Evidence of police brutality in France

I wonder how many French police it took to do this to one middle aged woman.

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5 Replies to “Evidence of police brutality in France”

  1. Was it a baton to the head or did she get hit by a flash bang or teargas grenade form one of the grenade launchers? If it was one of them it was probably a Flash Bang that went off when it hit her or just after bouncing.

  2. Macaroni thinks he can quell dissent with brutality, but I don’t think we are yet seeing the full wrath of the people in western countries. It will get much worse as Globalists are emboldened and try to implement Agenda 21 and the Mudrat Suicide Compact.

    • Using the history of revolutions you are right, and the more brutality that is used the harsher the revenge. The French Government needs to start worrying about how to avoid revolutionary courts and summary execution rather then how to stay in power. We may see the modern version of the tumbril carrying people to the guillotine before the end of the year.

  3. Elder abuse, pure and simple. Not being overly-worried about the fate of those less able to defend themselves is the universal sign of a subverted constabulary.

  4. Whoaa , hold your horses . Don’t you know that elderly women have become a major threat to democracy and freedom of expression , not to mention their impact on global warming ?
    I’m switching to the other side of the road now when i see an elderly woman approaching . When they appear in goups of two or three i avoid that part of town entirely . I wonder if Mac Ron realizes what a danger he’s facing everyday…

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