Insulting Her Majesty, Queen Merkel of Europe

A translation by Nash Montana from an article at PoliticallyIncorrect

Lèse Majesté at Amusement Park


How much critique can the Merkel regime tolerate? How much critique is democratically legitimate? When Böhmermann wrote his sarcastic poem of Erdogan, most people were of the opinion that this should be allowed in the realm of satire. The consent was in favor of Böhmermann over the reviled Sultan. In fact after the poem was published, the turkish dictator was further ridiculed for his lack of humor and his small minded petulance. So much for Erdogan. But what does it look like when Merkel is the target, can one make such crude jokes about her?

One of our readers visited the amusement park “Karl’s Erlebnis Dorf” in Eistal by Berlin last 1st of July. There he discovered a 20 meter wide and four meter high novel sand sculpture and he made a few pictures in order to feast his eyes on the visuals later on. An artist had modeled Angela Merkel in a life preserving ring, threatened by a shark. Not exactly spectacular, but very funny and with a quite clever political undertone.


Now our reader came back with his family and he let us know of his visit:

“We visited for the second time on September 19th, 2016, the huge slide was gone in the meantime, but the sculpture was still there. But what happened? The “drowning person” had gotten a new face!!! When we asked employees it was confirmed to me that apparently there were complaints, but there was no concrete information from whom or any details. According to employees the artist is from Russia and he had to change the sculpture just recently.”


Out of Merkel became a young pretty girl, very nice to look at. Our reader was not able to determine what kind of complaints were lodged. Maybe they weren’t even followers of the national front under the leadership of the CDU that obtained this change.


Maybe it was just the knowledge alone that something like that just couldn’t go and only a small prod was necessary to make a change. It’s only questionable whether a “refugees welcome” sculpture would have been changed in the same way, after all that slogan stands for the systematic violation of our basic constitutional law and other agreements and treaties. The Russian artist, 37 year old Pavel Mylnikov, would probably have been canonized and additionally have been cast in bronze.

Here it seemed to be enough to retain the Status quo and to protect Merkel from further critique. But just for good measure, the most efficient and effective way with which Germans can still be impressed was added:


“No trespassing” is what the sign says now planted in front of the harmless figure. And with that it has been made crystal clear that Merkel will not be the butt of jokes in the same manner that her kindred spirits Honecker or Kim Jong Un weren’t either.

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  1. The far left feels free to insult and demean all non leftist politicians in all countries but let someone make fun of one of their leaders and you can hear the cries of burn the Blasphemer.

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