Berlin: Afghan Refugee Tries To Drown Girl In 2°C River

An original translation from B.Z. (Berliner Zeitung):

Berlin-Spandau: 19-year-old wanted to drown girl (17) in the Havel
Dec. 19., 2017
The young man pushed the 17-year-old into the river and repeatedly tried to press her under water

A relationship argument between a young woman (17) and her boyfriend (19) – according to B.Z. investigations an Afghan asylum seeker  – ended in the only two degree [Celsius; 35.6°F] cold water of the Havel at the Spandauer Burgwall! With dramatic consequences for the man: he submerged, and was rescued by firefighters. He had to be reanimated. He was taken to hospital to the intensive care unit for further treatment.

Girl saved herself to the riverside
The girl was able to save herself to the riverside and climb up a ladder at the walls. She was taken to hospital with hypothermia. As the German girl tells the police and the rescue teams, her boyfriend angrily pushed her into the water after an argument. He then jumped in, too, and tried to push her under water to drown her.

The police confirm this course of events in their press release of Tuesday afternoon. The fourth homicide commission began investigations. „The man is the suspect. He had to be resuscitated“, says a police speaker.

Rescuers in fear
B.Z. spoke to the gas station attendant at the ship-gas-station at Spandauer Burgwall: „I saw how the soaking wet, frightened girl was taken into the ambulance.“ About a minute later, a commotion broke out among the rescuers. They ran back to the water and searched for the woman’s boyfriend. „A tug was just about to land for tanking at my station, we were barely able to redirect it.“ Then, a boat of the water police arrived, and pulled the man from the water.

The 17-year-old was able to save herself to the riverside and climb up the walls. Photo: Timo Beurich

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  1. They saved the thing that tried to murder the girl and some liberal Judge will let him off because he doesn’t know any better then to try and murder his girl friend. I can think of a lot of things to do to him but turning him loose isn’t one of them.

    • Felix, we do not have the full story… She might have been the perp. He might have said he got a job and was moving away. His Independence from her Merkel-love and pity-superiority may have pushed her over the edge. If so, he had no right leaving the plantation without her say so. Victims don’t recover in The West. Ever.

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