Chemnitz: Merkel’s false flag op using ANTIFA faked video

September 2018 saw a very interesting and revealing series of events centring around the German town of Chemnitz.

A German girl was horribly murdered by a muslim migrant and the townsfolk had had enough and began to protest.

In point form, the Merkel government wanted to put a fast stop to that as it looked like it may pick up momentum and spread to the extent that it would interfere with her population replacement program.

A video started circulating that was edited at suspicious points, which claimed that the locals had been “hunting migrants”.

An investigation was launched.

The chief of intelligence for Germany determined that the video was made by ANTIFA, had been deceptively edited and there was no truth at all in the claim, which had been sweeping German news, that Chemnitz residents had been hunting migrants as revenge for the murder of the German girl. One of many who had been raped and murdered in 2018 in Germany by illegal muslim migrants.

Shortly after his presser where he revealed this, he was fired and moved to another more out of the way position within the German bureaucracy.

Below are all the videos I can find that we did on that event more or less in the order that we did them. This was a major event and while it was scrubbed from Youtube, it must not be lost altogether.

August 28, 2018: Interviews with people on the street at the demonstrations for the murdered girl:

August 28, 2018: German government illegally censoring protests in Chemnitz:

September 2, 2018: Fake reporters used to disrupt the Chemnitz protests:

September 5, 2018: Arab in Chemnitz interviewed about his feelings on the events in Chemnitz and the German people:

September 8, 2018: “Nazi” in crowd of protestors was actually a communist activist:

September 19, 2018: This is a TV piece doen subsequent to the firing of German Security Chief, for telling the truth about what happened in Chemnitz.

September 30, 2018: Leftist news report about what happened in Chemnitz:

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3 Replies to “Chemnitz: Merkel’s false flag op using ANTIFA faked video”

  1. These video’s are very valuable evidence of the crimes of Merkel and her Minions. I pray we live to see her in court for her many crimes against humanity and civilization.

  2. These video’s are very valuable evidence of the crimes of Merkel and her Minions. I pray we live to see her in court for her many crimes against humanity and civilization.

    I’ve probably walked around some of the places shown in Chemnitz. When I was there a mere decade ago, the place was lily White and you could have stumbled around at o’ dark thirty with only the police to look out for.

    What’s happening in the EU is a serial, widespread, and multi-party Crime Against Humanity. Full stop.

    The outright malice of this genocide-in-progress is so heinous to where:

    Giving this pack of mass murderers less-than-adequate punishment for their butchery is, in and of itself, A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

    It was sort of that way for the Nazis. *cough* Argentina *cough*

    It WASN’T that way for the Soviet masterminds. *cough* Putin *cough*

    It likely WON’T ever be that way for Beijing’s Mandarins. [vomit]

    And it sure as hell better BE that way for the top clerical, financial, scholastic, and political tiers of Islam. The only acceptable alternative being an existential threat to all of it at once.

  3. But it wasn’t a young girl was it. It was a native German male who was half Brazilian. That’s a pretty bad error to make to be honest. At the time it wasn’t entirely clear how the events unfolded but it was clear he and his 2 friends where set upon and brutally stabbed many times over. He didn’t make it of course.

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