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  1. I wonder if just one of those leftists will have an epiphany as a result of this experience and see that the reason countries have borders and immigration policies is to keep people from somewhere else coming and taking away your stuff and turning your country into a crime-filled garbage dump? But then, even talking about borders and immigration and immigrant crime-rates immediately qualifies you as being a Fascist Scumbag, doesn’t it, so that lone lefty would have to have the courage to face being sent to Coventry by all his friends in one instant, and to know that he will be hated by them ’till the day he dies for the crime showing a modicum of common sense. It would take guts. It’s a lot to lose…

    • @Chris Jones:

      There were actually quite a few interesting posts in the comments under the original video, I translate just two typical ones with a heavy touch of Schadenfreude:

      Die einzigen, die noch blöd “refugees welcome” rumposaunen und sich für ach so tollerant halten, sind diejenigen, die nicht betroffen sind. Nicht Betroffenheift macht Toleranz sehr einfach.
      – ein ehemaliger freiwilliger Helfer?

      Translation: “The only ones who still shout around so stupidly “refugees welcome” and consider themselves oh so tolerant, are the ones who are not affected. Not being affected makes tolerance very easy.
      An ex voluntary helper.

      And this one cracked me up: 🙂

      hans berg
      Das verstehe ich jetzt nicht,sind die Linken auch Nazis.?
      Translation: I dont get it, are the Lefties now also Nazis?

      Perhaps the tide of this effluent is slowly turning ???

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