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9 Replies to “Terrorists in France had larger ambitions”

  1. How much longer will it be before Muslims destroy western monuments and the very symbols of freedom?

    They destroyed the World Trade Centre, they will attempt to destroy everything else before they are stopped.

    As they did with the cultures that were subjugated under Islam’s empires, so too, they will do the same to the west until they are stopped in their tracks.

    There is no other way around this problem except for mass deportations of Muslims back to Muslim countries. Make those all one way tickets.

  2. RRWest is 1000% correct as is Geert Wilders who promotes the same thing but to only muslims who are found guilty of involvement of doing or promoting terrorism.

    Public support of Deportations will not take place until landmark symbols are destroyed by muslims. Tour d’Eiffel, Big Ben – when BigBen is Big Burnt then you will see the public – I hope – wake up and speak up and mail their politicos.

  3. We can always build bigger monuments on the ruins of the old, similar to what the Americans are doing right now. Funny to think that a bombing of the Big Ben, or the Euromast would most likely lead to Islams defeat and an era of positive growth as the country rebuilds it’s monuments and deports the trouble makers.

  4. This plot is potty, but just the sort of symbolic grand gesture these Islamist headcases like to go in for. In all likelihood, they’d like the Eiffel Tower to go the way of the Bamyan Buddhas if they were unable to convert it into the world’s largest minaret.

    If only we could reduce the number of mosques Gary! Our construction industry here in the UK may be in the doldrums, but new mosques keep sprouting everywhere, often funded by Saudi and other Middle Eastern oil money. Witness this one that opened yesterday: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2010/06/blackburn-blighted-by-new-islamic.html

  5. If New York is any example, bombing of Big Ben would result in a new mega-mosque opening on the 10th anniversary of the attack not 200 yards from it, headed by the same guy who planned the attack, and it would be sold to the people as a gesture of peace, while Muslims gathered there daily to receive instructions on how to take over the rest of the country.

  6. @Eeyore

    That is a good point. This gives the Islamo fascists another reason to attack.
    The bigger and more popular the target like Big Ben, the Statue of liberty Eiffel Tower the more likely a Mosque will be put in its place.

    Raze the buildings that are most loved to replace them with Mosques.
    It is almost like we are encouraging more attacks.

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