Knife attack on police officer in Hannover

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German language Website

Offender (15) is ISIS follower

The bloody knife attack on a police officer in Hannover was a terror attack of a young 15 year old ISIS follower. Because she couldn’t fight in Syria with ISIS, she wanted to kill a cop. It was a malevolent attack.

On friday two federal police officers wanted to control a student with a hijab at the main train station. A speaker for the police told BILD: “Her eyes followed the police with a glaring stare. You can see that on the surveillance video. That was why our colleagues decided to control her.”

When the student was spoken to, she first silently handed over her ID to the cops.

Speaker: “When the officer then turned slightly to his side, to control her ID, she stabbed the officer with a knife in her right hand, with lightning speed. The officer had no chance to defend himself, he was specifically targeted. And now we know: an islamist attack on our police.”

The other police officer was able to thwart the attempted flight of the offender and he subdued her.

His colleague underwent emergency surgery. The six centimeters long knife penetrated his neck deeply. The speaker: “It is a miracle he survived.”

The officers immediately noted: “The offender seemed ice cold, her only worry was that her hijab was slightly askew, she immediately wanted to set her hijab straight after the arrest. Whether the officer survived, she didn’t care.”

Apparently the district attorney’s office has been investigating against the 15 year old since November 2015 for preparation of a state endangering crime. The in Germany radicalized student with moroccan roots wanted to travel to Syria and join ISIS.

She apparently spent time already in the turkish-syrian borderland. Reportedly her mother just recently brought the 15 year old back to Germany. The district attorney confirmed to BILD: “We had established an investigative team, and are now assuming an islamist base.

[Below, an early German news report on this attack which carefully avoids telling any actual information]

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4 Replies to “Knife attack on police officer in Hannover”

  1. How’s this for irony? We live in a world dominated by an insatiable media alway hungry for news, but when we actually find ourselves under attack by a real-life ultra-lurid secret mind-control night-of-the-living-dead murder cult, they are inexplicably uninterested in pursuing the story. What part of ordinary people being turned into vicious killer-psychopath-zombies do they find boring? I can’t think of anything more “interesting” than knowing that the person sitting next to me on the bus could suddenly go nuts and start killing people. I, personally, unlike the mainstream media apparently, do not want to be murdered by a hate-filled religious fanatic. So, I suppose that makes me into an extreme right-wing racist, doesn’t it…

  2. This is a lesson for all police everywhere, always be alert and on guard. No matter how young or cute someone is they are dangerous. During WWII the most decorated US soldiers was Audi Murphy a short baby faced hero.

  3. I was talking to a British Rhine Army major last night about things German at the mo..we were swapping stories of the big brave German police harrassing people for crossing the road not at a designated crossing point and beating the sh”t out of young drunk squaddies(servicemen) for no apparent reason….the same police that are cowering in fear as their sisters,daughters and god forbid mothers are being gang raped..hahaha tough guys eh..f”£k them all and feel genuine pity for German womanhood

    • When East and West Germany reunited my late father said that 20 years from then we would have to kick the shit out of them again. Right now it is looking like we are going to have to liberate them instead.

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