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9 Replies to “Tommy Robinson, Paul Weston and Anne Marie Waters in Copenhagen for PEGIDA Dk. Jan. 23 2016”

  1. can you see tommy robinson standing before you .. ?? clean shaven, young,
    handsome, well versed, supremely well spoken & roaring like a lion. this man is
    to be treasured & looked after. only once a century is a man like
    this forged to carve destiny .. we love you tommy, no surrender.

    • Tommy is a real hero, I am in awe at his courage and I am also ashamed at my country treating him like that, setting him up to be killed fitting him up for crimes he never committed, the UK government is sick, if our democracy was really working there would be a Crown Enquiry on his treatment and we would have people calling for this enquiry in Parliament, that is no longer the mother of all Parliaments, it is a pale shadow of what once was.

  2. Nearly 2 years ago, Eeyore wrote this:

    “Don’t be discouraged. While things look worse and worse from many angles, a lot of conflicts we have won did not even begin till things had reached a more dire point than we are at now. I know it is hard to realize it. A leader will come who will legalize resistance to tyranny from socialists as well as Islam and the pushback will be fast and effective. Support any voices you hear that are ready to speak out about it.”

    Looking at/listening to these two discurses, I see some light at the end of the tunnel which may not be the headlights of an oncoming train ! And Geert Wilders seems less alone.

    • Eeyore is right, during the beginning of WWII there was such and imbalance in the military assets available to the allies that many people thought the only rational thing we could do was negotiate a peace until we could build a strong military. Now the few schools that teach history make it seem that there was never any way the west could have lost the war.

      Our two best weapons in that war were Hitlers arrogance and the Japanese lack of mineral resources at home. Hitler made many mistakes during the war and with most of them if he has decided differently on one or two he would have won the war. The Japanese lack of resources let the unrestrained submarine warfare starve them of the supplies then needed to continue the fight. This was one of the reasons they never went on the offensive after the battle of Midway. Of course it took several years for most people to accept the idea that the Japanese were loosing the war.

  3. Mr Paul Weston is Churchillian. can you not see the depth of his feeling ??
    i surfed across a small video of Mr Weston when he was speaking in canada
    in 2009 or so .. this was after charlene downes was groomed, pimped, murdered,
    ground up & fed to we infidels . the muslims were awarded half a million pounds for the police blundering the case. Harper was PM & Mr Weston spoke bluntly about his doubts about the survival of the UK & the doubts about his own survival.
    years ago it seemed. it was the bravest thing i’ve seen ..
    along with Vlad, & his Kommando squads we have serious hard core backbone ..

  4. “…Mr Paul Weston is Churchillian…”

    from memory: Paul Weston was even arrested for “hate speech” because the morons who hold the power to arrest did not realise that the was quoting Churchill.

    And also Kudos to Tanja !!!

    • I remember that.

      But bear in mind, to a hard Third World leftist of the Barack Obama type, quoting Winston Churchill is about the equivalent of quoting David Duke, rather than the hero of the twentieth century. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that some people see world history in an entirely different way than we’ve been brought up to do, with Nazi Germany and the West being basically in one group, and the brave democratic forces of the People’s true socialist democracy in the other.

      After the Russians won World War II, the world divided into two groups, with the Socialist Democracies in one camp, and the fascistic right wing and hedgemonious so-called “democratic” oligarchies on the other. And there is no doubt in their minds that the only reason the Ronald Reagans and the Margaret Thatchers don’t build concentration camps and start invading defenseless countries and shouting “Heil Hitler!” is because the good leftists of the world prevent them from revealing their true selves. To them a standard political cartoon image of a racist born again Christian Texan firing off his matched six-shooters is the very pinnacle of evil. There is nothing they can imagine that could be worse than that, including the Islamic State or the Nazis or anybody else. And that’s final. And that’s what we’re dealing with. They truly believe that the Islamic invasion as the lesser of two evils as well as the solution to the real problem, which is the existence of ignorant rich racist right wing white conservative haters…

      That’ show they see it… That’s where we are… They actually think they are the good guys in all this…

      • Everything you said is true, they really believe that and it will be a long time before their view is shown to be the nasty revision of history. What is scary is that they have gained enough power to see that the truth isn’t taught in the western schools.

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