Witnesses: Attackers came from a Mosque

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Hildesheim – The bloody fight on Good Friday in the northern city remains baffling. Up to now there are two versions, who all was involved in the brawl. But the fact is: A 32 year old man from Hildesheim ended up with a broken rib, and had to be treated in the hospital.

As reported, the police was called around 23:30 into the Martin-Luther-Strasse, because a fight broke out between two men and two women in a public park. The women were walking with an unleashed american bulldog, which the two men were apparently not pleased with. Words were said, which ended up in a shouting match, during which one of the men spit the 25 year old woman in the face and kicked her in the stomach twice. Both opposing parties filed a report for bodily injury.

To that point the police can confirm what happened. But what happened afterwards, was only told to various newspapers by various witnesses. Apparently one of the women called her boyfriend for help with her cellphone. When the 32 year old man arrived at the scene, he allegedly found himself attacked by several men: “I literally walked straight into their arms. They came out of the mosque, they surrounded me and beat me up”, the man says. His rib broken, he passed out. He was treated for his injury in the hospital.

The police cannot yet confirm that the men came out of the nearby mosque: “We still have to investigate that. We do not have all witness testimonies yet”, the spokesperson for the police, Claus Kubik, said.

The injured 25 year old woman however is certain that the attackers came from the mosque: It was a whole herd of them. About 20 to 30 arabic dressed people.” And from that group the woman claims to have learned why the ringleader attacked the two women. One of his kids was supposedly bit one time by an unleashed dog.

Even before the police arrived at the scene, the attackers all managed to flee: Some of them in cars with squealing tires, others returned to the mosque by foot. Most of them were wearing turbans and cloth pants.

Which is a testimony that has been confirmed by a 31 year old resident of the neighborhood. He sat in front of the TV when it all happened, but when he heard the yelling on the street he got alerted. The family man looked out of his window, identified the attackers as visitors of the mosque: “I see these men here every day, because every day they block our parking area”, the witness told the newspaper.

The police is asking for witnesses to come forth and call the number 939-115.

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(Interestingly, when – on a hunch – I googled this mosque, quite unfortunately located on Martin-Luther-Street (!!!), the first link that popped up referred to a news article titled “The Problem Mosque”. So I decided to translate that article as well. It was published in the same newspaper, the Hildesheim Daily News, on January 14, 2016):

The Problem-Mosque in the North city

Hildesheim – “There is a threatening situation.” When Maren Brandenburger uttered this sentence, you could have heard a pin drop in the fully packed auditorium of the North city Elementary school. Too fresh in the mind were the pictures from the terror attacks in Istanbul and Paris. The president of the Lower Saxony Office for the Protection of the Constitution did not want to upset her listeners any further. But she also didn’t want to sugarcoat anything. Especially not here in the North city, where the Mosque of the german speaking Islamic district in the Martin-Luther-Strasse, which has been under surveillance for quite some time now.

Brandenburger doesn’t say just how many people in Hildesheim belong to the Salafist scene. But German wide she speaks of 520 young men and women. A number which however cannot be equated with potential terrorists: “But the transitions are fluid.” But the propaganda machine of the Islamic State (IS) terror organization is running at full speed: Daily up to 40 videos on the internet, coupled with high gloss brochures which suggest the Utopia of a perfect State, and hate preachers like Pierre Vogel, an agitator who has already been advertising and recruiting for the IS in Hildesheim, with continuous reused motives such as the glorifying of dying as a martyr, or the formation of an Islamic state under the divine order of Sharia law. Such are the founding cornerstones for the participation in global jihad, the holy war.

65 radicalized Salafists from Lower Saxony have in the past traveled to Syria and Iraq, to offer IS their services in the war, says Brandenburger. Among them were 10 people from Hildesheim. Indeed the city of Hildesheim belongs to the Salafist hot spots, next to Braunschweig and Wolfsburg, in Lower Saxony. But that could change fast, as it is contingent on the activities and the publicity of the Imam.

That the Mosque on Martin-Luther-Strasse poses a problem for the whole North city, became painfully obvious repeatedly during the event that was organized and moderated by the SPD-delegate Bernd Lynack. On one instance the Mayor Ekkehard Domning (Green Party) pointed out the extremely well oiled cooperation of the many different religious communities, at which the german speaking islamic community has completely refused to participate. Over and over, he had reached out and made contact with the Mosque: “But nothing is moving. They are completely unable to integrate.”

In order to stop further radicalization, the district wants to rely more heavily on reconnaissance and education, according to Marco Brunotte (SPD). The chairman of the committee for the Protection of the Constitution mentioned a multitude of preventive programs which have been presented to the various departments, and the State government has additionally created ten new positions at the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and 150 new positions in law enforcement.

It is an investment which was well received with the public. Because after the latest terror attacks, alarm and fear has reached a new dimension. Not just among German citizens: “I have to justify myself every day as being a good muslim”, says Nergis Eneyili. The turkish born woman has been for many years working as a School councilor at the North city Elementary school. As a Sunni she feels threatened from two sides: From the radical salafists and from neonazis.

(There is a reader comment below this article from a woman by the name of Rita Rühmes):

“Herr Lynack is not the only politician who has tried and failed, to make contact with the mosque at Martin-Luther-Strasse. The people who belong to that mosque are not unable, no they reject German laws, they do not want to integrate. There is a huge difference between the inability to, and not wanting to integrate. All other mosques in Hildesheim are open to visitors from the public.”


(There are several things going on here. We have, as it appears, a bunch of men attacking two females, spitting on them and beating them in the stomach, then breaking the ribs of one woman’s boyfriend who came to help the women, because their dog was unleashed, while citing some dotty story about a muslim kid having been bitten by an unleashed dog so the women had to be beaten…, leading to the unearthing of another article that was written three months prior about that very same mosque and its unwillingness to integrate and participate in cooperative togetherness with other religious communities, shocking I know, which then made me remember the article and video of a few years ago of a Danish woman who was beaten, and her dog was beaten, for simply walking through an area that apparently was infested by MOSQUEitos, and which shows that the Danish woman was quite obviously completely oblivious as to just how much muslims hate women and dogs.)

Here is the article and video from the Danish incident. It appeared on LiveLeak in 2014. I have not followed up on this story:


I want to add something personal. I figured it was only a matter of time before TDH, tard dog hating, would turn out to be daily news stories, just like the rape of women and children in Germany now have turned out to be. It is slowly starting. I personally have had several experiences with muslims in regards to them hating on dogs and horses, I remember two vividly:

In the year 2000 in Switzerland, I rode my horse and I had my previous Golden Retriever, Joy the 2nd, by my side. Unleashed as there was no leash law. I was riding on Easter Sunday morning, thinking that not too many people should be out and hiking and walking in the morning as that was “church time”. Of course I didn’t expect what happened next. I was riding on a very popular riding trail and the evidence of its popularity was very visible in the form of brown “apples” laying everywhere on the trail. I noticed a muslim couple walking towards me. She was in full Burka bloom, pushing a baby stroller on the rocky, uneven forest trail, and he was walking slightly ahead of her. I remember thinking to myself ‘good grief these people, and pushing a stroller on this trail’… Suddenly, as they came closer, he started shouting at me, something about ‘dreckiger hund’ (filthy dog) and ‘dummes Ross scheisst überall hin’ (stupid horse sh*ts everywhere), to which I yelled back at him, ‘shut up you dirty stinky rag head’, so he picked up a handful of rocks and started throwing them at my horse. I got so mad I made my horse mock charge at him, and he cowered down. The woman never flinched, she didn’t move one inch. Well, I don’t know if she flinched, being that she was wearing that full on burka. But she stood like a statue. I was impressed. Maybe she was happy that a woman stood up to her husband. My golden was barking at him, he walked on, the wife and baby stroller followed, but it seemed to me the distance between him and her had increased.

The second thing that I remember well was a year and a half ago when I walked my Joy the 3rd in Switzerland, another Golden. She was leashed. I was walking along my favorite hiking trail next to a beautiful little natural creek with the clearest water one can imagine. Two muslim kids, you can recognize them by their retarded hair do’s and the clothes they wear, they were maybe 13, 14 years old, were walking on the other side of the creek. They yelled at me, something about ‘dirty filthy bitch’ etc., and threw rocks. I jumped across the creek and tried to catch them, but of course, to no avail. I had no chance. But I tried anyways.

Muslims hate dogs, and they hate how lovingly Europeans and American are taking care of their four legged friends. There will come a time when incidents of dog and dog owner abuse, and disappearances of dogs, will become daily news stories just like all the other new-normal stories now. It’s been going on for a long time in the dark. But soon this, one more aspect of, islamization of Europe, will also be a daily occurrence.

We have a duty to protect our children and our pets. We are all they have, we are the only thing that stands between them and total annihilation. And one thing is for sure: One does not mess with our kids and our dogs.

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  1. Jesus. I feel badly for the people of Europe whose countries have been infected with muslims. Life is hard enough without savages and bearded muppets raging about. I’ll keep you in my prayers; you sound like a fighter.

    • Hello R. Snyder, I fortunately do not live there anymore. But thank you! I think about friends and family every day.

  2. I Remember back when the Soviets were chased from Afghanistan there was a big fight to have the US keep a presence in that region to prevent the fundamentalists from taking control. The leftist controlled media had a field day laughing at the idea of the Cresent once again marching against Europe.

    Welcome to the world the left has build for us.

      • There are a lot of ahadith which say that Muhammad did not like dogs and thought of them as a dirty animals. Sometimes people forget that for Muslims what Muhammad say and did is as important as the rules contained in Quran.

        • Actually if there is a “conflict” between what the Koran says and what mo did they decide that since mo did it it’s ok since he was “the perfect man” mo trumps Koran.

  3. Having had time to think about this the conclusion is what was stated in one of the threads yesterday, the Moslems have shifted Belgium and Germany from the house of war to the house of Islam. This means that we must fight harder, a lot harder to regain control our all of the Western nations. While we are looking after our own nations we must remember that every nation in Europe is a vital part of the West and that we must ensure that all of the West remains free. Just as we fought against the evils of Fascism and Communism to ensure the freedom of the west now we must bad together to ensure the freedom of all Western nations. Yes the primary responsibility for every nation rests with their population, and that population must be patriotic.

    Things are looking bad in Europe right now and will get much worse before they get better, we have to remain steadfast in our goal of ensure survival of freedom, to do this we must ensure that the nations that make up the West are all free.

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