Prognosis of the various unrests in the Islamic world.

I typically do not post this fellows stuff. Not because I don’t agree or like it, he is usually very good. Its an aesthetic thing really. But this one is quite good I think. Most readers will find the first minute obvious but it does get better and more detailed.

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3 Replies to “Prognosis of the various unrests in the Islamic world.”

  1. The man is right, the Moslems are going to attack Israel before a new President can take office, and Israel will end up using nuclear weapons.

  2. Rumours of a war have been circulating for quite a time now, regarding Israel’s enemies words and actions. At least the Zionists have nukes and the means to deliver them at any given time, google submarine type 212 a and popeye turbo, for example. How I wish that I could force every beligerent middle east leader (or spin doctor) to read about things like Dimona and what a stupid idea it still is, to attack the Zionists. Unfortunately those people are afraid of fanatic groups, under the influence of them, or fanatics themselves, so terms like smart or stupid, illogic etc. do not rly apply imo. Muslims – no matter if sunni, shiite oder other sects, as far as i know – believe in the coming of the Mahdi and Mister Mahdi refuses to come along when there is peace and quietness. Hence chaos is to be tolerated or even endorsed as necessary “labour pains”. We’re supposed to like the riots and revolutions, the MSM keeps telling us and that we’ll be surprised how wonderful all gets now, especially with all the *moderates*. It’s really a time to bookmark some of the sweetest articles, just to wait a few years, until the surprise is kind of over and rub the author’s noses in his or her own delusional writing.

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