ANTIFA had one of their squats burned down in Greece

From what looks like an ANTIFA site, Enough is Enough

Fascists Burned Down Libertatia Squat in #Thessaloniki


After a group of fascists had splitt off from a mass rally of nationalists and fascists, they attacked the squatted Libertatia social center in Thessaloniki, Greece.


After a group of fascists had splitt off from a mass rally of nationalists and fascists, they attacked the squatted Libertatia social center in Thessaloniki, Greece.

According to the cops around 100.000 people attended at the nationalist demo in Thessaloniki today, including many fascists. After the demo started under the statue of Alexander the Great, a large group of fascists attacked the social center “The School”. The cops didn’t stop the fascists during their attack against the social center School (video below). Anarchists repelled the fascist attack and the fascists had to retreat.

(The article continues with near pure-value judgement and hyperbole for some paragraphs. Greece does have a lot of violent national socialists however. It appears to be much like the Lilliputian street wars in pre-war Germany between the National Socialist NAZIs and the international-socialist, communists in Greece, where both groups agree on one thing. The big enemy is the classical liberal.)



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11 Replies to “ANTIFA had one of their squats burned down in Greece”

  1. As it written at the top of each post: “Objects in history may be closer than they appear”.
    Europe is heading straight towards a WW III. This time, we should stay out of it and let them learn their own damn lessons.

    • We tried that, don’t forget that it was Germany that declared war on us, we declared war on Japan and Hitler declared war on us. If he had kept his mouth shut internal politics would have forced us to concentrate all of our forces against Japan. This is what will happen this time, the US is the current home of free enterprise and free thought, no matter what we do they will attack us. Given what is currently happening in Canada it wouldn’t surprise me if in the fairly near future if some Islamist or Communist group makes some cross border raids into the US. If they do this often enough we will be forced to go into Canada.

      Farfetched? Not really, both the Jihadists and the left have done things like this before.

      Remember International Socialism is truly International, all of the various Western Socialism/Communist are tied together and will support each other. They won’t leave us alone, they hate us too much to leave us alone and I doubt if they have brains enough to concentrate on Europe until they control all of Europe before they start on North America.

  2. If the fascist are the ONLY ones who will take positive and punitive action against the left then it simply proves what cowards exist in western societies where the rest of us who disagree with the coming tsunami of muslims and leftist lunacy, do NOTHING. Organized, open public disobedience(rather like praying in main streets and blocking traffic) is mandatory and If the occasional muslim ghetto catches fire then too bad. However the average couch potato and his reality TV trash will not even be aware of the coming danger and even less inclined to risk being uncomfortable.

    • It takes time to build a rebellion, once the rebellion by the non fascist starts it will continue until it cleans out all of the rats. I know it is hard to wait for this to start but it is coming, look at what is starting in Germany those aren’t fascists they are ordinary people who are worried about their home town. This is where the real lasting rebellion will start, not with fascists.

    • patriots, conservatives and nationalists is what the cuckolded “clasical liberals” from “rightwing” sites call “fascists”

  3. They call them fascists.
    They call the greek nationalists who wish to preserve Greece as a greek nation facists.
    Greece and it´s native population is a tiny minority in this world, arabmuslims, asians and africans are not minorities but this is the people the antifa in greece support.
    Antifa wish to erace Greece and turn it into a shithole, yes, i said shithole.

  4. the “classical liberal” is the one who BURNED CHURCHES, THREW THE BONES OF THE KINGS TO THE GUTTER, AND BEHEADED PEOPLE. Fight fire with fire.

  5. I wonder if they are truly fascists or whether that is the name given to them by the Left. Before we criticize these Greek “fascists” I would like some proof that they are such and quite honestly, even if they were, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and letting such subtle discrimination to occur in the coming war is one certain way to lose it. Ethics and high ground morality are only useful in peace and we are NOT at peace. Do remember that in WWII the west was allied to the USSR and in WWI to Japan.

    • At least we can be “co-belligerents”.

      Remembering that the enemy of my enemy may also be my enemy. Israel and the Gulf Arabs may confront the threat of Iran together, but the tards will always bellow nonsense about Kaibar and no treaty with an infidel is worth spit.

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