Germany: Syrians Get Into “Religious” Argument in Integration Class, Stab Each Other

An original translation from Neue Rhein/Ruhr Zeitung:

Argument in the Integration Class: Man Wounded With Knife
Rita Meesters
Dec. 19., 2017

WESEL. Syrian woman comes into conflict with two men in an integration class, her boyfriend afterwards gets critically injured. Homicide Department is investigating.

As a consequence of an argument among the participants of an integration class, on Monday evening around 5PM, a 23-year-old was critically wounded by a knife stab into the stomach. The two suspects, a 36-year-old Syrian and a 41-year-old man from Lebanon, were arrested in the early morning hours of Tuesday in their apartments in Wesel by a special force. One of the men resisted arrest and was injured during the arrest. He is being treated in hospital, the police announces.

Apparently, it was about religious matters
An argument in the integration class in the community college Ritterstraße. A vocal argument broke out between the two 36 and 41-year-old men, and a further participant of the class. According to NRZ information, it was apparently about religious backgrounds, the women apparently was not wearing a headscarf anymore. There had been a conflict lingering between the involved parties for a while. The head of the class and the chief of the communal college, Andreas Brinkmann, tried to pease, and calm down the heated situation.

But the argument continued in front of the communal college building. First, a man who is an acquaintance of the Syrian woman, was lightly injured in the head by a knife. Over the continuing course of the conflict, the 23-year-old, who is allegedly the boyfriend of the woman, suffered a stab in the stomach and was gravely injured. Police established a homicide team. The two suspects were arrested with the support of a special force in their apartments in Wesel.

Exact circumstances still not clarified
Police are still investigating the backgrounds of the deed, Ramon van der Maat of the Duisburg Police announces. It were still unclear who wounded the victim with the knife.

Community college chief Andreas Brinkmann and his team are shocked by the deed: “We never had anything like that before”. The German language classes at the community college existed for twelve years, currently, there are about 500 participants of different nationalities and religions taught in 30 classes – in the classes it were, apart from smaller arguments, quiet and peaceful, says Brinkmann.

8 Replies to “Germany: Syrians Get Into “Religious” Argument in Integration Class, Stab Each Other”

  1. That integration class is doing a great job (sarc off), shows that you can’t force integration anymore then you can force a criminal to rehabilitate or a drug addict to stop taking drugs. It is a shame the libs will never learn these facts.

  2. “Community college chief Andreas Brinkmann and his team are shocked by the deed: “We never had anything like that before”.”

    Well, get used to it, Andreas. This kind of behaviour is absolutely standard, day to day, culturally and socially accepted across the Islamic world, irrespective of which nation.

    Which ought to tell you something about what it is, that links all those hundreds of millions together, to make behaviour like this, completely normal and acceptable to all of them…..

    Time to toughen up, Andreas. This is what you and your country wanted, right? Its just cultural enrichment, diversity is wonderful, remember? And after all, all culture’s are supposedly equal, correct?

    You made your bed Germany, now you can lie in it.

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