Muslim “refugee” lies down in road, blocking traffic, demanding that he be given a house

This is a story I’ve actually been following for a week now and the only reason I didn’t post it sooner is because I kept waiting for the city of Karben to cave and give the “refugee” family everything they demand, including brand spanking new 3-series BMW and house and furniture, but no new update yet, will keep you posted.
If Europeans treated their children the way these “refugees” treat theirs, deliberately exposing them to jeopardy in order to get what they want, their children would be taken away from them for child neglect, but yes, different standards apply to the new european overlords. They get away with murder. Already have.

On Monday, a refugee family from Iraq blocked a major traffic road in the centre of Karben. In the middle of the traffic the driver lay in front of the cars – he wanted himself, his wife and his children to be run over. In Iraq he had been promised a house – he is now demanding that.

The man lay in front of the first car, and asked the female driver from Kloppenheim to drive on. He also wanted to drag his child down. “The child was really afraid”, says the upset driver. She climbed out, tried to get the man to stand up. Two civil police who happened to be going past were finally able to drag the man away from the road.

According to mayor Guido Rahn (CDU) the family has been in the city since Wednesday. Already on Thursday the four had protested against their accommodation in a city refugee centre through a sitting strike at the entrance to the town council building.

“They insist on getting their own house, because that was what they were promised in Iraq,” says Rahn.


6 Replies to “Muslim “refugee” lies down in road, blocking traffic, demanding that he be given a house”

  1. I’ll demand my foot up his ass.
    Give him a place to stay and help him out but let him work for it like the rest of us.

  2. Not really that far off from Section 8 housing subsidies in the USA. The question is, how much crap can the stupid law abiding, taxpayer SUCKERS take and continue to vote the same politicians in year after year? In the USA, Section 8, EBT cards and Obamaphones means that if you qualify government handouts, you’re not really far off from a middle class existence. Did you know an Illinois LINK card (EBT) allows you to get $193 worth of food per month per person? So when you hear about a person with “hunger” in Illinois, take that with a grain of salt.

  3. WHO promised them A house & car ????
    The refugees were told this through social media along with may other lies to get them to come
    here .

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