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5 Replies to “Real numbers on Canadian’s view of immigration and George Soros and Trudeau’s secret relationship”

  1. Amazingly, I spoke to the fly who was on the hotel room wall when the real-life Dr. Evil and Dear Leader met. Dear Leader was very nervous. The fly relayed this conversation between the two men:

    “…Please, Justine, sit, sit,” said Dr. Evil.
    “Oh, thank you Dr. Evil, thank you.”
    “Oh, don’t be so formal, Justine. Just call me Uncle George. All my minions call me Uncle George. Everyone is so very uptight these days around we evil globalist billionaires. Actually, let us break the ice, as they say. I have a little joke:

    Were you aware that Muslims first invented the condom in year 768 by using a goat intestine? Christians then expanded on this idea in 1641 by first removing the intestine from the goat.”

    Dear Leader paused with the vacant, retarded stare of a person who doesn’t get a joke, then stammered and slapped his knee anyway. “Uh, duh, uh. that’s a good one, Uncle George!” Dear Leader exclaimed like a brain-damaged imam with an over-sized zabiba for a head. “The Aga Khan tells me the same joke every time I secretly visit his Carribean lair at taxpayer’s expense! And some day, I swear, I’m gonna get that joke!”

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