2014 article about the German politician who was stabbed recently by a German citizen

This article is an original translation by Nash Montana from German news on Jan. 23 2014 on policies about how to house UMIs that were invading Germany even then.

Gates of Vienna has a more detailed explanation of who she is and how it all ties together.

Thank you Nash for this:

Department Promises Bathhouses

The mayoral deputy for social affairs uttered words about the refugee situation. Thus there is talk of individual apartments with kitchen and bath. But where these accommodations should be located, remains a mystery.

Mayoral Deputy for Social Affairs Henriette Reker announced Thursday, that the expected ten Container locations for about 700 refugees were being built according to guidelines for refugee accommodations. Therefore these containers will be individual apartments with kitchen and bath. Per location it is estimated that about 70 to 80 refugees will be housed.

The cost for rent and structural preparations will lie at multiple 100,000 Euros. But where the location will be for these containers, is something the city will not announce at this time. “I cannot exclude that in order to house the refugees we will confiscate property and buildings”, says Reker.

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The NRW interior department (North Rhine Westphalia interior department, short NRW), is stating they’d welcome it if Köln was building the reception center for 500 to 700 refugees. […] Leasing and maintenance costs would be carried by the state. “We have to figure out if this is profitable”, says Reker. Also […] that the center wouldn’t abide to guidelines, she deliberated. The city projected that roughly 2000 more refugees would have to be housed in Köln in the next two years. “We were very conservative in our estimation, but nobody has a magic crystal ball and tell what is really going to happen”, says Reker.

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