“Generation Identity” in Germany Placed Under Government Surveillance

Article translated from DIE WELT by Nash Montana

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(“Integration into self-loathing”)

Summer camps are advertising for “young, clever, willing to make a sacrifice activists” on the internet: now the radical rightwing “Generation Identity” (IB) has been placed under government surveillance by the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

The office took aim at the radical rightwing IB, a group that strictly opposes immigration from other cultures. “Some state officials are now looking more closely at the ID because they clearly have crossed the threshold for justified surveillance”, Hans-Georg Maassen, president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution said to the “Rheinischen Post”.

“We’ve had to determined that they have gone from simple internet activities over to actual engagements in real life in various federal states.”

The movement has made it a goal to prevent mass immigration from harming Germany’s identity. They understand themselves as a “meta-political and activist arm of the New Right”. IB also sets its goals on “physical fitness” in so called summer camps and they see themselves as being “at the beginning of a turning point (in history).”

Active since the end of 2014

The supporters that are most engaged in the movement are young, generally well educated males. They avoid any criminal involvement and acts such as the painting of swastikas, inflicting bodily harm/assault, and incitement to hatred.

By the end of 2014 the Identitiarians have increased their appearance in Saxony-Anhalt. Instead of operating under secrecy, the members openly circulate information about their activities on the internet, where they praise each other about their actions.


4 Replies to ““Generation Identity” in Germany Placed Under Government Surveillance”

  1. And another resistance group forms, note that they aren’t engaged in any criminal action but the government has them under close surveillance.

  2. ” justified surveillance” for a non-violent, political/patriotic group… is there anything more Orwellian?

    I guess everyone has their own version of a police “Red Squad.”

  3. It’s especially interesting because it is WIDELY known that these young men, and women, are usually pretty educated. So this is not just a strike against anyone who opposes the population and culture exchange. It’s also a n aggressive action against the educated middle class.

    The same people who, if they only would fall in line and march to the drum the Orwellians are beating, would be working their butts off so they can pay the taxes that will then be handed out in the form of welfare for the millions of rocket surgeons who can’t find a Yob!™

    We can’t have that. Those young educated ID men and women are seriously stepping out of line! Their help is needed in pulling the boats on shore!!!

    • Nash see if you can get hold of a copy of the various people that were on the kill or re-educate list of the communists.

      Here are those I remember:

      Everyone who had held political office.

      Everyone who had ever worked as a teacher.

      Everyone who had ever been a police officer.

      Everyone who has ever served in the military, especially officers and NCOs.

      Every business leader.

      Most people with a collage education.

      There are others but those are the ones I remember this lists includes just about everyone who knows that a counter revolution could succeed and has the authority to draw people into a resistance movement. The last time I read about this the communists were saying that 20 to 25% of the population of most nations were on the kill or re-educate list and that the percentage would be higher in Western Europe, Britain and the US.

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