ALGERIA: CLOSED PROTESTANT CHURCHES; Claims it is not repressing non-Islam religion

This is a trick that Muslims must have learned from Ottawa Canada city council. You don’t have to actively oppress people you don’t like, you just have to not give them a permit to exist. Much like how Ottawa for one thing, violated its own laws on advertising one side of a bill before it becomes law with public funds, as it did with the original smoking ban.

What Algeria did is clearly orders of magnitude more serious but its a logical extension of what happens when you let governments at any level get away with this sort of anti-democratic cheap trick. Eventually it will be used thusly:


(ANSAmed) – ALGIERS, JUNE 3 – The decision to close protestant places of worship in the Algerian province of Bejaia was based on administrative irregularities and was not meant to repress religions other than the Islam. This specification was made yesterday by the Algerian Interior Minister, Daho Ould Kablia, quoted by APS. His statement follows the controversy sparked in the past days by the decision of the province’s authorities to close several protestant churches in the province. The Minister specified that the churches had been closed because some of them had been opened without the necessary authorisation. Religion in Algeria is regulated by a clear legal context, Ould Kablia added. (ANSAmed).

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