Berlin: 87-Year-Old Lady Maimed In Brutal Robbery In Broad Daylight

After 10 days of investigation, Berlin Police have now released these wanted photos of the suspect in an extraordinarily cruel attack on an 87-year-old lady.

The man is suspected to have mugged an 87-year-old lady in Berlin, and wounded her massively. Photos: Berlin Police.

The original account of the assault is extremely disturbing, please be aware of that, if you wish to read on.

Last Wednesday, around 10.50 AM, in the district of Zehlendorf, Berlin, the 87-year-old pensioner Anneliese L. was on her way home from the ATM machine at the nearby subway station, when an unknown man assaulted her. He knocked her to the ground, so that her head hit the cobblestones, and dragged her along for several meters.

When a woman rushed to help, the attacker escaped with Anneliese L.’s purse on a bike.

The witness called police and ambulance, and was able to describe the attacker. Anneliese L. was taken to hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

A neighbor, who lives across the street, is still in shock, and tells Berliner Zeitung B.Z.:

“I was just about to walk the dog, when I saw the lady across the sidewalk. She did not have a face anymore. Everything was hanging down. All was full of blood. The police officers cried. I have never seen anything as brutal as this in my life.”

According to a police spokesman, Anneliese L. is not in critical condition, but her face is so badly disfigured that police initially, mistakenly, thought that the attacker had stabbed her in the face with a knife. The responding officers received pastoral counseling.

Thanks to the witness, police are now able to release wanted photos from the surveillance camera of the nearby subway, showing the suspect and his bike. Police are also looking for other subway passengers as possible witnesses.

The scene of the attack. Photo: Timo Beurich

7 Replies to “Berlin: 87-Year-Old Lady Maimed In Brutal Robbery In Broad Daylight”

  1. In today’s Germany, it’s quite possible that the vicious assailant in this case will receive a peace prize of some sort — bestowed upon him by the MERKLE crowd — for having done his part in showing whites and Westerners that they are despised and expendable in the war Islam wages against decent, law-abiding citizens of ALL nations.

  2. He is trying to save the planet by riding a bike so he has that going for him. What’s more important, old ladies or the planet?

    • In Germany, they just found that the abrasion of bike tyres on city roads actually causes more fine particle pollution than cars cause.

      • So far I haven’t heard of one leftist solution to pollution that didn’t create more pollution. Using science we (the US) have cleaned up most of our pollution. Yes I said most, I remember when you didn’t eat any fish caught from any river, hell I remember when two rivers caught fire. We still have problems but nothing like what we had in the 60s and early 70s. Not that the left will ever admit this fact.

        • So far I haven’t heard of one leftist solution to pollution that didn’t create more pollution.

          It’s called The Law of Unintended Consequences™ and Postmodern Liberals have a full-Nelson grip on any and all newcomers stupid enough to enter the ring without carrying a Colt 1911.

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