Amir Khadir ridicules the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge calling them parasites.


Canadian MLA Amir Khadir is at it again. When he’s not leading a group of Jew-haters and leftist radicals to weekly harass a private shoe store owner in Montreal for selling Israeli-made shoes, or tossing his own jackboots at photographs of George W. Bush outside the U.S. Consulate in Montreal or voting in favour of dismantling Canada for an independent nation of Quebec, he’s comparing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to parasites and circus freaks.

Khadir, the sole member of Quebec Solidaire Party in the National Assembly, fancies himself not only as a footwear expert but as a bridge between the popular uprisings in Palestine and the people of Quebec who support them. ” I am here so that there can be a link between the intifada in the streets of Palestine and the intifada in the free consciences of Quebecers”.

Not to be outdone by this most recent statement levelled against the Royals, Mr. Khadir can pluck from his portfolio the assertion that Osama bin Laden was a fabrication of the United States to ‘delegitimize’ the resistance of people around the world, primarily those of Gaza and Palestine. ” Since we don’t accept injustice in our society, we don’t accept ethnic cleansing in a society, then there is no reason that in the name of commerce we should accept the apartheid state of Israel whose foundation rests primarily on ethnic cleansing put into place by a process called terrorism against civil populations”. This terrorism against civil society Khadir claims, had found it’s way most explicitly in the modern expression in Osama bin Laden, a complete fabrication of the CIA he purports.

As far as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are concerned, it matters not to Mr. Khadir that he has sworn allegiance to the Queen for the privilege of becoming a Canadian citizen. If to him the monarchy is such an insult, an organ of blue-blooded colonizers, then it’s reasonable to assume that he must also hold in some contempt the nation whose heritage belongs to Britain, the same one that welcomed him from Iran in 1971.

Mr. Khadir upset by the fact that a portion of the Royal’s visit will be funded by the taxpayers of Quebec, claims (it) a waste of public funds all in the name of hosting these ‘blue blooded’ parasites. Of course it has strategically slipped his mind that these same taxpayers pay his salary while he rages against the democratic right of a shoe merchant on St. Denis to legally sell his merchandise.

The only circus show in town will not be as Khadir claims the upcoming craning of necks to view the Royal couple this summer by those who welcome them. No-the only circus freak show to be found will be the one attended by those who will protest against the Royals with Clown Khadir himself no doubt performing in centre ring.

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  1. How did this idiot get elected?

    Oh, yes, he ran in a Muslim neighbourhood.

    This is how it will end, folks, if we don’t pipe up and ban Islam in the free world. Muslims will run for office everywhere, demanding that sharia law replace the common law. They will demand that Muslims get more privileges, tax breaks, breaks on interest (its not halal to charge interest, you know) and other “perks” for being members of the dar-al-islam.

    Why aren’t we shipping them all back to places where sharia law is in place? They are undermining our civilization with their nonsense.

  2. Amir Khadir is one hell of a parasite of the Constitutional Monarchy of Canada.
    I do not favor a monarchy, but when I came and swore allegiance, I accepted it.
    If Khadir does not like monarchies, he should give up Canadian citizenship and go where there is no monarchy. He says he is a republican, well you fig-faced Khadir get out of Canada and go to a republic somewhere. YOU ARE A PARASITE IN CANADA, profiting of our peaceful living monarchy, profiting from a socialized medical system and a system that allows you to speak all the stupidities you like. You are a medical doctor?? Who in the hell would go see you for care??

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