Gordon Brown’s legacy. The utter extinction of anything like England

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A RECORD 417,000 immigrants were given the right to live in Britain permanently last year, figures showed yesterday.

Of those, 203,000 were handed a British passport and full citizenship in 2009 – around one person every three minutes.

The number rocketed from 129,375 – a 58 per cent rise – in just a year.

Passports graphic

On the rise … migrant numbers soared under Labour

Another 214,000 were given the right to settle in the UK – the first step to full citizenship.

This figure soared by 40 per cent over the 12 months.

The Home Office figures showed 29 per cent of those given a passport last year were from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Another 27 per cent came from Africa and 17 per cent from Asia, including China and the Philippines.

Last year’s total was the highest since the figures were first published in 1962.

Damien Green

Damian Green … ‘migration system was out of control for so long under Labour’

Immigration minister Damian Green said the dramatic increases exposed the timebomb left by former Labour PM Gordon Brown and his party’s failed policies.

Mr Green said: “What is significant is that grants of settlement, the right to remain in this country, and grants of British citizenship have gone up hugely to record levels.

“So it shows the long-term effect of the fact that the immigration system was out of control for so long under the previous government.

“I believe immigration has been far too high in recent years, which is why we will reduce net migration back down to the levels of the 1990s – to tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands.”

But the Home Office statistics also showed the number of new arrivals dipped last year as the UK was clobbered by the recession. Just over half a million immigrants came – a drop of nine per cent. This included 45,000 from Eastern European countries like Poland, down 55 per cent.

Net immigration – the number arriving in Britain minus the number leaving – dipped from 160,000 to 142,000.

David Cameron has vowed to cut this figure to “tens of thousands” by imposing a cap on immigrants from outside the EU.

And Mr Green promised new limits on work permits and a crackdown on marriage and foreign students. Campaign group Migrationwatch said the citizenship and rights of settlement increases were worrying.

Gordon Brown

Blamed … Gordon Brown

Chairman Sir Andrew Green said: “These massive increases are the legacy of 12 years in which Labour has lost control of immigration.

“It leaves a huge task for the new Government but it is a task that must be achieved if the public’s concerns are to be met.” Other figures predicted that England’s population will soar by nearly four million in the decade from 2008 to 2018 – with Colchester, Essex, the fastest-growing area.

The number of people in England will shoot up from 51.5 million to 55.3 million between 2008 and 2018.

Garrison town Colchester will see its population rise by 33,000 to 207,000 – an increase of nearly 20 per cent. Westminster in London, Bristol and Norwich will all see their populations rocket by more than 16 per cent, according to a report by the Office for National Statistics.

The East of England will be the country’s fastest-growing region, with nearly 600,000 more people – a ten per cent increase.

It is also the region which has seen some of the biggest influx of immigrants over the last decade.

In contrast, the smallest rise will be 3.5 per cent in the North West.

The Office for National Statistics said the increases are being driven by migration as well as rising birth rates and people living longer.

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8 Replies to “Gordon Brown’s legacy. The utter extinction of anything like England”

  1. All of this for fucking votes!

    Where are the heroes of England?

    Where is the spirit of Elizabeth I and Churchill, who knew how to preserve what England meant.

    Know England is Britainistan.

    Within one generation, the UK will become utterly Islamic unless something drastic is done to preserve the once mighty nation.

    The EDL and the UKIP need to step up the campaign to steer the country away from mass immigration and expell all who advocate for sharia law. That means families as well.

    Then, the rest of Europe should do the same.

    Kufar and proud.

  2. “The Office for National Statistics said the increases are being driven by migration as well as rising birth rates and people living longer.” I’ve always been convinced the latter, people living longer, is just one big hoax.

  3. In the past it was said “Britaina rules the waves” now it seems that ” Britaina waves the rules”. What a damn shame to see that great island nation be destroyed from within be a sick lot of PC fools out only for themselves, totally neglecting and selling out the citizens they swore to serve and protect. Most of the elected officials would better serve the people if they were permanent residents of ‘The Tower OF London”.

  4. On the migration from the Indian Subcontinent, y’all can be sure most of those immigrants are from Porkistan… Little over a year ago, The Economist published an article titled The Immigration Super Highway, about how an average 250.000 Porkis a year had gotten visas to the UK. Not all of them got resident visas of course (many must have been student visas, but we all know about those bogus colleges set up for the sole purpose of getting Porkis onto British soil through student-visa scams); but since Porkis are never sent back to their countries from Britain because it would “violate their human rights”, what could possibly keep them from overstaying their visas and remaining in the UK for good?

    Gary Rumain, there are a couple more names that we could use to refer to present day Britain… I’ve seen it called the United Kaliphate and the Umma Kaliphate also, but I prefer to refer to it as the United Kingdom of West Porkistan; which is exactly what David Cameron, David Dhimmiliband (Gordo’s likely successor as head of the insh’allah Labour Party), Gordo himself, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, George Galloway and every single member of their gang want to see Britain turned into. And, trust me, they won’t be happy and won’t rest until Londonistan looks exactly like this.

  5. What are the numbers for Canada? I seem to recall we let in about 300,000 a year and we’re roughly half the population of Britain. I have no idea about the distribution of source countries.

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