Ottawa Funded Muslim School “Israel is the Official State Of Terrorism, Racism & Crimes Against Humanity”

From Blazing Catfur with thanks:

Your Tax Dollars At Prayer Part 3: Ottawa has used $53,540.00 of your tax dollars to fund École Ali Ibn Abi Talib in Montreal under the SIP, Security Infrastructure Program, the purpose of which is to “Improve and enhance the safety of Canadian communities at risk of hate-motivated crime through the enhancement of their security infrastructure.”

A bit about the school: “ALI IBN ABI TALIB SCHOOL strives to preserve the culture and languages of the international Muslim community by seedling into the children a pride in their heritage. We put a great emphasis on Qur’anic teaching and a proper Islamic conduct. As well we enable children to master the Arabic language to provide access to the original sources of Islamic knowledge.” Oooo! That’s nice and MultiCulty.

This is the sort of “seeding” that goes on at École Ali Ibn Abi Talib ( see jpeg).

“l’invasion israelienne qui a permis a l’etat israelien de gagner le trophee de l’etat officiel du terrorisme de racisme et de crimes contre l’humanite”  Roughly translated “The Israeli invasion has won (Israel) the trophy as the Offical State of Terrorism, Racism & Crimes against humanity”

“…elle fait maintenant l’objet d’attaques criminelles continuelles par les soldat de l’armee d’occupation israelienne qui mene un nouveau genocide contre les enfants et les civiles rappelant les massacres de kana,sabra, chatila…” Rough translation “…the Israeli army is conducting a new genocide against children…”

“…notre celebration cette annee prend une autre dimension a cause des evenements tragiques qui a resulte le terrorisme zionnistes racistes” Roughly translation “our celebration this year takes another dimension because of the tragic events due to the terrorist racist zionists”

More fun with your tax dollars. This is rich. Saudi Arabia has removed Muslim Brotherhood Books from schools because they preach violence and extremism. Ottawa, perversely, funds Muslim Brotherhood schools.

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6 Replies to “Ottawa Funded Muslim School “Israel is the Official State Of Terrorism, Racism & Crimes Against Humanity””

  1. This is merely one madrassa school out of thousands that exist in North America. It is typical of them to propagate hatred towards Jews and all kufar.

    Governments here will not prosecute them for fear of more terrorist activity as a result of the charges being laid. And fears that Saudi money will stop funding oil and gas companies operating in the Middle East. They also fear that OPEC will also retaliate.

    I say: lay the charges, shut these schools down and stop the hajri.

    Since their aims are simple and direct (to conquer the world for Islam and the rest of the world be damned), our responses must be just as simple and direct. Muslims will not understand anything other than brute force.

    Witness what is happening in the Middle East, from Tunisia and Libya to Bahrain. The tyrants there are allowing the police free reign on citizens who protest these regimes.

  2. RRWest, what is most disturbing is our own fifth column who believe this crap. The PA is making a big deal about the US veto against Jews building houses in the places where they, would they have a Pal state, would be as apartheid to Jews as Saudi Arabia, and yet that’s fine with the West. All of this sanctioned by the US, which states its strong condemnation lock-step in line with the Arab narrative – blaming building houses as the cause of all the unrest in the Arab world. The extremism and hatred in Canada against both our culture and all our allies – Israel especially, and of course the Americans, makes me believe that we are almost ready to hand everything over to the new world Caliphate. Sickening but true. This is the age of insanity.

  3. Obama and the Clintons may be ready to turn things over to the Caliphate but the majority of Americans aren’t.

    Having said that the world situation is getting worse by the minute and we don’t know when or where the next world war will start.

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