Inability to Speak German and “Severe Detention Sensitivity” Constitute Mitigating Circumstances for Afghan Child Rapist

Translation by Nash Montana from a BILD article at

This case is especially heinous to me. But not surprising, and even less surprising that it receives almost no consideration in German news.

Germany is miles and miles behind the science and knowledge about sex offenders who commit crimes on children, and pedophilia. There isn’t even a unified sex offender data base European wide which would make it easier to catch offenders on the lam, or for employment purposes. As far as I know, in my country of origin, Switzerland, you do not even have to show proof or answer any questions, as to whether you ever were accused or convicted of a crime like that. And as a potential employer of someone, you aren’t able to find out by just going online like in the United States.

I have worked in the field of Child Sexual Abuse, with offenders and victims alike, for many years here in the US. I have a degree in Criminal Psychology. I’ve given expert witness testimonies in state and federal court here in Montana, I’ve examined and have assisted in the administration of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, I’ve been present during “Penile Plethysmography” tests, lie detector tests, and a host of numerous other methods that I’ve either administered myself or have been present and assisted, and none of them are used in Switzerland and Germany on child sexual abusers according to my knowledge.

The worst of all is that in European countries, there is no distinction made between child sexual abuse and adult sexual abuse. Therefore, children who are in their formative years and are much more vulnerable and will forever be imprinted with experiences good and bad, are seen as “little adults” who make up their own minds. In the USA we have what is called “Megan’s Law”, which is actually a bundle of laws, but first and foremost it is known for its classification of sexual predators into levels I through III. It classifies sex offenders according to the level of violence and kind of force they used when they committed the crime of sexual abuse.

Level III offenders are the ones’ that will leave a victim in a ditch dying, they are usually bona fide psychopaths. They will abduct and abuse children or adults and will use whatever force they want to use, including up to sometimes killing the victim. Lock them up and throw away the key, for they are a lost cause. Level II offenders will use some force, moderately, just enough to make their victim comply. Such as “if you say anything, I will kill your mother”, or “if you resist I will cut you”. And Level I offenders are in 90% of the time offenders that will abuse children. Their violence is committed through psychological manipulation and intimidation. Their force is free of actual physical violence, except for the act itself of course which can without a doubt be seen as an act of violence. When a grown man forces a little boy or a little girl, 4 years old, to open his or her mouth so he can stick his erect penis into it, that is indeed a form of force. And it’s taken into consideration when these kinds of sex offenders are tested and assessed in order to be classified according to Megan’s law.

So here you have an Afghani, a muslim, who most likely has done this sort of thing before many many times in his homeland where this is not a crime at all anyway, and only now that he got caught, will it be even told to him for the very first time, that what he did is wrong. Not that he cares. This man will be a repeat offender, and he will do this again as soon as he can, but he’ll get smart. Therefore this lenient punishment of 2 years and 4 months is doubly heinous. We all know, he will do it again. More children will be victimized. And not just by him.

This also illustrates the point I’ve been making for a long time that Germany, Austria, Switzerland are not only faced with an inconceivable increase in sexual abuse and rape, but they’ll not deal with it the way they should. Because they are simply not equipped, and they’ll never ask the USA for help. They are too arrogant to ask. Three years ago, my then 6 year old daughter was harassed by 3 muslim boys, they followed her and her friends home from school, catcalling them and saying stuff like “come here f*** b**ch I want to show you a good time, s*** my d***, the only thing the school had to say to me was “isn’t it nice that they speak english with her”. There is zero sense for how to deal with this anywhere in these so-called civilized advanced progressive countries.

Btw, in the picture posted below from the article, notice the effeminate pose of the offender, as well as his feminine hands. I really wish I could see his face just to confirm the physical profile that I have in my head of him already.

Here’s the article:

Only 2 Years and 4 Months for Afghan Child Abuser

It was an especially heinous crime that was taking place end of March in an asylum home in Boostedt (Schleswig-Holstein). There, Jama B. (22) had a four year old boy follow him to the bathroom. Once inside, doors locked, he pushed his erect penis into the mouth of the child and then ejaculated (outside the mouth).

Shortly thereafter the man was caught, still with his pants down, by the boy’s father. The alarmed security service immediately called police, they arrested the Afghan. A second man, Sohrab S. (29) who guarded the door during the incident, was arrested as well.

During the following court trial Jama B. bragged that he was a famous man in Afghanistan. “I am a superstar, a singer.” That his personality is not the one of a man who is be capable of what he’s accused of. Furthermore he tells that he had a lot of alcohol before the incident, but that he was in control of himself. He did not show any remorse in court.

Thursday the county court delivered judgment: two years and four months incarceration for severe sexual abuse for Jama B., his accused accomplice was free to go.

This is a judgment that has made people speechless. And it prompts a lot of questions. BILD is asking the people responsible:

A man sticks his penis into the mouth of a child. Why is this “only” severe sexual abuse – and not rape?

Chief prosecutor Alex Bieler tells BILD: “A rape is only then punished when it had been committed under the threat of violence, or violence was used. This is not what we are seeing in this case. It is often enough with children when one gives them clear instructions – such as ‘take it in your mouth’. Therefore the offender was persecuted for “only” severe sexual abuse of a child. But on a grander scale it doesn’t really matter, since with a rape the minimum sentence is two years, the highest sentence is 15 years.”

Why such a lenient punishment

Karin Witt, spokesperson for the county court Kiel: “The court couldn’t conclude any other severe reasons such as prior convictions. Mitigating circumstances were concluded due to the defendant’s alcohol consumption and his severe detention sensitivity: He is young, he doesn’t speak german, and he has already been attacked once while in custody. The victim has gotten over the incident well, there are no serious consequences to be expected.”

Why was the accomplice acquitted?

Sohrab B. was acquitted due to lack of evidence. It was not possible to prove that he aided and abetted the severe sexual abuse, says presiding judge Stefan Becker. The chamber therefore gave, due to a of lack of evidence, “the benefit of the doubt for the accused”.

How is the boy today?

Attorney Peter Boysen who represented the family of the child: “It was a single incident that didn’t last very long either, and hopefully it will not harm the child in the long run. Therefore there was no reason for us to complain about the verdict, even if we could maybe have gotten him another half year. I have therefore advised the parents not to file an appeal against the verdict. The boy is doing good today, but he is still in therapeutic treatment of a child- and youth psychiatric clinic. The family is happy to not be living in the asylum home anymore. They now live in their own apartment in Northern Germany.

Will the offender be deported now?

The verdict is not yet final, the chief prosecutor and defense are currently looking at a revision. Only then can the offender’s refugee status be revoked and he can be deported.


Nur 2 Jahre 4 Monate Haft für Täter

6 Replies to “Inability to Speak German and “Severe Detention Sensitivity” Constitute Mitigating Circumstances for Afghan Child Rapist”

  1. Nash,

    You pointed out this Muslimhad Fem traits. Is this a term professionally recognised? I.e. is pedophillia the same feminine takeover and pederasty the masculine control that we witness with the coersive violence used in Socialism and the direct violence used in Islam, respectively?

    And if so, their behavior too brought on by humiliation and impending doom of being the lowest of the low so that power over a child mixed with ‘the sense of life felt from a dying organism to their escaping seed,’ is what they are indulging in?

    If so, can mommies with deviant sons be made aware there is a cure?

      • As far as the police officers, what’s kind of shocking to me is how “american” they seem to appear. Also, almost all black guys in Germany are also muslim. So the black cop is probably a muslim himself. Oh opinions opinions…

    • perfectchild, I can’t give you an answer. My observations are not scientifically acceptable, as you can imagine. It’s just that over and over the past 20 years or so since I’ve been working in the field, I see the femtraits prevalent with child sex offenders. It’s totally not acceptable to say that in public though, LOL

      Can mothers with deviant sons be made aware if there is a cure? I think we will in the near future be able to predetermine criminal traits, as we already sort of are now on a cognitive basis, by looking at certain people or groups of people we “sense” something’s wrong with them, and soon probably on a scientific basis. but do I really wanna go there? I don’t think so. I don’t think I would want a test done on new mother’s babies that says ‘yep your kid’s gonna be a sex offender when he grows up’.

      It’s a scary future. It reminds me of the movie with Tom Cruise whatever the name was with the 3 “pre-cogs”.

      But the feminine traits are so prevalent with muslim men it’s not even funny anymore. Almost every muslim man I’ve ever came in contact with had them, and almost all of them were perv in one way or another, mostly related to children. They are just wrong. Their whole biology, genetics, everything. Just wrong.

      • Thank you Nash for your reply to a fascinating subject in damaged child-development.

        “But the feminine traits are so prevalent with muslim men it’s not even funny anymore. Almost every muslim man I’ve ever came in contact with had them,”

        These boys are scared shitless to think as free men. If they do, they are beaten in their Madrassas. The voices of their souls are replaced by memorization of the no-ball koran.

        A Muslim is like an Italian, weak on their own but brave in a crowd. Stabbing unaware and unarmed people is easy when bolstered by drugs and alcohol while running from Allah’s damnation and resentful of the jinn-assisted kufars’ successes. These feminized gay-buckled Nazis.

        “..and almost all of them were perv in one way or another, mostly related to children”

        Because a male child still has the spirit of man in them, making all Muslims their ugly stepsisters. A mirror therefore to be destroyed.

        “They are just wrong. Their whole biology, genetics, everything. Just wrong.”

        Years of inbreding and generations of cowardly men in the family have led to femboys like the first Muhammad was, (dressing up in Aisha’s clothes), to force women to be even less than themselves in order to have the sex-drive of a dyke over timid and insecure females.

        The psychotic illness within Muslims makes them a complete disfunctional addition to the LBGTQ+ Community.

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