News ignores attack on Calais locals by invaders and UK leftists. Locals threaten use of arms

I’m not 100% certain what is taking place here, but it appears to be a family in Calais defending their home from a throng of invaders and pro-invader people with firearms.

I just got this explanation from George Igler on this clip:

Calais: Local brandished gun at demonstration threatening and attacking his home and family, led by English Leftists and migrants.

“A “pro-migrant” demo largely led by British Leftists, went nuts in Calais yesterday. It was all over the news. They broke into the port, and stormed a ferry, so the whole lot had to be shut down.

This was never reported though. Note, police, nowhere. France is supossedly under a permanent “state of emergency” remember.”

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  1. I had not seen that clip until just now, that family looks like they are under a significant threat of attack, but the storming of the ferry and the docks was reported.

  2. I hate to bother you with this question but I’m hitting a research wall. Several months ago I came across an article in (I believe) the Irish Times reporting on who was profiting from the migration crisis in Ireland. The article told two stories about Irish businesses that were making money from the migration crisis: one was an Irish business man who ran a catering business and the other man ran a janitorial business. Both had contracts with the Irish Govt to assist with the mass migration that was taking place. The caterer provided meals to the migrants and was paid by the Irish govt and the other man was contracted by the Irish govt to clean up the refugee centers between ….;.. well shipments of refugees. The caterer lives not in Ireland but on an island in the Caribean and the janitor lives in a posh section of the country untouched by the presence of migrants. I have been looking for this story for some time now and I can’t find it anywhere. By any chance do you remember it?

    • Hi Steve! Welcome from this YankeeKafir.

      I remember reading about who’s getting rich on the migrant slipstream, but not the specifics you mention.

      For sure it’s a bonanza for government contractors of goods and services, bribes to the bureaucrats to get those contracts, blackmarket pros who’ll mediate transactions in the migrant swarm itself.

      It’s especially profitable for those recent immigrants who’ve more or less established themselves in the destination country already. They’ll be tasked with “integrating” the aliens – they’ll do anything but in order to cultivate dependency – bilingual teachers, immigration attorneys, social workers without credentials.

      Property owners – they’re subdividing apartments for four people into tenements for 24. Since those places will be subsidized, they’re making out like bandits.

      Mattresses, teapots, delousing facilities [Eeyore mentioned that one], school-uniforms that are hijab-compliant, shrinks and imams.

  3. I’d love to hear one of those British “leftists” sit down and calmly explain his rationale for so desperately wanting to bring an unlimited stream of furious Muslim men into his own country. Really… Why do they want to see that happen so terribly badly? What could possibly be in it for anybody if that happens, unless it’s entirely about the sheer fun of seeing a rich, cigar-smoking Tory pop out his monocle? It’s pure insanity, plain and simple, unless their motivation is simply to see their own country destroyed. Do they want the nightly news for the next hundred years to be nothing but car-bombings, riots, assassinations, hostage takings, beheadings and Synagogue burnings? We’re almost there now and we’ve only just started the journey.

    Imagine what it’s going to be like when the Muslim diaspora per capita numbers start getting into the twenties and Muslims have become a majority in many neighbourhoods and entire cities. They’ll have to lengthen the nightly news to two hours just to fit all the mayhem in from France and Germany and Italy and the UK and Canada and Australia and the Netherlands and Greece and Israel and Austria and Sweden and Denmark and Serbia and the Philippines and Syria and Lebanon and Belgium and the United States and Finland and Russia and Indonesia…

    • Maybe you remember decades back, the beginning of the counter-culture movement when the left marched through the streets carrying signs “Down with Western Civilization”? Well, this is it. My Mother would call them “spoilers”, who get joy out of spoiling the lives of other people. Why do vandals do it? That’s why the left is doing it. Although they probably have some notion that things will be better for them and they will establish what they want, but they don’t have much of a plan. They are stupid people who never think things through.

    • A couple of things to note, if you read the plan that was found in a Muslim Brotherhood apartment in Switzerland you will find that one of their goals was to infiltrate unions and other political entities with who they push the Muslim viewpoint, speaking purely from an observational point of view with this has been achieved.

      They are in an alliance to destroy the current western national states for their own means, and Marxists loons seem to think that these Muslim Brotherhood guys are just like them.

      A lot of people scoffed at that document, I did not…

  4. Given what was in the video it won’t be long before the firearms are used for more then intimidation. The Moslem conquest is on schedule and the counter revolution is playing catch-up. I hope the various resistance groups have some type of military organization or they will have a very hard time while they are developing one.

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