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17 Replies to “Spoiled Commie ‘Canadian’ “doesn’t recognize the state of Canada””

  1. ‘No one is illegal’ is a semi-violent marxist group here in Sweden (Ingen människa är illegal). Here they are for example, protesting deportation of a non refugee that wasn’t considered refugee in the 3 instances of justice in the system:


    You can hear them shout:

    “The ones who flee have no choice – no human is illegal” (Den som flyr har inget val – ingen människa är illegal)

    “Ein swei drei – nazi polizei”

    “Real politics the swedish way – the children are hunted by the police”

    And lots of other braindead leftist shit.

    … The sad thing is that these scum are always defended by the establishment and invited to all TV debates and so on. Alot of times they even – are – the leftist establishment. And they are even threatening people, for example they have managed to threaten plane pilots to lift off with these welfare tourists, and some have indeed denied lift off if they were let on board.

  2. Nice to see you up and running again, Vlad.

    I saw that vid already. She reminds me of Peggy the moocher, or Muchelle Obama.

    Too bad we are breeding such twisted wrecks. But look out: here’s a future community organizer…..

  3. brian did a great job of trying to reason with and understand this type of newspeak, and yes, she this type of mentality is very common in the lower levels of government agencies and departments on all three levels, federal, provincial, municipal, perticularly in immigration and refugee departments and most of the government funded programs that employ those whose thinking processes are unable to take in other points of view, any critical analysis is impossible as they are almost cult like in their inability to reason
    We need more of these types of immigrants and refugees don’t you think?

  4. And btw watch out Canada, this organisation in Sweden have succesfully “banned” the use of the term “illegal immigrant” in Sweden. So now no media or politicians say illegal immigratns any more, they call them “paper-less refugees” though it means poeple who has been considered not to be refugees by three different instances in the court system. And a few weeks ago the government decided to give all illegal immigrants full social services for free, that is; better than any real swede, payed for by the taxpayers.

  5. Real people are going to have put a stop to all the CRAP that is being spouted by the Illegal Alien Douchebag ( IAD ) in the video.

    She is Full of It and not to be taken seriously. The only way to respond to the Creature is to laugh in her ugly face, and tell her to Get Lost. And the same treatment must be accorded anyone who buys her twisted reasoning.

    It’s time to rid our countries of unwanted, self-invited Trash from the Third World !

  6. Ain’t free speech a beautiful thing.
    How else would we weed out the nuts, twits and dingbats from our society and maybe with a little research we can root them out of the gene pool at some point.
    And our universities. To this day I thank God, I never went in there. My mind is too precious.

  7. That is the face of modern socialism. Class-struggle didn’t work and internationalism is now the paradigm. Basically, they want to create a huge struggle between the third world and the West and then come running in with the cure, which is world socialist government run by them. Yawn. That girl was so versed in disingenuousness she wouldn’t let the guy say a word. Always with the, “What I hear you saying is…” routine. What she really wanted to say was that she wasn’t going to hear a word he had to say because he was white. That girl is one ugly little racist hate-monger.
    Glad you’re back up, Eeyore. That was a f&^king tragedy.

  8. The girl is so propagandized that she can not talk coherently, she is unable to see the massive contradictions in her statements. What is scary is that way too many people believe like her, and one of the worst things is that she things you have to agree with her definitions of words before you can talk with her.

  9. The fact that the West was already swamped by legal and illegal migrants from Asia, Africa and Middle East. That is why she should know why it is illegal and unsafe to let too many in, whether those immigrants or visitors have legal or real reasons or not.

  10. Very entertaining!

    Here in the US, the left abhors the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant”. They prefer “undocumented immigrant,” as if the entire issue had to do with misplaced paperwork. Obviously, the attempt is to minimize the criminality of the immigrants’ conduct through euphemism.

    But what no one ever mentions is that “undocumented” isn’t just a euphemism; it is simply inaccurate. The majority of illegal aliens have documents. Some are counterfeit. Others are legitimate, but have expired. Others are legitimate and have not yet expired, but the immigrant is not complying with the terms of his visa, as where someone on a tourist or student visa comes in for some other purpose. The 9/11 hijackers all had visas, but they were still illegal immigrants.

  11. If no one is illegal as she tried to promote, then the West would be swamped with even more unscrupulous migrants from Asia, Middle East and Africa who most probably would illegally used the open border to swamp the West and deny the West from having their own home.
    Improving the immigration system is one thing but implying everyone is legal would only depress the Western quality of life.

  12. WLIL you got it, the left wants to destroy Western Culture because we are standing in their way of developing a one world socialist government, the fact that no one in history has ever been able to make socialism work is beside the point. They want to control all aspects of our lives, just as the Moslems do, the left is using the Moslems and the Moslems are using the left with both groups seeking to dominate the entire world.

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