Muslims riot violently allegedly over animated movie about an expat Persian girl.

At least I think that is what this is about. Hard to know as pretty much anything can cause religious Muslims to foam at the mouth and riot. First clip will be the rioting, then a couple of clips from what is the offending video. There is a movie about an expat Persian girl who left Iran to study in Germany and was not pleased with the revolution back home. At around 28 seconds, they show an image of god, as seen through the imagination of the little girl who is the principle figure in the movie.

Dutch news, the only news so far that is reporting this story with any accuracy at all, explains that this is the Casus belli of that massive riot. That an image of Allah appeared. Interestingly it morphed into the usual pillars of Islamic riots. A call for genocide of the Jews, none of whom were involved in the film I’m sure, and a demand for a sharia based state. Once again, the Arab Spring becomes more accurately, a fall to Islam.

This is a clip of the offending video. It’s quite good actually. If anyone can, they should rent or download Persepolis. Very enjoyable.

Here are two more videos from this same riot. Of course, when it is this directed and purposeful is it a riot? Or is it civil war. I am reliably informed that, according to Dutch reporters on the scene, the director of the TV station had his home attacked, windows broken, stuff thrown inside.

In this next video, people practice chanting Allahu Ackbar at the top of their lungs

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4 Replies to “Muslims riot violently allegedly over animated movie about an expat Persian girl.”

  1. The movie does look good, and from the clip it makes Islam look real bad, in other words is seems to be telling the truth about Islam.

    I think you are right, it is the opening of a civil war, the question is how long will it take for the mob to control the entire country. For a glimpse of what comes next I suggest you do some reading on the French revolution and find some non leftist histories of the Russian revolution, both were mob revolutions also known as liberal revolutions. This type of revolution always ends in tyranny, and has a period that can accurately be called the terror, when the revolutionaries are busy murdering anyone they don’t like, including each other. France was lucky enough to have Napoleon seize power and end the Terror, Russia wasn’t that lucky and the man who seized power (Stalin) spend the rest of his life murdering anyone he suspected of planning to betray him.

  2. The movie is based upon an autobiographical graphic novel that paints post revolution Iran in a bad light.

    The revolution starts with the support of the libral leftist and democratic supporters but after they win the radical islamists imediately turn on the librals democrats and leftists and put them in prisons. SOUND FAMILIAR?

    The girl is sent away to europe and eventually becomes a semi homeless drug dealer. After several years she returns to Iran and it is no longer anything like the country she grew up in under the shah. The religious police and indoctrination in the schools is mocked and she shows the small ways people protested against it.

    The film was obviously aired by the TV station as a strong warning about these islamic fascists and what they were doing by showing what happend in the Iranian revolution. That is the real reason these bastards rioted and firebombed the station owners house. Their claim that they are upset over the depiction of allah in the movie is a complete lie.

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