ring, threatened by a shark. Not exactly spectacular, but very funny and with a quite clever political undertone.


Now our reader came back with his family and he let us know of his visit:

“We visited for the second time on September 19th, 2016, the huge slide was gone in the meantime, but the sculpture was still there. But what happened? The “drowning person” had gotten a new face!!! When we asked employees it was confirmed to me that apparently there were complaints, but there was no concrete information from whom or any details. According to employees the artist is from Russia and he had to change the sculpture just recently.”


Out of Merkel became a young pretty girl, very nice to look at. Our reader was not able to determine what kind of complaints were lodged. Maybe they weren’t even followers of the national front under the leadership of the CDU that obtained this change.


Maybe it was just the knowledge alone that something like that just couldn’t go and only a small prod was necessary to make a change. It’s only questionable whether a “refugees welcome” sculpture would have been changed in the same way, after all that slogan stands for the systematic violation of our basic constitutional law and other agreements and treaties. The Russian artist, 37 year old Pavel Mylnikov, would probably have been canonized and additionally have been cast in bronze.

Here it seemed to be enough to retain the Status quo and to protect Merkel from further critique. But just for good measure, the most efficient and effective way with which Germans can still be impressed was added:


“No trespassing” is what the sign says now planted in front of the harmless figure. And with that it has been made crystal clear that Merkel will not be the butt of jokes in the same manner that her kindred spirits Honecker or Kim Jong Un weren’t either.

Inability to Speak German and “Severe Detention Sensitivity” Constitute Mitigating Circumstances for Afghan Child Rapist

Translation by Nash Montana from a BILD article at

This case is especially heinous to me. But not surprising, and even less surprising that it receives almost no consideration in German news.

Germany is miles and miles behind the science and knowledge about sex offenders who commit crimes on children, and pedophilia. There isn’t even a unified sex offender data base European wide which would make it easier to catch offenders on the lam, or for employment purposes. As far as I know, in my country of origin, Switzerland, you do not even have to show proof or answer any questions, as to whether you ever were accused or convicted of a crime like that. And as a potential employer of someone, you aren’t able to find out by just going online like in the United States.

I have worked in the field of Child Sexual Abuse, with offenders and victims alike, for many years here in the US. I have a degree in Criminal Psychology. I’ve given expert witness testimonies in state and federal court here in Montana, I’ve examined and have assisted in the administration of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, I’ve been present during “Penile Plethysmography” tests, lie detector tests, and a host of numerous other methods that I’ve either administered myself or have been present and assisted, and none of them are used in Switzerland and Germany on child sexual abusers according to my knowledge.

The worst of all is that in European countries, there is no distinction made between child sexual abuse and adult sexual abuse. Therefore, children who are in their formative years and are much more vulnerable and will forever be imprinted with experiences good and bad, are seen as “little adults” who make up their own minds. In the USA we have what is called “Megan’s Law”, which is actually a bundle of laws, but first and foremost it is known for its classification of sexual predators into levels I through III. It classifies sex offenders according to the level of violence and kind of force they used when they committed the crime of sexual abuse.

Level III offenders are the ones’ that will leave a victim in a ditch dying, they are usually bona fide psychopaths. They will abduct and abuse children or adults and will use whatever force they want to use, including up to sometimes killing the victim. Lock them up and throw away the key, for they are a lost cause. Level II offenders will use some force, moderately, just enough to make their victim comply. Such as “if you say anything, I will kill your mother”, or “if you resist I will cut you”. And Level I offenders are in 90% of the time offenders that will abuse children. Their violence is committed through psychological manipulation and intimidation. Their force is free of actual physical violence, except for the act itself of course which can without a doubt be seen as an act of violence. When a grown man forces a little boy or a little girl, 4 years old, to open his or her mouth so he can stick his erect penis into it, that is indeed a form of force. And it’s taken into consideration when these kinds of sex offenders are tested and assessed in order to be classified according to Megan’s law.

So here you have an Afghani, a muslim, who most likely has done this sort of thing before many many times in his homeland where this is not a crime at all anyway, and only now that he got caught, will it be even told to him for the very first time, that what he did is wrong. Not that he cares. This man will be a repeat offender, and he will do this again as soon as he can, but he’ll get smart. Therefore this lenient punishment of 2 years and 4 months is doubly heinous. We all know, he will do it again. More children will be victimized. And not just by him.

This also illustrates the point I’ve been making for a long time that Germany, Austria, Switzerland are not only faced with an inconceivable increase in sexual abuse and rape, but they’ll not deal with it the way they should. Because they are simply not equipped, and they’ll never ask the USA for help. They are too arrogant to ask. Three years ago, my then 6 year old daughter was harassed by 3 muslim boys, they followed her and her friends home from school, catcalling them and saying stuff like “come here f*** b**ch I want to show you a good time, s*** my d***, the only thing the school had to say to me was “isn’t it nice that they speak english with her”. There is zero sense for how to deal with this anywhere in these so-called civilized advanced progressive countries.

Btw, in the picture posted below from the article, notice the effeminate pose of the offender, as well as his feminine hands. I really wish I could see his face just to confirm the physical profile that I have in my head of him already.

Here’s the article:

Only 2 Years and 4 Months for Afghan Child Abuser

It was an especially heinous crime that was taking place end of March in an asylum home in Boostedt (Schleswig-Holstein). There, Jama B. (22) had a four year old boy follow him to the bathroom. Once inside, doors locked, he pushed his erect penis into the mouth of the child and then ejaculated (outside the mouth).

Shortly thereafter the man was caught, still with his pants down, by the boy’s father. The alarmed security service immediately called police, they arrested the Afghan. A second man, Sohrab S. (29) who guarded the door during the incident, was arrested as well.

During the following court trial Jama B. bragged that he was a famous man in Afghanistan. “I am a superstar, a singer.” That his personality is not the one of a man who is be capable of what he’s accused of. Furthermore he tells that he had a lot of alcohol before the incident, but that he was in control of himself. He did not show any remorse in court.

Thursday the county court delivered judgment: two years and four months incarceration for severe sexual abuse for Jama B., his accused accomplice was free to go.

This is a judgment that has made people speechless. And it prompts a lot of questions. BILD is asking the people responsible:

A man sticks his penis into the mouth of a child. Why is this “only” severe sexual abuse – and not rape?

Chief prosecutor Alex Bieler tells BILD: “A rape is only then punished when it had been committed under the threat of violence, or violence was used. This is not what we are seeing in this case. It is often enough with children when one gives them clear instructions – such as ‘take it in your mouth’. Therefore the offender was persecuted for “only” severe sexual abuse of a child. But on a grander scale it doesn’t really matter, since with a rape the minimum sentence is two years, the highest sentence is 15 years.”

Why such a lenient punishment

Karin Witt, spokesperson for the county court Kiel: “The court couldn’t conclude any other severe reasons such as prior convictions. Mitigating circumstances were concluded due to the defendant’s alcohol consumption and his severe detention sensitivity: He is young, he doesn’t speak german, and he has already been attacked once while in custody. The victim has gotten over the incident well, there are no serious consequences to be expected.”

Why was the accomplice acquitted?

Sohrab B. was acquitted due to lack of evidence. It was not possible to prove that he aided and abetted the severe sexual abuse, says presiding judge Stefan Becker. The chamber therefore gave, due to a of lack of evidence, “the benefit of the doubt for the accused”.

How is the boy today?

Attorney Peter Boysen who represented the family of the child: “It was a single incident that didn’t last very long either, and hopefully it will not harm the child in the long run. Therefore there was no reason for us to complain about the verdict, even if we could maybe have gotten him another half year. I have therefore advised the parents not to file an appeal against the verdict. The boy is doing good today, but he is still in therapeutic treatment of a child- and youth psychiatric clinic. The family is happy to not be living in the asylum home anymore. They now live in their own apartment in Northern Germany.

Will the offender be deported now?

The verdict is not yet final, the chief prosecutor and defense are currently looking at a revision. Only then can the offender’s refugee status be revoked and he can be deported.


Nur 2 Jahre 4 Monate Haft für Täter

“Generation Identity” in Germany Placed Under Government Surveillance

Article translated from DIE WELT by Nash Montana

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.55.50 AM

(“Integration into self-loathing”)

Summer camps are advertising for “young, clever, willing to make a sacrifice activists” on the internet: now the radical rightwing “Generation Identity” (IB) has been placed under government surveillance by the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

The office took aim at the radical rightwing IB, a group that strictly opposes immigration from other cultures. “Some state officials are now looking more closely at the ID because they clearly have crossed the threshold for justified surveillance”, Hans-Georg Maassen, president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution said to the “Rheinischen Post”.

“We’ve had to determined that they have gone from simple internet activities over to actual engagements in real life in various federal states.”

The movement has made it a goal to prevent mass immigration from harming Germany’s identity. They understand themselves as a “meta-political and activist arm of the New Right”. IB also sets its goals on “physical fitness” in so called summer camps and they see themselves as being “at the beginning of a turning point (in history).”

Active since the end of 2014

The supporters that are most engaged in the movement are young, generally well educated males. They avoid any criminal involvement and acts such as the painting of swastikas, inflicting bodily harm/assault, and incitement to hatred.

By the end of 2014 the Identitiarians have increased their appearance in Saxony-Anhalt. Instead of operating under secrecy, the members openly circulate information about their activities on the internet, where they praise each other about their actions.

He Said – ‘Go Ahead, Make My Day’ – They Did.

We don’t normally post US policy speeches as our main focus on this side is and always will be on the Counter Jihad.

However, since Donald J. Trump, presidential nominee for the Republican Party, has already made some rather unusually open comments, generating international outrage for his politically incorrect – but perfectly correct – statements in regards to Merkel’s Germany “refugee” fiasco, and the Islamization of Europe as a whole, I thought it would be interesting to post this 38 minute video.

In the relatively short time Trump has been campaigning for president, he has made himself a permanent fixture on the world stage, regardless whether the crooked Hillary machine will steal the election or not. He is the genie that cannot be put back in the bottle:

This post is not for the purpose of propagandizing for Trump, it is to show a – what I believe to be – historic moment in modern, post-Reagan US history.

For the first time in a very long time, a Republican candidate with a giant momentum behind him shows a delightful disregard not only for how the liar media ‘feels’ about him, but he also won’t cower down and curl up in a ball, incoherently mumbling something about ‘taking the high road’, like Mitt Romney or – really – any other loathsome milquetoast US Republican since Ronald Reagan back in 1980.

Could there possibly be even one single person out there, especially among US Conservatives, who is not watching this spectacle with glee every time Trump tears into yet another one of these media twits, and eats their lunch in front of the whole world? And unapologetically so I may add, unlike all the sniveling and groveling Quisling Republican bootlickers who feel the need to apologize only every single time they utter a controversial word of truth to the press.

Trump’s entire Veteran’s Donations Press Conference is one giant example of how the media should be treated: With utmost counter stature. Even fuddy duddy Rush Limbaugh, conservative celebrity radio pundit and TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) martyr, came off his high horse for one segment on his show today, and praised Trump, calling the presser “the press conference Republican voters have wanted to see for years”:

The Press Conference Republican Voters Have Wanted to See for Years

Let me be clear; Trump has raised five million and six hundred thousand dollars for US Veterans since his Iowa fundraiser in January. This is unheard, and unseen of. I’m pretty sure though I have not researched it, that nobody has ever raised this much money in such a short period of time, or ever, for that matter.

Trump uses the first 19 minutes of the video to speak about the donations, he cites all the correct numbers and who received how much.

Then at the 19:14 mark, he points his finger at Tom Llamas, boorish lying reporter from ABC, and remarks, “this sleazy guy right over here, from ABC, he’s a sleaze in my book, you’re a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well.” BOOM.

He then abruptly turns around, uninterested in any – presumably – attempted feigned outrage, and hands the mic over to a State Representative from New Hampshire, a Marine who served twenty-two years in the Corps and ten years on the Veterans Affairs Committee.

After the 21 minute mark, Trump then answers some rather ‘intense’ and biased questions from the media, and as you can imagine the discussion is captivating, to say the least.

One other interesting tidbit about the press conference that I find worth mentioning is when Trump was asked, “will you be this combative as president?”, he answers back: “Yeah, it’s going to be like this. You think I’m gonna change? I’m not gonna change.”

Well pass the pop corn, Edith, and enjoy the show. Trump has testosterone oozing out of his eyes, nose and whatever… , and the -ism minions of the press are one by one being expunged like the bad records they truly are.

The next 8 years are going to be a sight to behold.

Muslim “refugee” lies down in road, blocking traffic, demanding that he be given a house

This is a story I’ve actually been following for a week now and the only reason I didn’t post it sooner is because I kept waiting for the city of Karben to cave and give the “refugee” family everything they demand, including brand spanking new 3-series BMW and house and furniture, but no new update yet, will keep you posted.
If Europeans treated their children the way these “refugees” treat theirs, deliberately exposing them to jeopardy in order to get what they want, their children would be taken away from them for child neglect, but yes, different standards apply to the new european overlords. They get away with murder. Already have.

On Monday, a refugee family from Iraq blocked a major traffic road in the centre of Karben. In the middle of the traffic the driver lay in front of the cars – he wanted himself, his wife and his children to be run over. In Iraq he had been promised a house – he is now demanding that.

The man lay in front of the first car, and asked the female driver from Kloppenheim to drive on. He also wanted to drag his child down. “The child was really afraid”, says the upset driver. She climbed out, tried to get the man to stand up. Two civil police who happened to be going past were finally able to drag the man away from the road.

According to mayor Guido Rahn (CDU) the family has been in the city since Wednesday. Already on Thursday the four had protested against their accommodation in a city refugee centre through a sitting strike at the entrance to the town council building.

“They insist on getting their own house, because that was what they were promised in Iraq,” says Rahn.


Witnesses: Attackers came from a Mosque

From this German Daily News site

Hildesheim – The bloody fight on Good Friday in the northern city remains baffling. Up to now there are two versions, who all was involved in the brawl. But the fact is: A 32 year old man from Hildesheim ended up with a broken rib, and had to be treated in the hospital.

As reported, the police was called around 23:30 into the Martin-Luther-Strasse, because a fight broke out between two men and two women in a public park. The women were walking with an unleashed american bulldog, which the two men were apparently not pleased with. Words were said, which ended up in a shouting match, during which one of the men spit the 25 year old woman in the face and kicked her in the stomach twice. Both opposing parties filed a report for bodily injury.

To that point the police can confirm what happened. But what happened afterwards, was only told to various newspapers by various witnesses. Apparently one of the women called her boyfriend for help with her cellphone. When the 32 year old man arrived at the scene, he allegedly found himself attacked by several men: “I literally walked straight into their arms. They came out of the mosque, they surrounded me and beat me up”, the man says. His rib broken, he passed out. He was treated for his injury in the hospital.

The police cannot yet confirm that the men came out of the nearby mosque: “We still have to investigate that. We do not have all witness testimonies yet”, the spokesperson for the police, Claus Kubik, said.

The injured 25 year old woman however is certain that the attackers came from the mosque: It was a whole herd of them. About 20 to 30 arabic dressed people.” And from that group the woman claims to have learned why the ringleader attacked the two women. One of his kids was supposedly bit one time by an unleashed dog.

Even before the police arrived at the scene, the attackers all managed to flee: Some of them in cars with squealing tires, others returned to the mosque by foot. Most of them were wearing turbans and cloth pants.

Which is a testimony that has been confirmed by a 31 year old resident of the neighborhood. He sat in front of the TV when it all happened, but when he heard the yelling on the street he got alerted. The family man looked out of his window, identified the attackers as visitors of the mosque: “I see these men here every day, because every day they block our parking area”, the witness told the newspaper.

The police is asking for witnesses to come forth and call the number 939-115.

Please click “read more” to read related materials and a similar personal account by the translator

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Generation Identity march to be banned in Molenbeek

The European identitarian demonstration scheduled for 2 April at 3 pm in the public square in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean will be banned. This has been announced by the mayor Françoise Schepmans (MR) to

A major call has just been launched on social networks via the Génération Identitaire page, a movement started in 2012 which describes itself as “political” and whose mission is “reconquest”.

In the context of this demonstration, the call is: “In Molenbeek as elsewhere, Islamists out of Europe”. A covert way of lumping together the entire Muslim population, according to some. One of the slogans of Génération Identitaire being “On est chez nous!” [This is our home!]

For the mayor, with regards to the motivations of the organisers, there is no question of authorising the gathering. “We have no knowledge of any demonstration request from this movement. But in any case, this demonstration will not be authored”, declares Françoise Schepmans.

“When we fight extremism, it is against all extremisms. It is therefore out of the question to allow furious madmen [fous furieux] to express themselves.”

And if people defy the ban, “the police will be present to dissolve the gathering on the spot.”


Kiss-Attack on Vienna Subway: Police doesn’t care.

Not considered sexual harassment…
Kussattacke U-bahn

Iryna L. is angry and feels helpless: She was attacked, but when she went to the police, she merely received a time validation note for her employer. (Photo: Sabine Hertel)

Iryna L. (27) is still shaking: In Vienna last Monday morning, on her way to work, a man first fondled her, then he kissed her on the mouth. The University Graduate called 133 – the authorities have done little to nothing.

It happened between Reumannplatz and Karlsplatz. And: “It all happened so fast”, Iryna L. says. “The Subway was packed, he sat next to me, and just petted my hand. I yelled “stop it”, and looked around for another seat, and that’s when he grabbed me on my shoulder, pulled me to him, and kissed me on the mouth.”

The business consultant used her purse to hit this fiend. There was no help. “Two men just sat there and gawked stupidly, one woman advised to call the police”, the victim tells. The “kisser” – Iryna L. assumes he was of north-african origin – fled when they arrived at Karlsplatz. Very disgusted, the victim called 133, and waited for the police to arrive and take her to the station.

That’s where she received a nasty surprise: Since a kiss is not considered sexual harassment, the Vienna woman merely received a time validation note for her employer. Her boss on the other hand felt sorry for her, and told her to take the day off.

The police requested surveillance video from the subway car. “Perhaps there may be a financial penalty for public indecency”, a spokesperson said.

Original translation by Nash Montana via:;art23652,1269200


Austria: Journalist says it’s time to discuss whether Islam should be banned in Europe

A comment of Wolfgang Fellner in the daily newspaper “Österreich” has provoked outrage among local Muslims. In the Wednesday edition the published stated: “Now we must permit discussion about whether or not Islam as such should be banned in Europe.” According to the Islamic faith community, Fellner is thus attaching “the central human right of religious freedom”.


The journalist has since clarified this, saying he doesn’t support this position himself, just thinks we should be allowed to discuss it. Of course the implicit admission – that there are things we’re not allowed to discuss currently – is in itself inherently sinister.