Cory Speaking Truth To Power.

Cory Bernardi is a Liberal Senator from South Australia. He is also, according to a small segment of the Australian community, a hypocrite and hell-bent enemy of allah. I wonder if he realised that by saying what he thought, he’d be damned to all eternity.

I suspect he did, because he’s received death threats.

Standard operating procedure for the religion of peace [sic], I know, but still tiresome.

So what was it that Cory actually said?? Have a listen for yourself.

Chris Smith:I actually believe the greatest mismatch has been our christian values in this country, and what I see as an ancient muslim tribalism. Now, many other people wouldn’t pick out islamic religion as something that doesn’t fit with multiculturalism, but I think there are parts of that community who have this ancient tribalism that they continue to espouse. That is, there’s no such thing as equal sexes, ah, my religion is far superior than [sic] your laws, and democracy should be taken over by sharia law, and the more we have of these people, the more younger members of their community will be influenced and the more dramas we have with multiculturalism.

Cory Bernardi: Oh, Chris, you’re spot on. But islam itself is the problem, it’s not muslims. Muslims are individuals who practise their faith in their own way, but islam is a totalitarian, political and religious ideology. It tells people everything about how they should need to conduct themselves, who they’re allowed to marry, and how they’re allowed to treat other people. It is, um, it has not moved on since it was founded, and there are these extremists that want to see the fundamentalist islamic rule implemented in this country. they are continually trying to change our laws they’re seeking special accommodation to indulge in it and unfortunately this government is allowing them and encouraging them..

Okay, I’ve added a few links in there for people to investigate themselves.

In the meantime, Cory has managed, with a few words, to stir the possum.

He’s speaking out against these teachings for some time now, but with the unrest in Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya, islam is getting more and more attention.

This is actually a good thing, because it uncovers a few truths that are unpalatable for a lot of people.

Islam does not promote a cohesive society:

3.28. Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends, guardians, and councilors in preference to the believers. Whoever does that is not on a way from God and has no connection with Him, unless it be to protect yourselves against them and take precautions (against the danger of being persecuted and forced to turn away from your Religion or betray your community, or of losing your life). And God warns you that you beware of Himself; and to God is the homecoming.

Or, to quote my favourite troll over at Bolta’s:

Talal replied to Luke
Wed 16 Feb 11 (07:11pm)

no apparently in islam if they wear a hijab they are “oppressed”

but if the embrace “aussie” and “US” culture of running around half naked and thrusing boobs in everyones face on virtually most of todays music videos, it means they are “free”

Read enough islamic forums, and you will see that this view is not uncommon. It’s just couched in slightly more diplomatic terms, and it is a problem, because it’s drawn from islamic teachings.

Cory Bernardi is speaking the truth, and as Orwell told us,

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”

(ETA:H/T Shirl for the audio link.)

4 Replies to “Cory Speaking Truth To Power.”

  1. Nice us of our slang “stir the possum”.

    I have awide circle of friends. Lots of Maronites, East Asians and skippies – they all dread the Musselman. Cory has his ear to the ground and knows what the average Aussie thinks – but won’t say in public; although they say it in private all the time.

  2. As I keep saying, the winds of history are changing as more and more politicians come to the conclusion that they have to come out against Islam.

  3. Cory Bernardi has the courage of his convictions and one of the few leaders to speak the truth about Islam. Anyone touches him and muslims will pay the price. It does appear that those who speak the truth are feared and condemned by those who have something to hide. Islam is not compatible with multiculturism or western democracy and wants to destroy and change everything they trust. This 7th century belief system should have never been let loose in 21st century western societies and must stop now and reversed. It was achieved with the socialist ideaology of politicaal correctness.

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