Media censorship of gang-raping of children now endemic in Britain


Eleven Muslim men to go on trial in Liverpool on Feb. 6th, for the organised gang-raping of little girls


A few days ago my colleague Eeyore touched upon the now notorious “British National Union of Journalists guidelines on race reporting”.

Today brings another example of what these astonishing set of instructions, in a supposedly “free” country, mean in practise: the deliberate and intentional concealment of reality. The purposeful avoidance of reporting unpalatable truths.

The truth in this case being the terrifyingly enormous scale of organised gang rape in Britain. The victims being non-muslim children, the perpetrators being almost exclusively Muslim men.

This will of course come as no surprise to readers of given that we’ve reported the extent to which this is an entirely global phenomenon wherever Muslim men first, exist in large enough numbers to feel bold enough to comply with Quran 4:24 (and the hadith in Sahih Muslim 2:3371-3374, and the Sunan of Abu Dawud 2:215), and second, are in close enough proximity to defenceless non-muslim females. Denmark, Pakistan, Australia, Egypt, Britain… the story is the same and has been for fourteen hundred years.

What is galling of course is the extent to which the national non-muslim media in non-muslim countries like Britain cheerily go along with this practise. Underplaying its scale, or intentionally obfuscating its origin. No reader of a local or national newspaper, or television channel in Britain, will have had any idea whatsoever that yet another Islamic child-rape gang is to be tried on the 6th of February of this year at Liverpool Crown Court. Of course not, they are not supposed to know.

The 11 men: Abdul Aziz, Abdul Qayyum, Abdul Rauf, Adil Khan, Hamid Safi, Kabeer Hasan, Liaqat Hussain Shah, Mohammad Amin, Mohammad Sajid, Qamar Shahzad, and Shabir Ahmed were committed to stand trial at proceedings on the 3rd of January, the day before yesterday. You’ll not find a single reference to their crimes or their upcoming trial anywhere in the British media. Anywhere.

h/t Thank you to the contact at the Crown Prosecution Service who passed the trial calendar and further information to me.

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  1. And yet we’ve had nothing these last few days but front page spreads in every paper about the racist killing of Stephen Lawrence. Of course that incident is appalling, and the reasons for that young lad’s family living in such terrible, unimaginable circumstances for so long ought to be investigated fearlessly and openly.


    Are incidents such as the one you mention above not worthy of being reported? If not, why not? If a gang of white “youths” were accused of a similar crime, wouldn’t it be reported? A quick flick through the last few days’ papers, and we have our answer.

    As Tommy Robinson said the other day on Canadian (making my point!) TV, there is a two tier system in operation within the managed media in the so-called United Kingdom.

  2. Dit soort gasten moeten 125 jaar krijgen voor kleine kinderen te verkrachten in goeps verband.
    Dit is volgens mij ook een opdracht die zij moeten doen tegenover niet moslims.
    Zouden ze zo denken zoals als wij je niet kunnen krijgen dan doen wij het zo wel.

  3. my transelalion : and more.
    This kind of scum suld get 125 jears eatch for abusing a small child that Jong.
    This is like going back to the 1st century everything is okey, so way not now ass well !
    Is this not a must from ther own fallowers who tels them to do this.{akording the moslim law} in my book they are the SKUM OF THE WORLD .
    And if we non muslim men follow ther belives they wil be praised, but if one leaves, they wil be killed by ther low as well. So whit man watch your ass .

  4. Ad when did Islam become a race?
    This is political correctness gone insane.
    The Islamo-fascist regime is in control of the propaganda machine of the UK…say nothing negative about the religion of peace or you die, Infidels!

  5. I have written on Faith Freedom about an earlier trial of Muslim men in the UK for pimping young, at-risk white girls and particularly about Jack Straw’s remarks about these animals perceiving white girls to be easy meat.

    I want to write a follow up article on Faith Freedom about this, and wonder whether Vlad Tepes and Leicester Tiger would give Ali Sina permission to cross post this at Faith Freedom preparatory to that?

    If either is looking in could you contact me at

  6. why is this a surprise, in Canada, very little media coverage about the honor killing of 4 women, and guess what, most people, the majority of people in Canada, do NOT know about this honor killing,
    Take a survey…… CBC and the lefttard mentalities control the media in Canada, and so whenever people get a few minutes to look at a newspaper headline, or watch or listen for a few, they hear NOTHING about these crimes that are the only tip of the icebergs that will and are destroying our democracies…..

  7. The English press now, is just like the Nazi press in WW2 in Germany. The Nazis never reported all the Jews they killed nor showed any pictures of the death camps. Millions of Germans really didn’t know their government murdered more than 6 million people.
    The BBC is no different from the Nazis. They refuse to report the mass rape of young girls. And it is a crime to walk around in England with a sign the says the founder of islam was a pedophile. In his own words, the founder of islam told of how he married a 6 y/o girl then had sex with her at 9 years. It is a crime to walk around in England with a factual sign. If I was in England and wrote these words, I would be taken to jail.
    Stick a fork in England. They’re done.

  8. Looks like you Brits are going to need a revolution yourselves. This kind of trash has started here in the states. Cheers!

  9. I would like some stickers about 4×4 ins, with a short paragraph re. these details on them, and a link to further info., e.g. this site, on them.

    I would stick them in e.g. bus and train stations, or wherever I had permission to stick them.
    I think ppl may well be very interested in this info., if only they could get it. I am!

  10. I read the Qur’an and I read the Hadith,

    And the sickness of Mohammed was apparent to me.

    He justified perversion in the name of Allah,

    When he married a girl too young for a bra.

    She was playing with dolls when the “Prophet” came.

    Her childhood was stolen in Allah’s name.

    Aisha was nine when he took her to bed.

    Don’t tell me that fool’s not sick in the head.

    I ain’’t gonna follow no child molester, sex offender, Prophet pretender.

    I ain’’t gonna follow no child molester! Islam’s not for me!

    Islam’s not for me!

    The sickness of the Islamic mind,

    Has caused some mullas to be blind.

    To justify their “Prophet” they will justify sin,

    So the sins of the “Prophet” are repeated again.

    All over the world in Islamic states,

    Nine year old girls suffer cruel fates,

    Sold into marriage to twisted men,

    And Aisha’s sad story is repeated again.

  11. Suffer Little Children

    The oft-misinterpreted phrase from Matthew 19:14 in the King James version of the Bible, “Suffer little children,” has taken on meanings in the world today far beyond excluding kids from hearing Christ’s words.

    The precise quotation, “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven,” has been adapted to everything from a short story by Stephen King to pop songs with entirely different connotations which are far more bothersome.

    Kids are probably suffering more in 2011 than ever before for various reasons.

    In addition to abortion statistics and the act of abortion itself which involves the ultimate suffering, death in the womb for babies before they get the opportunity to grow into children, there is other appalling evidence that fewer people really care about kids.

    The disturbing values of some Muslim immigrants have compounded the already-distubed prevailing culture of devaluing human life in America and throughout the so-called civilized world. Both have contributed exponentially to childhood suffering.

    Two stories out of England, one relating to atrocities in Liverpool, the other to one in Harlem, graphically illustrate the problem.

    The Liverpool matter actually involves a combination of atrocious events–vicious and “endemic” gang rapes by Muslim men of young non-Muslim girls and a concerted effort by journalists to cover them up in the interests of discouraging “racists” and “fascists” and promoting “the development of social harmony and well-being.” (

    As Brits would say, What poppycock!

    On January 3rd, eleven Muslim men–Abdul Aziz, Abdul Qayyum, Abdul Rauf, Adil Khan, Hamid Safi, Kabeer Hasan, Liaqat Hussain Shah, Mohammad Amin, Mohammad Sajid, Qamar Shahzad, and Shabir Ahmed–went on trial in Liverpool for the organized gang rapes.

    According to an authoritative source and in accordance with the guidelines of Britain’s National Union of Journalists, NUJ, “You’ll not find a single reference to their crimes or their upcoming trial anywhere in the British media. Anywhere.”

    The Koran condones Muslim men engaging in sexual intercourse with chattel, that is, with captive women and slave girls. With all the rights and privileges that have been accorded Muslims throughout Europe, they apparently feel nubile infidels are fair game, tantamount to captive slaves.

    Almost worse, the British media obviously concurs since they won’t report to the public on the trial of the rapists. They apparently feel publicity would exacerbate native Britons’ justified fury over Muslim interlopers destroying their country, and their children.

    Maybe when the daughter of a NUJ member is gangraped, NUJ rules will change. And maybe not.

    Meanwhile, as young Liverpudlian girls and their European sisters in pain suffer at the hands of Muslims so, too, do Harlem youngsters suffer–with the qualification that the latter don’t seem to mind their suffering. . .
    (

  12. Raping of young girls is world wide, My granddaughter at the age of 11 was drugged, raped and died of a massif heart attack in her school playground in 1995. And this has not long been brought to my attention from my long lost Daughter in Australia.
    Our government don’t give a damn either, try writing to the Prime Ministers of both countries and you will be totally ignored. One other granddaughter I have was also raped but she survived though her life is ruined by this awful event. Those responsible were my granddaughters Paedophile step-fathers who are out there free somewhere.

  13. Hi,

    Could someone possibly explain in more detail actually what is written in the mentioned texts of the Quran 4:24 (and the hadith in Sahih Muslim 2:3371-3374, and the Sunan of Abu Dawud 2:215).

    A friend of mine has stated this on my facebook wall, folowing my sharing of this blog saying: “All court cases are public record so it should be easy to get the details. If these guys gang-raped anyone then they are scum and should be punished to the full extent of the law. But let us be clear, they are not rapists because they are muslim. There will be just as many muslims horrified by this crime as non-muslims. The thing I have a problem with is attaching the race or religion to the crime and reporting that the Qur’an encourages this kind of thing. That is hate-mongering, similar to what occurred in Germany in the 1930s against the Jews. There are good and bad people in every race, religion and skin color.”

    I just need to be correct in what the blogger has stated in this blog that “wherever Muslim men first, exist in large enough numbers to feel bold enough to comply with Quran 4:24 (and the hadith in Sahih Muslim 2:3371-3374, and the Sunan of Abu Dawud 2:215)…”

    Finally, can the general public go to this upcoming trial in February at Liverpool Crown Court.

    Many thanks.


  14. @ David. Islam is an ideology not a race like the Jewish people. If you care about Jews, should we condone the Muslim prophet ethnically cleansing Arabia of Jews and teaching his followers to hate Jews or respect it? Second we’re not talking about Muslims, we’re talking about what Islam taught them. When the perfect model to Muslims (Muhammad) raped people, they should do it too.

    QURAN – 4:24 “And all married women are forbidden unto you save those captives whom your right hand possess.

    Sahih Muslim 3371—Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (Allah he pleased with him): O Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning about al-‘azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

  15. If the governments wont listen to the people that elected them into office then whose fault is it when we start to take our own action against this vile disease named islam?
    Every day they grow stronger and are getting a stronger hold in power (Govt) they demand equality but wont give it! in fact they demand everything and then when we speak out we are racists! who in the Government will have the balls to stand up to these Neanderthals and tell them “enough is enough” if they don’t like the life that they have been given on a silver platter then go somewhere that will be to their liking.

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