Muslim protesters brand war heroes ‘murderers’ as homecoming parade turns violent

Sometimes, they put sausages on Mustard.

From The Daily Mail:

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:26 PM on 15th June 2010

A group of extremist Muslims prompted violent clashes at a homecoming parade for British troops today after they heckled soldiers and called them ‘murderers.’

Members of the Muslim Against the Crusade group clashed with far right protesters as they shouted ‘murderers, murderers, murderers’ and ‘British troops go to hell’ as members of the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded down the streets of Barking, Essex.

The chants were drowned out by a large mob on the opposite side of the street who retaliated with jeers of ‘Traitors’ to the Muslim protesters.

ClashesClashes: Police hold back Muslim protesters as they trade insults with English Defence League members while soldiers take part in a homecoming parade in Barking, Essex

The Muslim protesters shouted 'murderers' as troops from the Royal  Anglian Regiment paraded through BarkingThe Muslim protesters shouted ‘murderers’ as troops from the Royal Anglian Regiment paraded through Barking

The hour-long parade had been delayed due to growing tensions between the two sides, with anti-Mac protestors singing God Save the Queen and drinkers at a nearby pub hurling frozen pork sausages at the Muslims.

Moments after the soldiers passed through tensions reached boiling point and the anti-Mac campaigners broke through the barricades, charged across the road and traded punches with the Muslim throng.

Police quickly separated the mob, with one man wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and led away while the police made a ring surrounding the Muslim group.

They then had to hold back the anti-Muslim group as the Mac protesters made their way to a tube station.

Two men were arrested after the violence, for public order offences.

Local woman Dee McEvoy, 50, stood in front of the Muslims protesters, waving her two union Jack flags as the soldiers passed.

She said: ‘I’m here for the army and the British forces. The protesters are entitled to their opinion but they are taking it out on the wrong people. They should be taking it out on the Government.

‘This is not the reception these boys and girls deserve. But it is democracy in action.’  Earlier the Muslim group was attacked by a barrage of eggs.

Police lead away the protesters from the Muslim Against the  Crusade Group as they face jeers from English Defence League membersPolice lead away the protesters from the Muslim Against the Crusade Group as they face jeers from English Defence League members

The homecoming ceremony was delayed by an hour after opposing  protesters hurled insults and far right protesters hurled frozen  sausages at the Muslim groupThe homecoming ceremony was delayed by an hour after far right protesters hurled frozen sausages at the Muslim group

One member of the Mac group used a megaphone to shout: ‘This is a protest against parading in a Muslim area. We love death the way you love life.’

He branded British soldiers as ‘butchers’ and ‘despots’.

The Muslim protesters chanted ‘Democracy’ as they had an uneasy stand-off against a mob, some waving St George’s Crosses, Union flags and an English Defence League flag.

Anti-Mac protesters sang ‘I’ll be English ’till my dying day,’ and jeered ‘We pay your benefits’.

Further down the street onlookers, who had arrived simply to pay their respects to the soldiers, were disgusted by the scenes.

The girlfriend of a Royal Anglian soldier killed in Afghanistan said the extremists should have been banned from attending the parade.

Lance Corporal Scott Hardy, 26, from Chelmsford in Essex, was killed in an explosion near Musa Qala on Tuesday March 16, just weeks before he was due to return home.

Two men were arrested after police intervened during the violent  clashesTwo men were arrested after police intervened during the violent clashes

Lance Corporal Hardy’s partner Charlene Byrne, 24, said: ‘It’s absolutely disgusting. I know this kind of thing has happened before in Luton but I don’t understand how it has been allowed to happened again.

‘It’s terrible that this group has got away with it. Obviously not everyone supports what’s happening in Afghanistan, there are people who are very angry about it, but they shouldn’t take it out on the soldiers.’

Emily Penson-Clark, who took the day off work to support the soldiers with her young daughter and parents said: ‘I think the protesters are filth. I’m here to support our troops. They put their lives on the line for us. I’ve got three words: Help for Heroes.’

The soldiers remained undaunted by the abuse, and marched through the town centre with fixed bayonets, accompanied by the Minden Band, a Colour Party and two guards of 70 officers and non-commisioned officers.

The Freedom parade stopped briefly in Barking Town Square where the Mayor, Councillor Nirmal Singh Gill, General Sir John McColl and the Queen’s deputy Lieutenant Major Anthony O’Hagan took a salute and inspected the troops.

Here is a video of it. Embedding was disabled for some reason but here it is on Youtube:

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9 Replies to “Muslim protesters brand war heroes ‘murderers’ as homecoming parade turns violent”

  1. Can you imagine what would happen if that kind of shite happened here in Canada? I saw a few odd protestors in a parade I marched last summer in Toronto. I couldn’t really see what they were protesting, but it certainly wasn’t riotous Muslim throng. The the Left in the UK still don’t undersand why support for the EDL is growing.

  2. And that mention of Hitler’s henchmen in a negative light by mahoundians? That’s just a little show for non-mahoundian (i.e., human) audiences… Everyone knows how black-stone worshippers love Hitler to death. If it weren’t the case, Hitler’s quran wouldn’t be the bestseller that it is in mahoundian countries; where, by the way, book-reading isn’t really anything that their inhabitants are big on.

    The linked article makes me wonder if that average four pages of literature they read every year might be made up of three pages of Mein Qurampf and one of Hitler’s quran…

  3. Imagine if a group wanted to march through a Muslim area, one of those that used to be part of the UK, shouting about what murderers and barbarians Muslims are. I bet they’d find a way to stop that protest.
    Shouldn’t calling dirty infidels, murderers, be a “hate” crime?
    How come that doesn’t count?

    It’s brilliant this diversity, brilliant, if only it was useful, we could sell it and get ourselves out of recession.

  4. Each and every protestor who showed up should be deported, no questions asked.

    And all of their families and supporters as well. No return tickets, no appeals.

    They are treasonous thugs who don’t deserve to live in the free world at all.

    Where is Queen Elizabeth the First when you need her the most?

    Or Churchill for that matter?

    The Spirit of 1940 needs to be revived in the UK while there are still people who remember what the Battle of Britain was all about.

    This dhimmitude on the part of the UK government for the sake of more immigration (over 400,000 more were rubber-stamped into the country last year alone) and more votes is destroying the country. The EDL and the UKIP know it, but no-one in the media and the pathetic excuse for a government is willing to admit it.

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