Muslims behead Thai Buddhist children.

Just when you thought your contempt and loathing for Islam could not possibly get any stronger, along comes a story like this one.

I have redone the video with the warning built into it so there can be no misunderstanding about not watching it if you aren’t completely emotionally numb first. Maybe watch a season of Dexter then hope you no longer can tell fact from fiction.

Thanks Winds of Jihad for the tip on this one.

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10 Replies to “Muslims behead Thai Buddhist children.”

  1. I knew that the Moslems were barbarians, just not this barbaric. How long will it be before some group starts treating the Moslems like they treat all others?

  2. I’m sorry I cant watch the pics.

    Mark 10:14: Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.

  3. More proof that Islam is Satanic and frankly I’m not surprised or shocked in the least. A video like this should convince even the most hardened lefty dhimmi that Islam is vile but alas, I doubt it will.
    I given up trying to tell braindead leftards that Islam is trash. I will now only preach to the converted or to those who are genuinely misinformed or to those who wish to listen. The leftards are in league with the Islamic scum and it’s not worth wasting time on them.
    This disturbing video will not make any difference to those who are beyond hope, I’m sad to say, but anyone else who is not too squeamish and still has a shred of morality inside them, should definitely see it.

  4. Bob they will never see the video, they only watch the MSM and the leftwing blogs. If they say it they would either throw up or start spinning it that Christians or Buddhists committed the crimes.

  5. U R G E N T:
    Please someone in higher position or responsability should immediately send this satanic horrorbehaviour to big worldwide operating Medias, like CNN, BBC, euronews, SKY, USA Today, Newsweek, Times, der Spiegel, UK-Newpapers etc. etc.etc.!
    The civilized part of our planet MUST wake up!
    N O W !

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