Truth in Advertising

From Gates of Vienna:

As reported in the live-blog earlier today, the high-court judge in Vienna actually quoted an authoritative hadith in the courtroom: “Muhammad’s wife Aisha entered the marriage at age 6, which was consummated at the age of 9.” He then acknowledged that the passage was already public knowledge, and thus repeating it could not be punishable under the law.

He upheld Elisabeth’s conviction, however, based on a somewhat peculiar interpretation of Austrian law: to say “Mohammed had a thing for little girls” is an “excess of opinion” that cannot be tolerated. It constitutes ridicule, and is not justifiable.

An interesting and useful corollary can be derived from today’s ruling: it is now completely legal to quote in public the authoritative hadith about Mohammed’s sex acts with a nine-year-old girl. A precedent was established today — at least in Austria.

The judge’s decision gave one of our Austrian contacts a brilliant idea: rent space on a billboard and blazon that (legally acceptable) statement in four-foot-high letters where everyone in Vienna can read it!

With that notion in mind, I took the liberty of placing the relevant virtual text on an existing billboard in the city of Vienna:

Vienna billboard, English

“Muhammad’s wife Aisha entered the marriage at age 6, which was consummated at the age of 9.”— Higher Court of Vienna, decision Dec 20, 2011

An image with the same text in German is below the jump:Vienna billboard, German
„Mohammeds Frau Aischa wurde mit 6 Jahren verheiratet. Die Ehe wurde vollzogen, als sie 9 Jahre alt war.“ — Laut OLG Wien, Urteil vom 20.12.2011

Once again, bear this fact in mind: displaying these words is now completely legal in Austria.

The high court has ruled. It’s on the record. An Austrian can publicly utter, write, chant, print, sing, or declaim those sentences without fear of legal retribution.

This means that Austrians who have enough money and initiative can recover at least a small measure of their freedom of speech, and at the same time educate their fellow citizens about the authoritative teachings of Islam.

It’s truth in advertising.

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5 Replies to “Truth in Advertising”

  1. Yes, they did state this obvious, but her conviction was upheld by the nazi pigs that are the sons and daughters of the sick followers of the nazis and obivous cowardly icipid imbiciles that can not allow themselves to defile their counterpart the insane peodophile prophet madpig mo ham mad…..
    These creepy judges are everywhere, and not only judges, I recall, gosh it must be 25 or 30 years ago, some really hot guy, an engineer here to work on the subway and lrt type cars that would run on them,,,making his way across Canada, a real choice item, anyway, as I chatted with him, getting to know him, turns out his father was SS and indeed he raved about what a great man he was etc etc, sooooo this psycho heard a blast from me before he was sent in his psychotic way,,,,what scary sicko,,,and it would appear this is exactly the type of people who have been institutionalized into the legal system and bureauocracy in Austria.

  2. “Muhammad’s wife Aisha entered the marriage at age 6, which was consummated at the age of 9.”— Higher Court of Vienna, decision Dec 20, 2011.

    Amazing , how the spirit of the former USSR lives on! All things no matter how repungnant are worthy of “equal respect”. Thou shall not blaspheme, thou shall make value judgements for that would violate the equal respect of others. What could be worse that!

    There is no issue with actual truth of the statement.The issue is with the speaker, Mrs Elizabeth, who belongs to the wrong class or group. That group who are always assumed guilty of everything, in this particular case; Islamaphobia. Long established principles such as that of: innocent until proven guilty has no place in such show trials. The equal respect syndrome trumps all other democratic values, even the most fundamental such as that of: free speech.

    Let the ruling elite examine how the blasphemy laws works in Pakistan, Egypt and such other benighted places. See how they are used and abused by the Islamic mullahs to persecute and even murder Non Muslims. One wonders where all this will end!

  3. The west fought and won the Cold War, but because the MSM succeeded in hiding the massive crimes of the communists the poison of Marxism is still spreading and removing freedom around the world.

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