Massive riots, Churches burned to protest light blasphemy sentance in Java

All this of course in the best example of the moderate Muslim country of Indonesia. For more on this story please click here:

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8 Replies to “Massive riots, Churches burned to protest light blasphemy sentance in Java”

  1. As I have stated before in other posts there is a pogrom against Christians, non-Muslims, and even Muslims who don’t conform to the ‘correct’ teachings as prescribed by the fanatical Islamists. These are not so-called isolated incidents but part of an ever growing trend in the Islamic world fueled by ultra radical Imams.

  2. Absolutley Big Frank! It is absolutely part of the Jihad. Those blasphemy charges are only brought agaisnt christians. They are a tool to drive them out of their home countries.

    And that’s what those BS charges against the european whistleblowers really are!

  3. Not to drive them out of the country but to drive their voices out of the public arena. The hate speach and incitement to hatred speach laws are only being used in cases of blasphemy against islam and sharia law.

    When have these charges been brought against a person in europe who made public criticism of christianity?

    Just like in all those cruddy little cumragastans, hate speach laws are only being enforced against people critical of Islam. They aren’t human rights laws anymore. Now they are shariah. They are the enforcement of forign laws and those europian judges are commiting sedition.

  4. So, as things apply at the moment in Europe and ‘The West’, actually inserting sharia law into written statute, putting it in the books, would cause too much anger and wake-up amongst the people. So the clever part is …. don’t write it in …. just start enforcing it ANYWAY. Neat or what? Works a treat. Dearborn? anywhere at all in the EU? Insulting islam is effectively illegal. That is sharia law being applied. We need a louder alarm clock.

  5. Richard I think I am having second thoughts about Indonesia. I still contend that by and large it is a genuine case of moderation because most of the population do in fact follow a mixed version of islam. Mixed islam with hinduism and buddhism. That is about fifty percent of the Islam in Indonesia. These are the new brand of arab type muslims. So I feel that on the whole this is not typical. However, this is not good. Things may drift.

  6. peadophile prophet I think the Moslem Brotherhood in one of its violent front groups sent people to Indonesia to cause problems, they want their version of Islam to be the only version. The mix of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism is why there were sent, and unless the moderates in Indonesia fight back real soon the Brotherhood version will be the only one allowed.

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