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2 Replies to “Last week in England.”

  1. What a mess UK has got itself into by the unchecked muslim immigration of the last couple of decades. I have stolen the same vid and posted at my blog dodocanspell… thanks eeyore…. you have been relentlessly trying to open our eyes. Vladtepes was one of the first blogs I visited two years ago when I first discovered about blogs and kept coming back on a daily basis. Great job.

  2. How is this NOT sedition and incitement to violence?

    How can this hatred be tolerated anymore in the free world?

    And why does the UK and western Europe seem to have the most virulent examples of anti-western, anti-Semitic, anti-freedom Muslims in the world?

    I suspect that the answer to this lies in the bowels of Saudi Arabia and Iran, the clearest examples of Islam that the world now has.

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